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credit: whitewolf

This must be the diversity, tolerance and earnest desire for adult, conciliatory dialogue about which I’ve heard so much.  Fox News reports:

A Pennsylvania state lawmaker posted a mocking ‘welcome’ to Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday, accompanied by a stiff middle-finger salute.

The post by state Rep. Brian Sims, a Democrat from Philadelphia, came as Pence was in town for a fundraising event for the Republican Governors Association, PhillyVoice reported. The event drew scores of protesters.

Sims, 39, who is Pennsylvania’s first openly gay state legislator, apparently saw an opportunity to please his base of supporters.

What’s the saying?  “If you want more Tump, this is how you get more Trump.”  Yes; that’s the one.

It also appeared to extend a trend on the political left of embracing vulgarity and profanity, exemplified by recent remarks about the Trump administration from comedian Samantha Bee and actor Robert De Niro.

Despite public backlash, Sims has not deleted the post. As of Wednesday evening it had received more than 5,000 retweets and 25,000 likes.

I generally find Vice President Mike Pence an unassuming and inoffensive fellow.  An acknowledged Christian, he has been ruthlessly attacked by the Left for being Vice President, for supporting the law and the Constitution, for being Christian, and because TRUMP.

What people like Sims never seem to learn or acknowledge is it is largely the embrace of Christian philosophy that has made America the most free and tolerant nation in history.  Yet Sims’ actions, and the response of many to them, seem to suggest gays feel they must hate Christians, Republicans, and particularly Donald Trump and anyone related in any way to him.  That anyone, anywhere, might in any way disapprove of anything relating to gays and other progressively favored victim groups is intolerable and must be stamped out.  Sims’ actions also suggest he was raised by wolves.  Perhaps gay wolves?

I am unaware of any action Mr. Pence has taken to in any way harm any gay person, let alone all gay persons, and certainly not Mr. Sims. It seems the mere fact he holds Christian beliefs, and Christian doctrine does not hold the gay lifestyle and gay political goals praiseworthy, is more than sufficient to invoke Sims’ virtue signaling.

Sadly, these days, militant gays don’t demand equal rights–which they have–they demand the actions and speech of others praise their choices and declare them not only “normal,” but virtuously superior to bland, normal Americans, particularly including Christians.  When Mr. Pence exhibits unusual virtue–refusing to be alone with any woman not his wife–he has been viciously attacked. as I noted in Mike Pence: Judge Not.  

Mr. Sims has revealed himself to be not a state legislator who happens to be gay, but a gay state legislator, more’s the pity for the Pennsylvania State Legislator and the state’s citizens.  He has also revealed himself to be an intolerant boor who never learned civilized manners.  Raised by wolves.