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It’s not incitement to murder when progressives do it…

Imagine, gentle readers, you are the former attorney general of California, for the moment, America’s most populous state, the former chief law enforcement officer of that state.  Imagine that you are now a United States Senator from California, the replacement of the long-serving and destructive Barbara Boxer. Further imagine this, from Legal Insurrection:

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) cracked a tasteless joke on The Ellen DeGeneres Show during one of her answers to a hypothetical question offered by the host.

DeGeneres asked Harris a series of lighthearted questions, ranging from whether she has any tattoos (no) to her celebrity crush (Tito Jackson).

She was then asked, ‘If you had to be stuck in an elevator with either President Trump, (Vice President) Mike Pence or (Attorney General) Jeff Sessions, who would it be?’

‘Does one of us have to come out alive?’ Harris asked, prompting cheers from the audience. Harris laughed hysterically at the joke and took a second to compose herself.

Take the link and see the video, gentle readers. Harris thinks herself oh so witty, and so terribly, terribly cute.  Of course, DeDeneres and her audience yukked it up.  The thought of the death of the President, Vice President, or the Attorney General at the hands of the former Attorney General of California are just hilarious! How could anything be funnier?

And the political climate for such things is just perfect, isn’t it?  Post Parkland, the political atmosphere is filled with Democrat accusations that Republicans want to kill children, that the NRA and all its members are bloodthirsty monsters and terrorists.  President Trump, because he actually honors his oath to support and defend the Constitution–all of it–is just like Hitler, only much, much worse.  Anyone that isn’t for repealing the Second Amendment like former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is responsible for every mass murder of the past and all of those in the future–except, of course, those committed by female, vegan, Iranian, PETA activists.  What better time to demonstrate the moral and intellectual superiority for which progressives are justly famous?

Sooooo funny!

Now imagine if a Republican senator, or any republican, made such a joke about any Democrat, say Ms. Harris–who thinks herself fit for the presidency.  Not a pretty picture, is it?  Is there any leftist head anywhere that wouldn’t be exploding with outrage?

I’m not one to blame mere words for inspiring violent crimes.  The blame ultimately belongs with those that commit atrocities.  But let us play fairly.  If the opponents of Progressives are mass murders for merely defending the Second and First Amendments, for logically, rationally pointing out taking away American’s fundamental rights will not stop violence, shouldn’t people who advocate the death of republicans/normal Americans, or in the case of Harris, who so blithely joke about committing political assassination, be held to the same standard?  Doesn’t Harris have blood on her hands?  Isn’t she a terrorist?  Isn’t she a genocidal monster?  Might not her words inspire some crazy person to attempt political assassination, just as Leftists scream the words of normal Americans do?

Consider that virtually all the political violence in America is committed by leftists.  Consider the chagrin and disappointment of leftists and the Media–I know, one in the same–when the latest school/mass shooter turns out not to be a white male, card-carrying Republican NRA member.  The horror.

Consider if it’s a good idea to surrender Second Amendment rights to people like Harris.  Surely she, and the moral, intellectual giants like her are serious statesmen whose only thought is for the welfare of all Americans?  Surely she can be trusted?

Finally, consider in a time when Donald Trump is declared unfit for the presidency for actually keeping his campaign promises, for actually following the Constitution, for working to limit the power of government by returning power to the people, and for actually working to restore the rule of law, whether a former state attorney general and current US Senator who so much as jokes about assassinating the President, the Vice President and the Attorney General–there’s irony for you–is fit to be a US Senator.

Oh. That’s right.  She represents California.  That’s to be expected.  I get it.

Pre-Posting Update: Immediately following the weekend fire in an apartment in Trump Tower that killed an elderly man and injured firefighters, noted progressive and lover of mankind David Crosby wrote, and quickly deleted:

These are the people who want to have a “dialogue” with us. They’re the morally, intellectually superior, the kind and the forward looking.  They’re on the right side of history, rather like the charming song in Cabaret: Tomorrow Belongs To Me.

That progressives, and particularly US Senators, feel free to say such things is a reflection of the growing proclivity of the Left for violence.  It’s a dangerous time.