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Michelle Wolf

In the past—and I’ve been paying attention to such things for a half century—leftists occasionally let their masks slip, revealing the raging ugliness and hatred within.  They were always careful to immediately cover back up and continue the charade.  Charade? They are deeply concerned with the welfare of mankind, that they care for the life of every man, woman and child, that they love America, you know, the country they want to fundamentally transform, that charade.  Chronicling this overwhelming humanitarianism has been the media, whose mask also occasionally slips, but was, until the last decade or so, also immediately covered up to maintain the charade of non-partisanship, of professional detachment and the pursuit of objective truth.

With the ascension of Barack Obama, the media pulled off the mask, and virtually no one tries to replace it anymore.  While a few of them continue to protest their virtuous professional detachment, they have clearly become nothing more than Democrat operatives with bylines.

With the election of President Trump—remember the grim faces, shock, disbelief and tears of reporters on election eve?—virtually all have joined The Resistance, and not only do they no longer pretend to be non-partisan, they have gone on offense.  When any, having caught them in blatant concealment and lies, dare accuse them of writing fake news, they scream in self-righteous indignation and play the democracy card: “You’re attacking the foundations of Democracy! You’re trying to destroy the First Amendment!  You’re not patriotic!”

With this backdrop, President Trump recently declined an invitation to the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner, rhetorically asking why he’d want to sit in a room with a bunch of people that hate him.  For this observation, Mr. Trump was widely attacked.  What a coward!  Didn’t he know the press is the guardian of democracy?  Doesn’t he understand the press isn’t the enemy of the people, as Mr. Trump has termed them, but only want to demonstrate their virtue and honor, to just get along?

As most doubtless know by now, the April 28thdinner,attended by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Presidential Advisor Kellyanne Conway, proved, once and for all, the press is irredeemably partisan, inherently hostile, anything but virtuous, and without question, the enemy of the people—at least all normal, rational Americans.

The Correspondent’s Association President, Margaret Talev, began wearing a seldom seen mask, as Axios.com reports:

Correspondents’ association president Margaret Talev — standing under a banner that said “CELEBRATING THE FIRST AMENDMENT” — began the evening by saying:

*’The journalists we’re celebrating tonight help keep our democracy healthy.’

*’We reject efforts by anyone, especially our elected leaders, to paint journalism as un-American, to undermine trust between reporter and reader, to cast doubt on the relevance of facts and truth in the modern age. An attack on any journalist is an attack on us all.’

*’This isn’t about protecting the business of journalism. It’s about protecting the rule of law.

This almost sounds noble, but the problem is no one doubts the relevance of facts and truth.  They doubt the media’s willingness and ability, all too often, to provide either, and one doesn’t protect the rule of law by serving as the propaganda arm of a party that seeks to destroy it.  More and more, Americans are coming to see the legacy media as a destructive force rather than a stalwart tribune of democracy.

Breitbart.com reports on the event:

Comedian Michelle Wolf ridiculed the women in the Trump White House, personally trashing White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders at the White House Correspondents’ dinner.

‘I love you as Aunt Lydia in The Handmaid’s Tale, she began, comparing her appearance to a bossy older woman on that show.

Wolf added that she was not sure whether Sanders was going to divide the reporters into softball teams, or tell a ‘bunch of lies,’ or a give a press briefing.

‘I actually really like Sarah. I think she’s very resourceful. Like she burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smokey eye,’ she said. ‘Like maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s lice … It’s probably lice.

“It’s lice.”  What cutting edge comedy.  What brilliant, insightful social commentary.  I mean, who doesn’t find being accused of being lice-ridden hilarious?  Boy, she sure gave it to that Trump, didn’t she?

Wolf told the audience that she wasn’t sure what to call Sanders, questioning whether she should call her ‘Aunty Huckabee Sanders’ or ‘Cousin Huckabee.’

‘What is Uncle Tom, but for white women who disappoint other white women?’ she asked. ‘I know. Aunty Coulter.’

The audience in the room was noticeably uncomfortable as Sanders sat at the head table without smiling.

Some White House staffers at the dinner walked out, and some even shared their disgust at the comedy routine on Twitter.

Keep in mind, gentle readers, Brietbart is leaving out the most vile, profane and offensive comments, not that this isn’t vile and offensive:

Wolf also mocked Ivanka Trump as ‘about as helpful to women as an empty box of tampons.

Oh stop, stop! I’m laughing so hard it’s painful!  Comparing a talented, accomplished, beautiful young woman to an empty box of tampons?  Oh, if only I could be so witty and sophisticated…

Ivanka cleans up nice. She’s the diaper genie of the administration. On the outside, she looks sleek, but the inside, it’s still full of shit,’ she said.

Oh, the pain!  I haven’t heard such a funny shit joke since 5thgrade. Actually, I haven’t heard any shit jokes since fifth grade.  If I think it’s funny can I be one of the elite too?  “Diaper genie,” Oh, it’s just too much!

The late Don Rickles made a comedic career of insults, but he was funny because everyone knew it was an act, that he was not being truly malicious and was actually a kind and generous man.  Wolf was being truly malicious, and in so doing, was playing to an appreciative audience. Why would none of the “elite” journaists stop the unconscionable, ugly attack on Ms. Sanders?  Why wouldn’t a single one stand up and say “that’s enough”? Because it’s what they all think and say, an accurate rendition of their daily discourse.  It’s a reflection of the cesspools of their thoughts and words. Michelle Wolf spoke as she did because she had every reason to believe she’d be facing a friendly audience, reveling in the in jokes.

