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In 2015, the indispensable Kurt Schlichter wrote:

Today in America, a despised minority that is really no minority is the target of an establishment that considers this minority unworthy of respect, unworthy of rights, and unworthy of having a say in the direction of this country. It’s an establishment that has one law for itself, and another for its enemies. It’s an establishment that inflicts an ever-increasing series of petty humiliations on its opponents and considers this all hilarious.

That’s a recipe for disaster. You cannot expect to change the status quo for yourself and then expect those you victimize not to play by the new rules you have created. You cannot expect to be able to discard the rule of law in favor of the rule of force and have those you target not respond in kind.

This was during the final years of the Age of Obama,a golden progressive age Democrats thought would never end–could never end–so progressives doubled down on Marxism and put all their chips on a spin of the political roulette wheel for Hillary Clinton (to save you the trouble, gentle readers, I’ve already called the metaphor police and reported myself). Progressivism was our inevitable, preordained destiny, the bending of the arc of history toward social justice. Hillary could not lose,and when she was proclaimed the new progressive messiah, the long march toward Marxism and all its glories would be unstoppable.

And then–TRUMP.


The minority about which Schlicter was speaking were normal Americans, republicans, conservatives, anyone that had not quaffed the entire bathtub of progressive Kool-aid.  Then as now, the members of that deplorable flyover country minority were evil, sexist, racist, haters, Nazis, Hitlers, people who want everyone to have fully semiautomatic assault weapons with gigantic capacity magazines to kill children, when they aren’t ripping them from the arms of their parents and locking them in cages.  Oh, and they’re all God clingers too, every one, and worst of all, they won’t bake cakes for gay couples and expect trans people, or whatever they consider themselves these days, to pee in restrooms reflecting the gender into which they were born.  Those deplorable are peeists too!

Now fully in the grip of Trump Derangement Syndrome, progressives find deplorables devoid of humanity, lower than beasts.  Because Trump is the embodiment of evil, everyone in any way associated with him, even by casting a vote for him, is also evil, and must be suppressed.  There are no longer any social conventions, no basic decency, no kindergarten level politeness owed them.  They may be abused, insulted and beaten.  Their property may be destroyed.  They and their families may be pursued to their homes and harassed at will.  They are evil, and the self-righteous must give evil no quarter.

Recently, in President Trump: Child Abusing Immigration Hitler Nazi?  I wrote about congressmen and congresswomen, and a congressional intern, boorishly, even obscenely, harassing President Trump–in the halls of Congress.  I also wrote about Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen forced to flee a Washington DC restaurant after being viciously harassed by “Democrat Socialist” activists who trespassed and committed a clear breach of the peace.  Among their number was a paralegal employee of The Department of Justice.  Another group–presumably of the same organization–showed up at Nielsen’s home and conducted a crude, angry demonstration.

As Fox News reportsthe deterioration of adult, civilized conduct continues apace:

White House Press Secretary Sanders was thrown out of a Virginia restaurant on Friday because she works for President Trump — the latest Trump official to be hounded out of a restaurant because of their political affiliation.

TMZ reported that she was kicked out of the restaurant — The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia — on ‘moral grounds’ and cited a waiter who said that Sanders was served ‘for a total of two minutes before my owner kicked her out along with seven of her other family members.’

Sanders confirmed the events on Twitter, saying she was told to leave by the owner because she worked for the president.

Fortunately, civilized people were not impressed:

Everyone should boycott this restaurant. Put them out of business. Asking a paying patron to leave because she’s a Republican is repulsive,’ one Yelp review said.

Of course, some were in favor of abusing people because of their political affiliations or jobs:

While the new “reviews” were overwhelmingly negative, the restaurant did get some backing from Trump opponents — with one saying Red Hen’s decision was “truly awesome.’

‘If some can refuse service to gay’s [sic] then YES others can for immoral lying to American people through WH Press Conferences,’ a five-star review said on Facebook.

No one is refusing service to gays.  This is an apparent reference to the Master Piece Cake Shop case, where the owner would not make a very specific cake in support of a gay marriage. He did not refuse to serve the gay couple, nor did he kick them out of his shop.  He did not denigrate them or their sexual/political choices, and offered to sell them anything else in his shop, but his religious convictions would not allow him to do as they asked.  There is simply no comparison.  Sanders was denied service and actually thrown out of a restaurant because she works for President Trump.  There was no First Amendment issue.  In fact, one can reasonably argue the owner of the Red Hen–one Stephanie Wilkinson–was infringing on Sanders’ First Amendment rights.  Sanders does not make policy, nor does she carry it out, she merely keeps the press, and the American people, informed, and suffers daily abuse from a ravening, barely civilized press corps in the process.

