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The Obama Foreign Policy chickens are finally come home to roost, as The Times of Israel reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of lying about its nuclear program in a speech broadcast live Monday, revealing information he said showed the Islamic Republic had for years worked on developing nuclear weapons, and continued to pursue such weapons even after signing the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

The premier, who has repeatedly called for the accord between world powers and Iran to either be altered or scrapped, said Israel had obtained 100,000 secret Iranian files a few weeks ago in one the ‘greatest achievements’ of Israeli intelligence.

There seems little question the Mossad is the world’s premier intelligence agency. This is so, in large part I suspect, because most Israelis have no doubt about the intentions of their enemies, and being surrounded by hostiles intent on genocide tends to wonderfully focus the mind.  They don’t have the luxury of playing petty power politics, at least not nearly to the extent we do in America.  And speaking of the CIA, who thinks it competent anymore?  To be fair, there’s much about the CIA’s work we can never know.

Speaking in English at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu gave a presentation including videos and slides he said exposed Iran’s nuclear dossier.

‘You may well know that Iran’s leaders repeatedly deny ever pursuing nuclear weapons,’ he said, before playing clips of Iran’s supreme leader, president and foreign minister denying the country ever sought such capabilities.

‘Iran lied. Big time,’ said Netanyahu, adding that the trove included a half-ton of material.

The cache, he said, contained ‘incriminating documents, incriminating charts, incriminating presentations, incriminating blueprints, incriminating photos, incriminating videos and more.

‘We’ve shared this material with the United States, and the United States can vouch for its authenticity,’ he said of the information.

News reports suggest the United States has done just that.  John Hinderaker of Powerline comments:

With today’s bombshell about Iran’s ongoing nuclear weapons program, the wreckage of Barack Obama’s foreign policy is coming into focus. Syria: the “red line” fiasco, with hundreds of thousands killed. North Korea: a do-nothing policy that brought America’s West Coast perilously close to coming under nuclear threat. Iran: a deal that would have been foolish even if the mullahs hadn’t cheated, $100 billion and sanctions relief now, in exchange for promises that Iran could walk away from at will. We now know that the deal was even worse than that. [skip]

… We have a long way to go to dig ourselves out of the foreign policy holes that the feckless (at best) Obama administration dug, but President Trump and his team are at least making progress.

How could the Obama administration have been so inept in foreign policy? Iowahawk has at least part of the answer:

Consider this from The Times Of Israel:

The European Union’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, one of the cheerleaders of the 2015 deal, grandly declared on Monday night that the pact ‘was put in place exactly because there was no trust between the parties; otherwise we would not have required a nuclear deal to be put in place.’

Wow, let’s read that again: We knew they were lying, and that’s why we had to put this accord into place.

Put it another way: We knew they were lying, and that’s why we cut a lousy deal with them, a deal that did not dismantle the nuclear program we knew they had even though they swore blind that they didn’t.

At the moment, the European partners to the deal, and Obamite foreign policy believers are furiously spinning the latest revelation.  “It doesn’t show the Iranians cheated!”  Or better yet: “This proves Iran isn’t cheating!”  Harwood’s comment is a classic.  Iran can’t be trusted, so we have to save their economy, give them enough money for their military and to finance their terrorist proxies, and enter into a deal that gives them everything and us nothing.  This is also a classic:

We’ve learned through the materials Israel seized–which are still being translated: it’s all in Farsi–the Iranians have at least five secret facilities where work on their nuclear program may be ongoing.  Oh yes, it’s working.  And this is just insane:

Right.  President Trump and the Israelis are lying about the whole thing.  Say what you will about Mr. Trump, he’s not the type that needs a massive deception like this to make up his mind about anything.

It must have been galling for the P5+1 negotiators and their defenders to watch that irritating Netanyahu strutting around in front of those shelves of files and those racks of CDs, claiming vindication and underlining the negotiators’ scandalous failure

We knew they were lying, and that’s why we cut a lousy deal with them that allowed them to boast that they had faced down and outsmarted the West.

We knew they were lying, and that’s why, when the sanctions had finally put them on the ropes, we cut a lousy deal with them that lifted the economic pressure — and thus entrenched their repressive regime in power, the better to oppress their own people, and gave them the financial resources to spread havoc and bloodshed throughout the region.

I’m still wincing at the thought of Americans delivering pallets of cash in the dead of night—Euros, Swiss Francs, and other currencies—in the manner of the drug trade, to Iran.  An American president involved in that?  I never thought I’d live to see the day.  Remember John Kerry claiming we had complete knowledge of Iran’s past nuc program. Yeah, not so much, obviously, but hey, it’s working!

But to get back to Hinderaker’s question, how could the Obamites have been so inept?  Actually, they were quite capable in enacting their foreign policy preferences, which just happened—what a coincidence—to coincide with Iran’s, and the preferences of virtually every enemy of America, Israel and other allies. Under Barack Obama, every nation in the world embraced the aphorism that being an ally of America is far more dangerous than being a friend.

