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Coprolagnia, noun: sexual excitement produced by contact with feces.

I’ve often noted that if you are not visiting Bookworm Room as part of your daily reading, you’re missing much.  My favorite Bookworm is a thoughtful, brilliant writer indeed, and her ideas often inspire me to write.  She is also a recovering progressive, writing from behind enemy lines in deepest, darkest Marin, California.

She has, for years, noticed a progressive obsession with excrement, as the tweet that headlines this article illustrates.  One can only imagine that Trump Derangement Syndrome, combined with an obsession with one’s only excrement, is, ahem, not a healthy thing.

I don’t know about you, gentle readers, but were I young again and searching for a mate, the first thing I’d like to know about any young woman would be:“does she write hateful political messages by finger painting with her own shit?”  What better candidate to be the bearer of my children?  Obviously, such a woman would be invaluable in teaching toddlers finger painting techniques.

Take the link to see just how shitty progressivism is becoming.

Pre-Posting Update:  As if that article wasn’t enough to prove the progressive poop obsession, Bookworm has done it again.  

These are the people, gentle readers, that think themselves intellectually and morally superior to normal, deplorable Americans.  These are the people that think it their destiny to rule us all.