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I will not be buying and reading former FBI Director James Comey’s book.  My book budget is limited, and there are a great many good books I plan to read.  His is, according to the commentary of at least some I generally trust, not a good book. Fox News’ Chris Wallace has observed the book has no “bombshells,” and was surprised by the “bitchy tone” of the work.  I suspect I’ll have to return to this subject again, but for now, just a few observations from Fox News’ account of the book.  Any inaccuracies in quotation are a result of my relying on that—and other—sources.  You’ll see what I mean.

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos published Friday morning, Comey drew attention to the salacious claims in the infamous unverified dossier about Trump that the president has denied.

‘I honestly never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but I don’t know whether the current president of the United States was with prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow in 2013,’ Comey told Stephanopoulos. ‘It’s possible, but I don’t know.

Comey has stated, under oath, that all of the claims of the Steele dossier—that’s what he is referencing—are unverified and salacious.”  In other words, as he said, he has no idea if they’re true, then and now. So why is he making those claims? He’s really opening himself up to civil liability.  There is also the small matter of being polite and honorable.  I honestly never thought the words that a former Director of the FBI–James Comey–routinely has sex with farm animals would come out of my mouth.  It’s possible, but I don’t know.  Obviously, I say this to expose Comey’s lack of honor and deportment.  I am certainly making no such claim.  One shouldn’t print such things unless they know them to be true, and for the sake of politeness, probably not even then.

Comey goes so far as to question the strength of Trump’s marriage to his wife, Melania, after revealing that Trump asked him to investigate salacious allegations about his actions with Russian prostitutes.

‘It bothered [President Trump] if there was ‘even a one percent chance’ his wife, Melania, thought it was true,’ Comey wrote   ,according to the New York Post. Later on, Comey mused: ‘In what kind of marriage, to what kind of man, does a spouse conclude there is only a 99 percent chance her husband didn’t do that?

Let us, for the moment, ignore Comey’s convoluted logic.  We now know, as it was revealed on Fox and Friendson 04-13-18, Comey, in informing President Trump about the salacious and unverified claims of the Steele Dossier, did not tell President Trump that dossier was commissioned by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee. It seems likely Comey didn’t even tell Mr. Trump the allegations were from a single source—the dossier.  That’s rather an important detail to omit.

Many progressive pundits have already begun salivating over these excerpts, claiming this particular quote of Comey’s indicates President Trump is guilty! Guilty! Guilty!  Why, if he wasn’t guilty, would he ask Comey to investigate the claims?

A pre-martyrdom view of Comey

May I suggest, gentle readers, that Mr. Trump, not knowing the entire dossier was paid for by Hillary and the DNC, which would have explained virtually everything—Comey has admitted he purposely concealed it from him–not knowing Comey’s role in using that Dossier to obtain FISA warrants to spy on him, not knowing Comey was presiding over an FBI actively involved in illegal leaks and subversion to prevent him from becoming president, and afterward, to destroy him and his presidency, would obviously want to know from where this information came.  Mr. Trump was likely not asking Comey to determine if the information was true—he knew it was not—he was asking Comey to identify its source.  Surely Comey lied to Mr. Trump about this as well.

Why might Mrs. Trump have a 1% chance to think the golden showers story true?  Probably because it has been relentlessly splashed across virtually media outlet in the world for the better part of two years.  A seasoned political operator like Mr. Comey understands that, particularly since he has a significant hand in spreading it and keeping it alive.

Remember, the book portrays Comey as a paragon of truth and virtue in the face of the evil, deceptive Trump. Considering Comey has admitted, under oath, he lied, and leaked protected information for the purpose of chartering a Special Prosecutor to destroy Mr. Trump for daring to fire him, is it 99% possible Comey failed to include all relevant details in his book?

Boeing 757

Regarding the infamous peeing story, why, in the years since it supposedly happened in Moscow, has there been no verification?  Donald Trump is not a low profile person.  On any trip to a foreign country, to say nothing of Russia, he would leave an enormous paper trail, such as internationally required flight information (he has a private 757), or evidence of registration in hotels.  Surely an airport official would remember Mr. Trump’s enormous jet?  Surely hotel personnel would remember him?  Surely there is someone, something that could at least place him in Moscow at the time the golden shower was said to have sprinkled?  Surely Russia’s intelligence service would have voluminous records on any Trump trip, and considering they have all their hotels wired, probably video?  Surely they would delight in damaging him?  Yet there has been no confirmation, despite obviously panicky and fervent attempts by the FBI to confirm this and the rest of the dossier.  The most obvious possibility, always subject to change upon the receipt of convincing evidence, is no such golden showering ever took place.