It should not be surprising that Wilkinson was not satisfied with ousting Sanders and her family. Sanders went home, but her remaining party went to a restaurant across the street.  Wilkinson followed them–people who do not work for Mr. Trump–and continued to crudely harass them.  Sander’s father, Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was not impressed:

Calls to the restaurant went to voicemail, which was full. The controversy sparked a panicked tweet from the (unaffiliated) Red Hen in Washington, D.C., which noted that it had nothing to do with the incident.

Obviously that restaurant manager realizes it’s not good business, to say nothing of good manners–to alienate 40-50% of one’s potential customers.  People go to restaurants for a bit of peace and quiet, and to eat good food, not to be harangued.  Presumably, the owner of the Leftist “Red Hen” will now screen customers based on political ideology? Perhaps post “No Republicans” signs?  But that’s not all, gentle readers.  “Activists” were upset that Sanders dared to expose their hatred:

In other words, leftists can violate the boundaries of civilized personal and political discourse at will.  They can trespass, breach the peace, engage in vandalism and violence, because conservatives, and particularly because Trump.  But when conservatives dare to use progressive’s social media methods, when they dare to tell the public what progressives have done, that’s a red-faced, spittle-flinging outrage!  Fortunately, not everyone agrees:

Stephanie Wilkinson, the Red Hen’s owner, engaged in an overtly political act for political purposes.  Sanders replied in a calm and polite manner.  Anyone engaging in politics must understand it is legitimate for others to respond to their political acts–the First Amendment and all that.  But because evil deplorables are not allowed to defend themselves, this is, of course, outrageous.  But shouldn’t progressives be delighted for any publicity about their juvenile, ugly protests? That’s The Resistance!  Isn’t that in large part why they do such things? To widely publicize their virtue signaling?

And now, Rep. Maxine Waters, one of the most powerful, an unhinged, members of the House, is directly inciting violence:She added: “God is on our side.”  Well, if that’s the case, anyone progressives hate is fair game, aren’t they?  Shouldn’t the enemies of God be utterly destroyed?  Why should they be suffered to live?

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat maximum leader, really gave it to Waters, as Fox News reports:  

So Water’s comments were “unacceptable,” though Pelosi didn’t mention Waters at all, but I’m sure that’s who Pelosi intended to mention, if she, and all progressives, weren’t so befuddled by Trump, who is so uncivil as to hit back twice as hard in response to progressive incivility.  Republicans aren’t supposed to do that!  Just ask a Never Trumper.

And how, pray tell, will we “conduct elections in a way that achieves unity”?  I’m sure Ms. Pelosi means everyone will unify and vote only for Democrats, and no one will be allowed to oppose progressives or progressive policies, because that would be hate speech, and would not be unifying.  See how easy it is to heal all America’s divisions?

What Ms. Pelosi refuses to recognize is unity is achieved after an election only when everyone embraces American constitutionalism.  Only when everyone willingly agrees to accept the outcome of an honest election can our republic survive.

But that’s not all.  Progressive mobs are working on the state and local levels too:

On Saturday, Florida Attorney General – and ardent Trump supporter – Pam Bondi was confronted by a group of protesters outside the screening of a documentary about Mister Rogers in Tampa. A video of the confrontation shows the Florida AG leaving the theater as several people yell at her, with one woman seen shouting at her about Bondi’s recent actions on health care policy and her stance on immigration.

What’s that?  I’m cherry picking isolated incidents? The College Fix reports on yet another “isolated” incident.  Actually, two isolated incidents:

A professor of sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was convicted of vandalizing the home of a National Rifle Association lobbyist this week, with the judge ordering her to pay $500 in fines and stay away from the home in question.

Patricia Hill, who is both a research assistant and a professor at UNL, was found guilty on Monday of smearing fake blood on the steps of NRA lobbyist Chris Cox’s Alexandria, Virginia home, The Washington Post reports.

Judge Donald M. Haddock Jr.  ‘ordered [Hill] to pay a $500 fine, not contact the Cox family, and stay 500 feet away from their home,’ the newspaper reports.

