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My initial impression of the Inspector General’s report is it is very much like former FBI Director James Comey’s announcement on the Hillary Clinton investigation.  Comey spent considerable time laying out the multiple federal crimes of Clinton and her minions, and then announced “no reasonable prosecutor” would charge her. In doing that, he established a new legal standard nowhere in federal law.

Michael Horowitz’s report  (find it here) takes continual pains to say there is no evidence of political bias in the investigation, but instance after instance, including newly released e-mails from FBI Agent Peter Strzok, are plainly evidence of political bias, and motivation against Donald Trump.

Horowitz notes the FBI, particularly James Comey, didn’t follow proper procedure, but that formulation is weak, at best.  Any competent FBI supervisor seeing the work that was done in this case–actually, not done–should have been raging mad, demanding to know why the investigating agents were throwing the case.

I’ve often noted, gentle readers, to understand police malfeasance, one needs to understand what should have been done, and what was not.  I’ll hold off on making more comments until I’ve had the chance to read the report.  I’ll expect to post an article on this early next week.

For the moment, there appear to be far more questions unanswered than answered.  Who, for example, made the decision not to empanel a grand jury?  Who decided to give back evidence to suspects and allow them to destroy it?  Who decided to let the Clintonites get away with destroying evidence, including evidence under subpoena?  Who decided to allow suspects to sit in on Hillary Clinton’s interview–as her lawyers?! Why would any sane law officer do that?

Oh, and current FBI Director Christopher Wray tells us he takes the report seriously, but reminds us there is no evidence of political bias.  In any case, he’s going to retrain the entire FBI not to make the same mistakes.  What mistakes?  Does the entire FBI need to be trained to competently investigate crimes?

Democrats are furiously spinning, claiming the report proves the FBI was trying to help Donald Trump, and kept Clinton from winning. And that would be by throwing the investigation that could and should have put her and her cronies in prison, and undertaking illegal surveillance and opening a corrupt and baseless investigation against Mr. Trump?

Stay tuned.