That wasn’t the only personal jab at Trump: The AP reported that Comey, who stands 6-foot-8, described the president as shorter than he expected with a ‘too long’ tie and ‘bright white half-moons’ under his eyes that he suggested came from tanning goggles. He also said he made a conscious effort to check the president’s hand size — briefly a subject of mockery among Trump’s Republican rivals on the campaign trail — saying it was ‘smaller than mine, but did not seem unusually so.

Another pre-martyrdom view of Comey

Spoken like a man that thinks height a symbol of all manner of superiority. Mr. Trump is 6’3”, which is about 6” taller than the average American man (5’9”).  Comey appears to think a man 6” taller than average somehow inferior to him. Mr. Comey seems to have rather odd expectations.

Tall men often have difficulty finding sufficiently long ties. I know at a mere 6’ I certainly do. Tie length is a matter of fashion trends and personal preference: changeable matters of taste. Comey seems to be suggesting there is something wrong with Mr. Trump because his unspecified, but “too long,” tie length obviously speaks to such fault.

The small hands trope is also long worn out, most probably because Mr. Trump’s hands are simply not unusually small.  One would think Mr. Comey would understand most people have hands substantially smaller than his.  Such an understanding would have the effect of causing such a person to find the smaller hand size of others entirely unremarkable.  Again, rather odd behavior on Comey’s part.

The New York Post reported that Comey returned to the Mafia theme in describing a Jan. 27 dinner with Trump at which, Comey wrote, the president told him: ‘I need loyalty. I expect loyalty.’

‘You will always get honesty from me,’ Comey said he replied, later writing, ‘The demand was like [mobster] Sammy the Bull’s Cosa Nostra induction ceremony.

As I’ve previously mentioned, even as he was professing his eternal honesty, Comey was disloyally lying to Trump and withholding vital information.  The only purpose could be to do Mr. Trump harm, to further a soft coup and overturn the will of American voters.  As I understand it, becoming a “made man” involves directly committing serious felonies, even murder.  Apparently Mr. Comey has not yet accused Mr. Trump of that.

Which president, in a Washington DC so much a pit of vipers Harry Truman once quipped that anyone in DC wanting a friend should get a dog, would not demand loyalty from his close subordinates?  Did Barack Obama expect any less?  Would Hillary Clinton have been satisfied with people she could not trust to routinely break the law and protect her from criminal consequences, people like James Comey?  Considering only the ethically flexible people with which he surrounded himself about which we currently know, one might reasonably conclude Mr. Comey also demanded a kind of warped, progressive loyalty.

Of course Mr. Trump expects loyalty.  Any president does.  One also suspects, considering his fealty to the Constitution, and his work to restore the rule of law, Mr. Trump understands loyalty means adherence to the law as well.  One might also suspect if Mr. Trump made that point, Mr. Comey might well neglect to mention it.

When you’ve lost Maxine Waters…

I’m sure you get the point, gentle readers.  Understand too that Mr. Comey reportedly says he behaved as he did in the Clinton affair because he was aware of “classified” information that if known, would have caused great concern over Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s ability to ethically do her job in the Clinton case.  He has this kind of knowledge, he’s just bringing that up now, and he thinks’ Mr. Trump’s tie length important?  Oh, and he says that information is still classified.  Like much of what he knows, it’s unverified, and probably never will be.

This book will surely give the media a brief opportunity to vent their Trump derangement, and unscrupulous congressional Democrats, and not a few Republican, Never Trump, cruise directors and pundits an opportunity to join in the impeachment refrain—“Shorter than expected!  Impeach him!—but will likely be only a temporary squall in a long coup attempt.

Books like Comey’s are essentially futile.  No one thinks Donald Trump a saint.  There is no pristine reputation to damage.  After eight years of progressives worshipping Mr. Obama as a messiah, that’s welcome, and is a large part of why Mr. Trump was elected: he promised to wipe Barack Obama’s glory and majesty off the slate of history, and he’s keeping his promise.  Sainthood has nothing to do with septic tank cleaning.  In the meantime, James Comey, all 6’8” of him, has revealed himself to be a very small man indeed, and has done even greater damage to the FBI—this is how FBI directors should behave?–an agency already going down in flames.  James Comey is a “proven leaker and liar.”  That we know to be true, as lyincomey.com convincingly proves.