Hill ‘is also under a temporary restraining order that bars her from Cox’s wife’s business and from NRA offices in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

This is common leftist behavior, but is unusual in that Hill works at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and presumably lives in or near Lincoln, Nebraska, some 1200 miles/18 hours away from Cox’s home and workplace.  One might reasonably see the mere fact that Hill had to repeatedly travel half way across the nation to vandalize Cox’s home as something approaching premeditation and criminal intent.  And this is not Hill’s first rodeo, after being sentenced, she was served with a warrant for another similar political vandalism incident occurring in October, 2017. Despite being caught on video and seen by a security guard, Hill says she plans to appeal her conviction, no doubt on the grounds that Cox is evil and has blood on his hands because children, and especially because Trump!

Lest anyone scream I am doxing poor Prof. Hill, the screenshot I’ve included in this article is from her biographical page on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln website.  It’s freely accessible by the public.  As a university professor, she is a public figure, and even more so when she engages in political crimes.  As one might suspect, Hill has her defenders:

Amanda Gailey, a UNL professor and president of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, questioned how ‘Cox has the nerve to cry to the courts because someone allegedly put a harmless red substance’ on his steps.

Gailey gained publicity for holding up a protest sign during the Aug. 25 episode involving a sophomore who was recruiting for the conservative Turning Point USA. Gailey also held a sign of protest last month near Cox’s residence. She wasn’t charged or disciplined for either of those activities.

Professor Gailey, who teaches English, is obviously not schooled in criminal law.  Putting “a harmless red substance” on someone’s home-steps are a part of one’s home–constitutes vandalism and/or destruction of property anywhere in the nation.  Gailey did not commit that crime in her personal terrorizing of Cox, his family and neighbors, so she was not arrested.  Her photo, like that of Hill, is a screenshot from the UNL website.

My work and life occupy me constantly.  Don’t Hill and Gailey have any real work to do, you know, like teaching?  I don’t have the time to drive 18+ hours to vandalize the property of people that disagree with me.  Actually, I don’t know anyone that does–or is so inclined.

Progressives, unhinged by their hatred, are unable and unwilling to accept American constitutionalism. They will not abide the results of lawful elections, nor do they support the peaceful transfer of power. They believe the only legitimate power is theirs–God is on their side–and they are crossing line after line.  The social, political lines that delineate polite civil deportment allow us to hold differing political views, and to discuss them without resorting to violence.  They make compromise possible.  When those lines are crossed, it is difficult to step back. Those crossing the lines are emboldened, particularly if they pay no price for their trespass.  Little by little, crime by crime, they feel justified in committing any act of cruelty or violence.  Their political opponents are not human, after all, they’re Nazis, and Nazis must be exterminated.

Schlichter was right: progressives aren’t liking their new rules.  They instituted them believing they would always be in charge and no one could deny them.  And then Donald Trump began enforcing the rule of law and upholding the Constitution, and they went stark, raving mad.

They have hurt people; they crossed that line years ago.  They nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise. They are steadily working up to routine political assassination.  If they do not regain political power, massive organized violence and targeted killings are all that is left to them.  They’ve crossed too many lines to go back.  And if they do regain political power, they’ve shown us all exactly what they intend to do with it.  The First and Second Amendments will be only the first to go.

They do not accept American constitutionalism.  They do not recognize the necessity of civilized discourse in maintaining our constitutional republic because they’ve transcended it.  It will not allow the establishment of their worker’s utopia. They utterly reject it.  If they ever regain control of Washington, they will not lose power again, and their only means of retaining it will be the methods of all Marxists: bloody, armed revolution.  Resistance?  We haven’t seen anything yet.

Normal Americans are patient.  They are not easily provoked.  They, and their forbearers, have fought to vindicate the promise of the Constitution, for domestic tranquility, and paid in blood, but there are lines no sane person dares cross.  No sane man awakens that sleeping giant.

I hope I’m wrong.  I hope they wake up–not become woke; that way lies madness and death–and understand in their rejection of the American way of democracy, they are demanding their own obliteration.  They hate the NRA and President Trump, because the NRA and President Trump represent and defend normal Americans, the rule of law and the Constitution.  They know, above all, Mao Zedong, the most prolific mass murderer in history, was right: power grows out of the barrel of a gun.  What they are too hate-filled to acknowledge is normal Americans have the guns, and know how to use them.  They will never surrender them, and any attempt to take them will spark civil war.

If it comes, it will be an ugly and bloody revolution, but it will be brief, and as with all civil wars, those that turned against the Constitution, against America, against liberty, will pay the ultimate price.

No, they won’t like the rules they’ve forced on everyone else.