There can be no question that Mr. Obama attacked our allies and embraced our enemies.  He was the first post-Constitution, post-American president, and many of us saw it coming when he said America was the greatest nation in the world, so vote for him to fundamentally change it.

credit: national review.com

One would have to be an exceedingly credulous fool to believe Iran has not been continuing its work on nuclear weapons.  Iran is an apocalyptic theocracy led by madmen.  They torture and murder their own citizens, they are the premier terrorist state, and when they daily swear to destroy Israel and America, those chants are not mere political slogans for domestic consumption.  Most Iranians hate their leaders and have positive feelings about America, but Mr. Obama squandered that.  In any case, the deal, after a ridiculously short span of years on the international stage, allows Iran to build all the nucs it wants.  That’s a good deal for America and the world? That’s a dangerous can to kick down the road.

Why would Mr. Obama do that? Partly due to his hatred of America, partly because he was steeped in Marxism from his youth, and is thus reflexively hostile to America in particular and democracy in general, partly because he is not nearly as intelligent as he and his dim-witted, corrupt minions think, and partly because he is, if not in fervent practice, a Muslim, and as such is culturally aligned with Islamists.  As Osama Bin Laden said, Mr. Obama went with the strong horse—Iran—and did all he could to make America a weak horse.

What’s that you say, gentle readers? Mr. Obama claims to be a Christian? By all means, take the link to Barack Obama: Stealth Muslim? which I posted back in 2015.  A few excerpts from that article:

There is no question that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.To what degree he recognizes the influence of any religion and to what degree that motivates him is the ultimate question. However, F.W. Burleigh, writing in The American Thinkerpoints out what would seem to be indisputable evidence of Mr. Obama’s Muslim belief as illustrated by the photograph that leads this article.

What appears to some to be a mere pointed finger is actually the shahada, the Muslim affirmation of faith. That he was making that very specific sign at a meeting of the US-African Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. in August of 2014 provides the context that makes his gesture unmistakable—and chilling. By all means, read Burleigh’s article for background.

Do indeed read Burleigh’s article.

We are left with a number of extraordinarily disturbing and dangerous conclusions, though these are they only possible explanations:

*Barack Obama is a stealth Muslimand has been working against the interests of religious pluralism, the United States and of civilization since the first day of his term in office. In effect, every day he is in office, he commits treason.’ [skip]

In dealing with this question, all that is truly necessary is to consider the answer to a single question:Would a President of the United States true to the Constitution, true to the ethic of western civilization, dedicated to the protection of the American people and to the salvation of liberty, allow Iran—run by fanatics determined to bring about the apocalypse–to have nuclear weapons under any circumstance?

“By every indication, not the least of which is Mr. Obama’s irrational–it would be irrational for any president actually representing America–rage at the idea of Benjamin Netanyahu arguing before Congress that Iran must never be allowed to possess nuclear weapons, Barack Obama is entirely comfortable with Iranian nucs. Even Democrats are saying Mr. Obama’s pronouncements are talking points ‘coming out of Tehran.’ Iran’s enemies are Obama’s enemies. Only American political realities prevent him from more actively warring on Israel. We can, if we choose, utterly defeat Iran and destroy every trace of its nuclear program, but Barack Obama chooses to war against Israel and prevent the Israelis from warring against Iran.

Consider this, via Powerline, from Senator Ted Cruz:  

[The] stunning revelations by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu powerfully demonstrate why the Obama Iran nuclear deal is not just unfixable, but truly catastrophic. The Prime Minister’s presentation was remarkable—unprecedented—and worth watching in full. Through extraordinary intelligence operations, Israeli agents captured over 100,000 secret documents and files from Iran. These Iranian documents prove that (1) for two decades, Iran has conducted a clandestine nuclear weapons program; (2) Iran lied repeatedly, and brazenly, denying that secret program; (3) the Obama nuclear deal was predicated on that edifice of lies; and (4) Iran is today in violation of that deal.

The national security consequences of the Obama Iranian nuclear deal are twofold: First, America has allowed billions of dollars to flow to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, a nation directly responsible for the murder of hundreds of U.S. servicemen and women. And second, those billions of dollars have also propped up a despotic regime and provided vast resources for ongoing ballistic missile tests designed to enable Iran to launch a nuclear weapon on the American homeland.

In light of these astonishing Israeli revelations, the course before President Trump is clear. As the President has said repeatedly, this deal is a “terrible deal,” even worse than many previously realized. The United States should therefore withdraw immediately, re-impose crushing sanctions, work to encourage our allies to do the same, and do everything necessary to insure that the Ayatollah Khamenei never — never — acquires the nuclear weapons to make good on his pledge of “death to America.

We may count ourselves fortunate that Donald Trump is president.  He is cleaning up a wide variety of foreign policy disasters that have brought the world to the brink.  Will pulling out of the disastrous Iran deal lead to war with Iran? One might think such was inevitable, whether Iran attacks Israel and forces us to honor our defense agreements—Obama surely would not have—or whether we enact a preemptive strike to prevent a larger conflagration.  But peace is not merely the absence of war, and there are worse things than war.

Will we sit idly by and let Iranian proxies rain tens of thousands of missiles down on Israeli non-combatants?  Barack Obama would have; Donald Trump would not.  There always comes a point when one must be willing to back diplomacy with military force.  If not, we end up with a deal with those that would kill us, a deal written by failed novelists, campaign van drivers, and stealth Muslims.

NOTE:  Take this link to an article on the history of the Iran deal by David Harsanyi, but be sure your blood pressure meds are up to date first.