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Israel got Bibi Netanyahu. We got…

Considering recent events, gentle readers, just a few random thoughts about Israel:

*If Arab–and Iranian–terrorists laid down their arms, peace.  If Israel did, genocide.

*If the kleptocrats of the United Nations didn’t have Israel to accuse of every crime they commit, they’d have nothing at all to say.

credit: enwikipedia.org

*Thank God for Nikki Haley.

*The Jews are God’s chosen people.  Can’t the idiots attacking them read?

*Nowhere is fake, malicious news (take the link; you’ll see) more in evidence than in the international media’s coverage of Israel and the terrorists besieging the nation.

*The Palestinians continue to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

*There will be peace with Israel one of two ways: when Israel’s enemies force Israel to utterly destroy them, or when they love their children more than they hate Jews.

*Thank G*d for Benjamin Netanyahu.

*Thank God for Donald Trump, a very human, flawed man who nevertheless keeps America’s promises and supports her allies.

*Thank God Democrats are no longer in charge of America’s foreign policy.

*Being surrounded by homicidal lunatics that live to murder you tends to make you a focused warrior.