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How can it be teenagers are unfit to own the simplest firearm, but eminently qualified to dismantle the Constitution?

The high point—post-Parkland—of anti-liberty/gun political theater took place over the weekend on March 24, most famously in Washington DC, but in a number of other places across the nation. The event was organized and financed by the usual gun control groups, who provided not only logistical support, but transportation, and breathlessly enthusiastic media coverage.

 A 19 year-old college student told Fox News all about it:

This is such a unifying experience, it’s truly nonpartisan’ said Ellie Boan, 19, a freshman at the University of South Carolina. She plans to attend a sister march in Columbia on March 24.

‘Not everyone necessarily agrees how [gun reform] should happen. But different viewpoints are coming together and all agree that no American child should feel unsafe in school,’ she said.

So much for non-partisan dialogue…

Not everyone agrees how to dismantle the Second Amendment, but everyone agrees—in a non-partisan way, of course—that it must be dismantled. 

Participating in the march later this month is the ‘most effective way to process what I was going through,’ she added. ‘Students are directly telling legislators what they want to be done. I hope that continues.

Boan had no actual connection to Parkland, but must “process what I was going through.” According to Fox, adults are listening:

Perry Bradley, founder and executive director of Building Better Communities, a community outreach organization in South Carolina, is helping organize the sister march in Columbia that will end on the steps of the city’s statehouse.

Students, local lawmakers and state representatives are slated to speak at the event.

‘Parkland opened our eyes,’ Bradley told Fox News. ‘Adults are embracing what kids have to say [about gun reform].

Some are, because they see an opportunity for political power and to push through emotion-driven legislation that no sane legislator would normally support. Rational people are considering “what kids have to say” substantially more objectively.

I think that we have finally reached a breaking point in America,’ 21-year-old Antwon Stephens, who plans to participate in a sister march in Atlanta, told Fox News. ‘Both sides are tired of the answer being nothing.’

Stephens, who said he comes from a family who ‘firmly believes in the Second Amendment,’ echoed Boan — he also thinks the March for Our Lives movement presents an opportunity for unity, adding that both sides of the political aisle should work in a ‘non-partisan way’ to understand ‘why things like this keep happening.

Sorry, young Mr. Stephens. Sane adults understand why it’s happening: there is evil in the world. There always has been and always will be. Of course, media fixation on such events, and the resultant sensationalism, helps drive them and produces copycats.

I think it is going to take a whole lot of elbow grease to keep this movement going strong,’ he said. ‘But this movement is most powerful because it’s led by students.

And there we have it, gentle readers. Anti-liberty/gun types agree. They’re counting on kids having ultimate moral authority and hoping to use them as useful idiots to get what they can’t get through reason and the legitimate legislative process. And when their usefulness is used up, these “students” will be discarded, just like all useful idiots manipulated by progressives, such as:

Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit that advocates for stronger gun control, and Giffords, an anti-gun violence group that was started by former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, among other national organizations, are also working with march organizers — either through donations or planning and logistics.

‘Students are making history and demanding that our elected officials protect them. Everytown is proud to help them make their voices heard on March 24, and we look forward to more Americans following their lead to forge meaningful change to our country’s gun laws,’ John Feinblatt,  the president of Everytown, said in a statement after the organization announced its $2.5 million grant to support sister marches around the country.

But this is not a political issue, no sir. We can be certain of that because the gun grabbers tell us so:

School safety is not a political issue,’ a mission statement on the organization’s website reads. ‘There cannot be two sides to doing everything in our power to ensure the lives and futures of children who are at risk of dying when they should be learning, playing, and growing.’

While the activists ‘support the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms, as set forth in the United States Constitution,’ they also have a list of demands, urging members of Congress to pass laws to end the sale of high-capacity magazines, improve background checks and more safety measures.

And of course, an “assault weapon” ban is another of their prominent demands. And did you know, the angry teenager, David Hogg, informed us politicians that take money from the NRA choose death? But this is non-partisan, and they support the Second Amendment.

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace spoke with two Parkland “survivors.”

[Cameron] Kasky said people are not marching to ‘take everybody’s guns away,” and as such people often do, spoke about how his family own guns.

We are not trying to take everyone’s guns away. The NRA wants people to think that. They are fear-mongers. They want to sell weapons by exploiting people’s fears,’ Kasky told ‘Fox News Sunday.’ ‘So the second we want to put common sense regulations on these assault weapons, the NRA [National Rifle Association] will say, ‘They are trying to steal every single one of your guns.’ And people will believe them.

That would tend to be because long experience has taught “people,” that’s exactly what they want to do. Mere logic does the same. If the anti-liberty movement can establish the precedent of banning an entire class of common, popular arms, there are no arms that can’t be banned. As always, these people have no idea what ‘assault weapons’ are, but they certainly want them banned because we have to do something. I suspect none of these kids know the Left actually had a decade long “assault weapon” ban that also banned magazines of greater than ten round capacity. It accomplished absolutely nothing. But since rifles of any kind are rarely used in any kind of crime, that was a foregone conclusion.

Wallace asked Delaney Tarr to comment on the NRA’s suggestion of security guards in schools and armed teachers:

She also slammed Trump’s idea of arming teachers in classrooms, saying highly-trained professionals should be the ones armed with weapons.

‘A teacher’s job is to educate, not defend,’ Tarr said.

