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It appears the June 12thsummit between North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un and President Trump is once again on in Singapore.  This after Mr. Trump formally withdrew from the summit after North Korea behaved as it has always behaved when it is about to scam America and the rest of the world. CNN reports:  

Trump withdrew from the summit after a North Korean vice minister of foreign affairs slammed Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday [05-23-18] as a ‘political dummy,’ the latest harshly worded statement from Pyongyang.

Trump and his aides were infuriated by the statement and wanted to respond forcefully, multiple people familiar with the situation told CNN. The specific and personal targeting of Pence is what irked US officials, three people familiar with the matter said.

The verbal broadside against Pence was just the latest harshly worded statement from North Korea over the last 10 days. Early last week, North Korea canceled a planned meeting with South Korea and threatened to pull out of the Singapore summit because of ongoing US-South Korean military exercises.

To date, bluster and threats have been North Korea’s most dependable tactics, and they have, until President Trump, worked.  As predictable as North Korea has been, so too is the American Left. Various media talking heads, politicians, and usual progressive suspects have savaged Mr. Trump, claiming his sanctions would cause nuclear war, so too would his rhetoric, calling North Korea’s bluff. Surely a crude, unsophisticated bumpkin like Trump could never conduct international diplomacy!  Even when Mr. Trump called Kim Jong Un’s bluff, that too was savaged, for example by the foreign affairs experts on The View, as Real Clear Politics.com reports:

Joy Behar
credit: youtube

Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and ‘The View’ panelists criticized President Trump following the cancellation of the North Korea peace summit with Kim Jong-un.

‘There goes that Nobel Peace Prize, there it goes,’ Behar, a co-host, said with a smile.

‘What deal has he actually closed?’ Behar asked. ‘The wall has not been close. He said he is going to drain the swamp. The swamp is filled with more corrupt officials.’‘The tax plan,’ co-host Meghan McCain said to Behar.

‘The tax plan was pushed through, and probably is going to have destructive things happen because of it,’ Behar replied. ‘He makes deals that don’t work.’

Goldberg also made fun of the letter Trump wrote (below) to Kim Jong-un to notify him of the cancellation.

‘Can you imagine — ‘so if you change your mind, call me, and I’ll like, yo, Kim, what’s up dude? Are we hanging?’’ Goldberg said, mocking the tone Trump set in the message.

‘He writes ‘I was very much looking forward to being there with you,’’ Behar said with a smirk.

Mr. Trump has said nothing about a Nobel Peace Prize, and in fact as been careful to express cautious optimism, but continually notes nothing may come of the summit.  Mr. Trump has had enormous success draining the swamp, which process is ongoing.  The tax bill is surely contributing to our revitalized economy, which is also fueled by Mr. Trump’s swamp draining of unnecessary and harmful regulations.  There are few people in American history with a stronger history of making successful deals of all kinds than Donald Trump, and Mr. Trump’s letter obviously worked very well indeed.

Part of this particular success is surely that it, and all of Mr. Trump’s actions, have kept Kim and his advisors off guard.  They have no idea what to make of Mr. Trump, but they do understand strength.  The women of The View?

The last American president to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was Barack Obama, on October 8, 2009, after only about eight months in office.  Apart from his world apology tour, and his very important work supporting Muslim terrorists and other enemies of America, while denigrating her allies, he had no foreign policy accomplishments, and his disastrous and dangerous Iran deal–what he and his sycophants considered a brilliant foreign policy success–was many years into the future.  His citation was awarded, in part for his:

extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.

Members of the Nobel committee later admitted giving Mr. Obama the prize, despite his total lack of foreign policy accomplishments, because he was Barack Obama, and they expected him to accomplish international wonders.  He did not; quite the opposite.  It was rather like giving the Most Valuable Player award to a basketball player while the teams were still in the locker room, only to have him sit on the bench for the entire game, except for sinking the game winning shot–for the other team–at the last buzzer.

Will Mr. Trump be successful?  Will he reunify the Koreas and denuclearize the peninsula?  There is no way to be sure, nor has Mr. Trump made such claims apart from saying he might be able to get a good agreement, but he has, in a short time in office, accomplished more than any other president before him, and may end the Korean war, which we have been fighting for a half century.

As this process plays out, it may be useful to remember a few pertinent facts:

credit: national review.com

*For Democrats, merely talking to one’s enemy is an accomplishment of world-shaking importance, proof of the brilliant of progressive diplomacy.

*For Democrats, intentions, not the actual language of any deal, matter most. They are entirely comfortable with deals that disadvantage America and enable our enemies to prosper and more effectively threaten their neighbors and the world.

*Many progressives want America to lose, to be humiliated.  They think America the cause of all the world’s woes and want America to be humbled.

*Progressives are so debilitated by Trump Derangement Syndrome, there is nothing Mr. Trump can accomplish that will not be cause for the most crude, obscene, and vitriolic criticism.  This illness is shared, to lesser or greater degrees, but Never Trumpers.

*For those willing to learn from history, the lessons of this situation are stark: Dictators respect only strength and the apparent willingness to use military might against them.  Without this kind of resolve, without the military capability to make such threats credible, there can be no peace.  Kim Jong Un is not releasing American hostages in a sudden fit of kindness and morality.

*Having people like Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, James Mattis as Secretary of Defense, John Bolton as National Security Advisor and Nikki Haley at the UN is as frightening a display of American resolve and ability as can be imagined, and America’s enemies are taking notice.  Despots aren’t used to Americans that actually draw and enforce red lines.

credit: enwikipedia.org

*Mr. Trump is a brilliant negotiator.  He bargains from a position of strength, and settles for nothing less than he wants.  As President, he obviously feels compelled to win for America, not for our adversaries.

*President Trump sees talking as merely part of the process, not an accomplishment.  He is not in the least afraid of walking away from the table whenever necessary, and as often as necessary, to win for America.

*Mr. Trump apparently does not feel compelled to please America’s enemies, or her fair weather allies.  He is even less compelled to please the Media and progressives generally. This is a very good thing.

*Repeat after me: “Hillary Clinton is not president.  Hillary Clinton will never be president.”

As Mr. Trump has repeatedly said, we’ll have to see what happens, but regardless, in more than a half century, America has never been closer to resolving not only the Korean War, but in a very real and measurable way, making the world safer, and Donald Trump is responsible for it.