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It was in August of 2010 that Newsweek Magazine, a money-losing proposition, was sold.  What was the selling price you ask?  A billion?  A half-billion?  Ten million? A million?  $1.25?  No.  Newsweek was sold for the princely sum of one dollar.  On the occasion of the mass shooting at Sante Fe High School in Santa Fe, TX, we discover, once again, why that price was outrageously high.

Dana Loesch
credit: twitchy.com

In the aftermath of the shooting, NRA spokesman Dana Loesch (pronounced: “lash”) made an entirely reasonable suggestion, a suggestion that did not involve guns:

But that was too much for Newsweek reporter Nina Burleigh:

Burleigh demonstrated the kind of insightful, professional analysis and demeanor so common in the media these days.  However, where Loesch is concerned, that’s understandable.

Dana Loesch is the woman the media love to hate.  She’s almost up there, in terms of inspiring insanity, with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  She’s everything they aren’t: young, smart, rational, decent, capable, thoughtful, conservative and beautiful.  It’s a topic I’ve addressed in NRA: Loesching The Left, and Dana Loesch: Layers Of Editors And Fact CheckersIf the media can’t find something legitimate to gripe about, they make it up, or simply descend to middle school mean girl tactics–particularly what passes for males.

As she always does, Loesch got the better of her media tormentors:

Loesch is right.  If the Left wants more Trump, this is how they get more Trump.  If the Left wants more women with guns, this is how they get more women with guns.

That’s a princess for the modern age, just like Dana Loesch.