Wolf said that the media should stop putting Kellyanne Conway on their news channels.

‘If a tree falls in the woods, how do we get Kellyanne under that tree?’ she asked. ‘I’m not suggesting she gets hurt. Just stuck. Stuck under a tree.

Fox News also reports:

Comedian Michelle Wolf doubled down on her personal attacks on Sarah Sanders during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner after several journalists came to the White House press secretary’s defense and criticized the comedian’s jokes.

Several attendees at Saturday night’s annual dinner in Washington, D.C., sat in silence as Wolf launched her attacks on President Trump and members of his administration. Her jokes drew laughs and gasps when she took a jab at Sanders, who was at the dinner as a representative of the Trump administration and sitting just feet away as Wolf commented on Sanders’ appearance, criticized her job performance and even her Southern roots.

Oh, I’m sure many in the audience were convulsed with mirth. 

CNN reported a rare fact:

I’m sure this commenter speaks for much, if not all, of the Left:

A few leftists suggested that Sanders showed dignity and class when she didn’t simply walk out. They didn’t call for an apology, but at least said that much, which was too much for other leftists:

According to Fox News, at least one comedy writer seems to have retained some semblance of humanity. Perhaps he has a mother?

Comedy writer Michael Loftus ripped Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner routine, calling it ‘straight-up horrible’ and saying Wolf’s words were meant ‘to hurt people’s feelings.’

Wolf took jabs at President Trump during her routine and also mocked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Loftus, who is a writer for the CBS series ‘Kevin Can Wait,’ said that the political ‘roasting’ at the event has gone too far.

‘It’s the personal attacks, it’s vicious, it’s not fun, it’s not funny. … Who blames Trump for not going? I don’t,’ he said.

‘It’s like being invited to a restaurant where you know you’re going to get food poisoning,’ Loftus said.

Some media figures were upset because Wolf attacked a woman, and women should never attack women, even conservative women.  Wolf wasn’t walking in lock step with the sisterhood.  Actually, that’s an indication how very bad Wolf was;  leftists normally consider conservative women fair game.  Others were upset because Wolf made journalists look bad, not necessarily because they disagreed with her, but she made public what they say and think in private; they pulled the mask entirely off. Others have wailed that anyone daring to criticize Wolf, or the Correspondent’s Association and its members, is attacking the First Amendment.

That a New York Times reporter would say that is yet another indication of the horrific nature of Wolf’s comments.  But journalist’s wounds are self-inflicted, as even an Associated Press reported acknowledged:

This isn’t about feminism.  It isn’t about making journalists look bad—they do that to themselves every day.  Exercising the First Amendment by observing that a bad comic was a bad comic and suggesting apologies are owed is no attack on the First Amendment.  No one is suggesting journalism be subject to censorship. It’s just not necessary. Americans are engaging in a sort of electronic censorship by simply declining to view the media’s false, defamatory and boring wares.

Criticism of the event is entirely justified because everyone involved displayed abominable bad manners.  During my early police career an experienced Sergeant told me never to do anything I’d be ashamed to tell my mother.  Obviously the journalists of the White House Correspondents Association were either materialized out of test tubes, or their mothers are as socialist, un-American and boorish as they are.  Civilized people do not treat their guests with cruelty.

One can be reasonably certain a substantial number of those present thoroughly enjoyed Wolf’s “humor.”  There was no lack of applause.  They thought President Trump, Ms. Sanders, Ms. Conway and Ivanka Trump got what they deserved, and were only disappointed that Wolf wasn’t even more profane and vicious.  There appear to be some that thought Wolf’s comments inappropriate.  Though they doubtless share her views, such things shouldn’t be said in public; they pull down the mask too far and for too long. There may be a few decent people in the crowd, but damned few of them are demanding an apology.  Ms. Talev, like most contemporary journalists is slow to print a correction, and will not apologize:

That’s the Association’s apology: Wolf’s monologue wasn’t in the spirit of their vital, noble mission.  Gov. Mike Huckabee has a clear view of reality:

Talev was quick to say Wolf’s material wasn’t vetted—the First Amendment, you know.  However, it beggars belief to think Wolf would have been hired if Talev and her compatriots believed she would be respectful toward Mr. Trump and those that work for him.  Mr. Trump, in contrast, was restrained, and unlike the media, accurate:

Giving up unreasoning hatred, it seems, is a difficult thing:

Wolf has learned nothing:

She will certainly gain in stature in The Resistance and be in great demand, for a time, until even they begin to realize they can hear people speak about Donald Trump and conservatives in obscene and decidedly non-humorous terms any time and at no cost.

Yet again, Donald Trump has been proved right, and a far better judge of human nature than his self-chosen opponents.  Once again, he has outmaneuvered them.  One might imagine, with some small satisfaction, their anguish and rage.  How could someone as stupid as Trump, someone not nearly as brilliant and beautiful and elite and right thinking as they continue to beat them like a rented mule?  Of course, the self-imagined elite still can’t figure out how Hillary Clinton could have possibly lost, and they can’t possibly admit how wrong they were about that.

One would surely be justified in believing that our media is hopeless, and their occasional, weak pleas for dialogue and understanding are a transparent con.  Not only are they incapable of honest self-reflection, they revel in that inability.  They can’t imagine why tens, even hundreds of millions of Americans they daily hate, denigrate and insult don’t see them as bringers of light and truth, people to be honored and admired.

Their ultimate problem is, as Simhita said, the label “enemy of the people” is “a little too on the nose.”