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Brent Weinstein (taller) and Heather Heying (shorter)

In December of 2017 I wrote Not Left Enough, the story of former university professor Bret Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, also a former university professor.  I say they are former professors because both worked at notoriously leftist Evergreen State College.  Weinstein ran afoul of the special snowflakes in attendance there when he declined to remain away from campus on a day declared a “day of absence”: no whites allowed.  Legitimately fearing for their safety, Weinstein and Heying negotiated a substantial settlement and resigned.


A substantial part of the irony of the situation is that Weinstein and Heying are card-carrying progressives.  However, it now appears impossible to be left enough, and Heying, Weinstein and Evergreen are once again in the news.  First, from Hot Air.com:

Ten days ago I wrote about a panel discussion that took place at Portland State University on the topic of intersectionality as a religion. That panel was actually a follow-up of sorts to another event at the school featuring ex-Google engineer James Damore. I knew about the earlier event but, until yesterday, I hadn’t seen this amazing moment that took place during that discussion. At the mention of a simple anatomical fact (men are on average taller than women) a group of SJW’s got up and stormed out, apparently damaging the sound system on the way to the lobby.

Heather Heying (right)

The speaker you’ll see here is biology professor Heather Heying, wife of professor Bret Weinstein. Both Heying and Weinstein left Evergreen State College as part of a settlement deal last year. Heying was making a point about physiological differences between men and women. ‘Are men taller than women on average?’ Heying asked rhetorically. She added, ‘Does anyone take offense at that fact?

Indeed, some audience members took offense at reality:

 So I would say you could be irritated by it,’ Heying said. She continued, ‘You could be irritated by the fact that women have to be the ones that gestate and lactate. You could be irritated by a lot of truths but taking offense is a response that is a rejection of reality.’

But before she had even finished her statement, a group of students got up and walked out of the room. As Heying continued to talk about physiological differences between men and women, there was a loud commotion in the back of the room. One of the protesters apparently damaged the sound system on the way out.

credit: theknotnews

Men are, on average, taller than women.  I would go so far as to say that on average, men have more male genitalia than women, but I’m a white supremacist, racist, white privileged, deplorable, misogynistic male person myself, so what do I know?

Let us, gentle readers, return to Evergreen State College, where bad ideas never die.  The College Fix reports:

Students at the embattled Evergreen State College, which made national headlines last year after it hosted an event that asked white people not to come on campus for a ‘Day of Absence,’ have organized a new iteration of the controversial event despite administrators’ efforts to shift gears.

Students at the Olympia, Washington-based public school have organized a three-day ‘Day of Absence’ observance that includes a mix of events on and off campus. Some gatherings are advertised as open to all skin colors and others ask that only POC, or People of Color, attend.

It appears the feckless leaders of the college have sort of tried to distance themselves from the insanity, but they haven’t developed the courage to do anything to stop it.

The mission of this event is to bring POC together in order to create a reclamation of space and move forward into the future. In reaction to institution’s consistent disregard for our safety, we are operating independently of the college. This is a day for us, by us,’ the RSVP page states.

Perhaps some of the space they seek to reclaim is the President’s office, which they occupied during their Weinstein era protests, at one point, refusing to allow the college president to use the bathroom.

In addition to POC centered events there will be antiracist workshops for white folks and people who do not identify as POC. Please bring a dish or your own packed lunch and dishes! Potluck-style. No one who’s intentions are to cause harm are allowed.’ [skip]

Earlier this year, officials announcedthey would revamp the controversial ‘Day of Absence” observance, instead offering an ‘equity symposium.

For his part, Weinstein has weighed in on this year’s Day of Absence: ‘This is fascinating on many levels. The college canceled Day of Absence, so the students are going to do it.’

Last week, The Olympian reported that Evergreen State ‘will look to cut more than 10 percent from its operating budget for 2018-19 and raise student fees because of declining enrollment.

Get woke, go broke.  But that’s not all, as Campus Reform reports:  

According to a report released by an ‘Independent External Review Panel’ in April, the college is expecting a decline in applications for the Fall 2018 semester of up to 20 percent, compounding the 4.5 percent decrease in Fall 2017, compared to Fall 2016.

‘Further declines in applications (possibly by as much as 20%) and enrollments are expected for the Fall of 2018 based on current year-to-year data,’ the report noted. ‘This condition, and the revenue shortfall it will create, will present Evergreen with significant financial challenges that will not be short-lived.’

Acknowledging that ‘Evergreen can no longer be considered a ‘selective’ college in terms of admission’ because it currently accepts about 95 percent of all applicants, the report also points out that the percentage of students of color on campus continues to edge upward despite the decrease in overall enrollment.

Notably, it also cites a survey showing that 60 percent of first-year, four-year students who enrolled at Evergreen State in Fall 2017 ‘identified themselves as LGBTQIA.’

The college has announced some 20 faculty cuts and has warned those that remain there will likely be more.  And what could possibly be the cause of this final calamity?

A former Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs of Evergreen State College, Michael Zimmerman, told Campus Reform that he believes that the declining enrollment is a result of last year’s protests.

“While it is all but impossible to determine why any one student opts not to apply or to attend Evergreen, when hundreds of them make the same decision, it’s difficult not to form an opinion,” Zimmerman said.

“In this case, the most likely explanation, indeed, the only viable explanation to my mind, is that the impact of last year’s events are playing out in the enrollment numbers,’ he continued, noting that ‘any web search for Evergreen brings up scores of pieces dealing with last year’s riots and the handling of them by the administration.’

While Zimmerman said that Evergreen State could recover if it ‘[comes] to grips’ with what happened last year, he also argued that the college has created a ‘false history’ of the notorious protests and demonstrations.

‘That myth revolves around the false belief that Evergreen has been and continues to be under attack from the alt-right because of its progressive stance,’ he said. ‘That myth largely blames one faculty member for causing the furor, partly by being racist and partly by speaking to Fox News.

Zimmerman is speaking of Brent Weinstein, who dared to continue to do his job when crazed, racist students decreed that all white people must vacate the campus, and who dared to accept an invitation to appear on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox.

The reality, however, is very different,’ Zimmerman insisted. ‘Reasonable discussion of complex issues on campus was and continues to be shut down.

Notice even Zimmerman can’t quite bring himself to admit all of the problems are caused by radical leftists (is there any other kind?) and by school administrators refusing to behave like adults. Higher education seems to be heading lower every day. From my original article:

One simple answer to that rhetorical question is: because socialists/communists/anarchists/fascists have seized total control of the left.The idea of fealty to American constitutionalism, reasoned debate, good will, and tolerant kindness are anathema to such people. The values to which Weinstein and Heyer refer not only have nothing in common with contemporary leftism, they are not hanging by a thread. That thread was slashed long ago. The baseball bat wielding thugs roaming the campus are the face of contemporary progressivism, and as Weinstein and Heyer note, they brook no dissent or wrong-think. To even appear to be about to raise a question is evidence of heresy, and all opposition to their orthodoxy is treason.

Weinstein and Heying do seem to be more cynical about the Left, but have apparently not yet fully accepted reality: the Left eats its own, and its ideology is corrupt, self-defeating, and dangerous to individual liberty and a functioning constitutional republic. They have met the enemy, and it is the left, with which they formerly identified.  They may yet come to this understanding, but such things take time.