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John Kluge

Adolescence is a difficult time.  Teenagers are wracked with raging hormones, unfamiliar and powerful emotions, unrestrained passions, destructive impulsiveness and social pressures.  Traditionally, it has been the attentive influence of adults that have moderated these tidal forces, restraining their worst impulses and requiring civilized behavior.

In days past, social cohesion was more–cohesive.  Families ate meals together, parents keep a close eye on their children, and kids were required to experience adult company, to learn the social graces.  School were expected to reinforce these more or less universal parental lessons, which helped kids learn to deal with others, to adopt their own, positive, useful, non-destructive personalities.

No more, as Fox News reports:

A central Indiana high school teacher is trying to get his job back after he claims the school district forced him to resign for violating its transgender student policy.

John Kluge, a former Brownsburg High School orchestra teacher, said he submitted a tentative resignation letter because he was threatened with job termination for not falling in line with the school district’s new policy on how teachers should address students who identify as transgender.

He told the Indianapolis Star that he did not want to violate his conscience by calling transgender students by their preferred name, rather than those given at birth.

‘I’m being compelled to encourage students in what I believe is something that’s a dangerous lifestyle,’ the 28-year-old teacher told the newspaper. ‘I’m fine to teach students with other beliefs, but the fact that teachers are being compelled to speak a certain way is the scary thing.

In all of my years in law enforcement and education, I’ve run across many kids confused about their identities in one way or another, including “trans” kids.  It has been my experience that gender confusion was only one of the many problems from which those kids suffered, and not always the most significant problem.  Few of those kids lived happy lives, and a number I believe to be higher than the norm ended in suicide.  Never did I consider indulging their mercurial urges to be a rational or helpful means of helping them deal with reality or of restoring them to mental health.

The new school policy, which will be implemented next school year, states that students must have written consent from a parent and doctor to request the name change. The school’s policy allowed for teachers to call students by their last names this year, but starting next year, teachers will be required to call students by the preferred name and pronouns listed in the school’s system.

And what will a doctor write?  “Bobby now thinks he is Suzy?”  One needs to attend medical school for that?  Of perhaps he’ll merely confirm he’s prescribing various hormones and other drugs, which somehow bestows the power to demand others call his patient whatever they want to be called–today?  Will a new doctor’s note be required when they decide they like a new name and/or pronoun next week?  What if they decide they’ve transcended gender and are an entirely new state of being? Which bathroom do they use, or will they have entirely transcended waste elimination as well?

The Indiana Family Institute, a conservative education and research organization, started a letter-writing campaign to encourage the school to bring Kluge back and ‘allow parents to have a voice in shaping the environment in which their children are educated.

“Allow parents to have a voice in shaping the environment in which their children are educated”?  What kind of outmoded, gender privileged oppression is that?  It’s reminiscent of the classic Monty Python sketch where a mother about to give birth asks John Cleese–dressed as a doctor–“what do I do?” He replies condescendingly: “Nothing; you’re not qualified.”  The idea a mere parent should have any say in their child’s education is obviously anti-LGBQWERTYTRANS prejudice, and cannot be allowed.  They’re not qualified!  After all, who knows better how the young should be properly indoctrinated than LGBQWERTYTRANS activists, who replied:

But LGBTQ advocates said the school’s policy is a show of respect not about politics or religion.

‘Using a trans student’s chosen name is an invaluable support. Educators need to lead by example with respect for students’ identities, names, and pronouns,’ Becca Mui, education manager at LGBTQ student advocacy organization GLSEN, told Indy Star. ‘If John Kluge couldn’t model this respect for his students, he wasn’t creating a classroom environment where all of his students could thrive.

I keep telling people words have meanings.  Mui obviously has no idea what “respect” means.  One cannot “respect” an identity, name or pronoun any more than one can respect a verb or noun.  People demanding respect, don’t understand that respect cannot be demanded or legislated, and they’re probably talking about deference anyway.

Deference is duties owed another because of their position.  We owe deference to our employers, but not respect.  Obviously, teachers owe no deference to students, but students must defer to teachers, and other responsible adults.

Respect is appreciation for the accomplishments and/or qualities of another.  Respect is earned–every day.  Why should Mr. Kluge respect a child that is obviously in dire need of psychological treatment?  Why should he–or anyone–respect adults determined to further damage those vulnerable children for political gain?  How does buying into and supporting a child’s gender dysphoria create a “classroom environment where all of his students could thrive”?  Such politically motivated activism actually damages those children, and everyone around them.

This is not about equal rights. There is no right to pretend to be other than one’s actual gender.  There is no right to pretend there is no such thing as gender, or there are more than two genders–or no gender.  In declining to participate in the delusions of children and those that would harm them for their own purposes, Kluge is doing nothing more than living in the real world, and acting as all responsible teachers do: teaching kids to survive in a world that is not at all supportive of special snowflakes.  He’s also daring to be more interested in teaching orchestra than political activism.

Kluge’s school district demands he, and all teachers, call students by whatever name they prefer, and to use made up, nonsense pronouns, modifiers that do not clarify, but obfuscate. And it is, of course, not sufficient that Kluge obey the dictates of his intellectual and moral superiors, he must speak the words they demand–whatever they might be this week–and avoid wrong think.

But the children must be respected!  And what have they done worthy of the respect of people older, wiser, more experienced and more rational than they?  But they’re being discriminated against!  By being called by their legal birth name?  Besides, pronouns are, for the most part, unnecessary in addressing students, being spoken primarily to others.

The problem for Kluge and all American teachers is a great many educators are very much progressive, and thus prone to this sort of child abuse.  And even if the school administrators and school boards in local communities are so old-fashioned and hopelessly adult as to insist on the application of reality in language and behavior, there are well-heeled state and national organizations like GLSEN more than willing to use the law and willing progressive judges to beat them into submission, to deplete their meager coffers until they too are forced to engage exclusively in rightspeak and rightthink.

Another unmistakable and ugly facet of this progressive gender crusade is a brutal and ugly hatred of Christianity and of the values and morality of normal Americans.  How progressives hate people of faith, and particularly those that actually live their faiths.  There can be no tolerance for Christians.

Unfortunately, unless he is able to find a competing organization with the finances and will to fight for his job, Mr. Kluge would be wise to find another school dedicated to teaching rather than deepening the mental illness of progressively favored victim groups. Once a school district is in the grip of progressive ideology such that it is actively enshrining it in its rules, it takes years and a concerted political effort to electorally evict the true believers on the school board and in the administrative and principal’s offices.  Kluge might eventually win, but that doesn’t pay tomorrow’s electricity bill.

But for the time being, at Brownsburg High School, teachers will be forced to give pronouns the respect they so richly deserve–just not in English class.