I’m sure the parents of future dead children will be terribly grateful their teachers were unarmed, and educating until the very last possible moment rather than defending. Who can possibly imagine college educated people capable of doing both? Young Miss Tarr fails to understand that becoming a police officer does not imbue one with magical powers of marksmanship unattainable by mere mortals. She also doesn’t understand, nor does most of the public, that many police officers are not good with their handguns, nor do they particularly care or need to be. Many citizens—including teachers—are superior to the police in shooting skill.

Ms. Tarr also contradicted the leftists anxious to assure law-abiding American they only want “assault weapons,” and “high capacity magazines,” and… CBS reports: 

Delaney Tarr, one of the student speakers said on Saturday: ‘We will take the big and we will take the small, but we will keep fighting. When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile. We’re not here for bread crumbs. We are here for real change.

No one paying attention for any length of time would be surprised by Ms. Tarr’s intentions.

The Saturday event featured all the expected gun control propaganda. None of their “non-partisan” demands for legislation would have stopped any known school attack. None would affect criminals, unless those criminals suddenly decided to obey only those laws while planning mass murder. Claims to respect the Second Amendment are always followed by “but.” Protestations that they only want to establish a “conversation” or “dialogue” assume their premise—“common sense gun control” is absolutely necessary–must be accepted before a word is spoken, and their only response to opposing views is “shut up,” or “you want to kill children.” That rather tends to shorten conversations.

As always, speakers insisted the American public wants their solutions—all the polls prove it!–ignoring the rather obvious fact that if this were true, the public would have been entirely disarmed decades ago, their protests would be unnecessary, and non-violence and universal love would reign, just as it does in Washington DC, Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, Detroit and other Democrat-ruled cities where the kind of gun control they seek is a reality.

Some are even comparing the “protests” to the civil rights protests. The most obvious difference being the civil rights protests were risking their freedom and lives to secure their rights under the Constitution. Contemporary protestors are risking almost certain free transportation to protests, fawning media coverage, and the unstinting acclaim of progressives everywhere in a brave attempt to dismantle the civil rights of others.

As always, the event organizers claimed attendance out of all relation to reality, as Fox News reports:

Organizers of the March for Our Lives demonstration in Washington, D.C. claimed Sunday that some 850,000 people attended the pro-gun control event, but an imaging company said the turnout was much less.

Virginia-based Digital Design & Imaging Service Inc., which uses aerial photos to calculate crowd sizes, reported the event’s peak crowd size was at 202,796 people around 1 p.m., CBS News reported. The firm said the number’s margin of error is 15 percent.

I’m sure the organizers of these events, the professional anti-liberty/gun agitators, backed by leftist politicians and the leftist media, want what they always want: the total disarmament of the law-abiding public. As always, such people are immune to reason and fact. President Trump is Hitler, but they want the government to have a monopoly on armed force.

I’m equally sure many, perhaps most, of the teenagers involved are well-intentioned, but woefully ill-informed. Virtually none have read the Constitution, I doubt any have read Heller or McDonald. If they read Heller, including the dissenting opinions, they’d have at least an understanding of the issue about which they profess to care so deeply, and perhaps they’d have a bit more appreciation for the liberty they so casually seek to limit.

I’m also sure many of the adults are equally clueless, about the Constitution, and certainly about guns and every possible tactical consideration in dealing with school attacks.

For the thoughtful reader, perhaps the most significant observation is where the Left is involved their “solutions” to any problem always involve much greater governmental power, and the diminishment or outright elimination of individual rights. Because power is their goal, any tactic, including outright lies, is fair game. They can be confident in giving President Trump more power because they believe they are always the ultimate power, as Republicans recently affirmed by giving Democrats everything they wanted in a massive budget bill, effective only until September, of more than a trillion dollars.

The only question remaining is whether the current absolute moral authority movement—remember when mothers had absolute moral authority?—will achieve anything beyond spending leftist dollars and banning bump stocks, which before Las Vegas, had apparently never been used in crimes, and were of little interest to gun owners. I would, by the way, not get very excited about anything related to the Vegas shooting. The truth about that—perhaps even the supposed use of bump stocks—will likely never be known. I’ll have more to say on that situation in the near future.

The Left—which always includes the media–would have us believe that because this time those with absolute moral authority are the teenaged “survivors” of the Parkland attack, even though many, even most were survivors merely by virtue of attending school in one of the many buildings on campus where no one was ever in the slightest danger, they’ll get their fondest gun control desires.

On the other hand, the firearm market remains a buyer’s market. In anticipation of a Hillary presidency, manufacturers built up their stocks as rapidly as possible, but with Trump in the White House, there is a glut of supply, and that trend shows no sign of changing. That does not mean actual Americans can ever think the war won, but it is most likely that despite Leftist whining and cries of moral and intellectual superiority, little (bump stocks) or nothing will change. Soon enough, angry and arrogant teenaged useful idiots will suddenly find themselves facing the horror of merely returning to school day by day, just another pimply teenaged face in the crowd having to deal with all the little frustrations and indignities of high school. The great progressive wave of history will have crashed once again against the immovable rocks of the Constitution (metaphor alert; run for your lives!) and progressives will not be returning the phone calls of children whose brilliance they were, only the day before, praising. Such is the arc of history. Such is the fate of useful idiots.