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As regular readers know, I recently wrote a bit–The Great Tide Pod, Spontaneous, Astroturf Protestabout the near-holy student walkout to protest the NRA, guns, gun owners, Trump, America, and now WalMart. Walmart?! Walmart. Because I’ve already updated that article, I thought it best to add this brief update as a new article. But in that first article, I tried to explain to those without a lick of what is commonly known as common sense, which, as it turns out, is particularly uncommon these days, why it’s a bad idea to let large groups of teenagers out of school, unsupervised, for any reason (and let’s not even think about the idea that students are supposed to learn stuff in school and actually need to be in school to learn it):

*Most teenagers, given the chance, will seize on any pretext to avoid classes, even protests they know nothing about and could care less about. That’s what teenagers do; it’s how they roll.

*Many teenagers delight in doing anything that smells faintly of being anti-establishment and status quo, because revolution, man!

credit: googlestreetview/redelephants

And “unexpectedly,” as Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is fond of saying, a number of socially concerned, morally superior, no doubt eloquent, and surely brilliant youth expressed their moral superiority in ways only such future leaders can at a Chicago Walmart, as Fox News reports in Chicago students allegedly trash Walmart during National School Walkout protest: 

About 60 students from a Chicago high school used their time during the National School Walkout protest to wreak havoc at a Walmart, witnesses say — and police are investigating.

Walmart shoppers and store employees were stunned by the destruction allegedly inflicted by Simeon Career Academy students Wednesday morning, FOX 32 reported.

Hmm. One wonders precisely for what sorts of careers this “academy” is preparing these alleged students? Shoplifting? Theft? Assault? Destruction of property? Disturbing the peace,” perhaps with an overall emphasis on Felony Studies, or if The Simeon Career Academy is particularly woke, perhaps Queer Felony Studies, Feminist Felony Studies, Transgender Felony Studies, or perhaps even Black Queer Feminist Transgender Intersectionality Studies?

These guys jacked up our store pretty good,’ one Walmart employee told conservative news site The Red Elephants. ‘They pounced on cars in the lot, vandalized two of the school buses parked there, threw Gatorade bottles at shoppers, smoke bombs, and we heard gun shots in the parking lot.’

Police are trying to identify between 40 to 60 students who took the five-minute walk from the school and allegedly trashed parts of the store, knocking over product displays, yanking items off the shelves, breaking packages, and stealing small items such as chips and candy.

Ah! Perhaps with an added minor in Jacking Studies?

We are very concerned that a walkout intended to promote peace instead led to vandalism and violence,’ a Chicago Public Schools spokesperson said in a statement.

Peace? I thought the walkout was intended to denounce the NRA, conservatives and normal Americans in general, and people who actually want to allow teachers to protect students, and the one amendment in the Bill of Rights that secures all other Amendments and the entire Constitution? But what do I know? Besides, this whole thing is alleged. Just take the link to the Fox story and you’ll be able to see several alleged videos of the alleged protest in the alleged Walmart, including all manner of alleged crimes, committed by alleged protestors. Allegedly. And wasn’t it nice of the school to drive the kids to Walmart in busses so they could save their vital, eloquent, youthful energy for their in-store protest? Allegedly?

We’ve worked too hard to try to get these national retailers here in our community. And this doesn’t help us. It makes no sense to tear up the community which you call home,” [21st Ward Alderman Hoard] Brookins said.

Oh. It was on the South side of Chicago. Who, working in education, on the South side of Chicago, could have possibly foreseen teenagers allowed to leave school to “protest,” unsupervised, would–allegedly and unexpectedly–misbehave? Everyone knows, particularly on the south side of Chicago, teenagers are religiously interested, at all times and in all ways, in making sense. Allegedly. Alderman Brookins is right about these alleged acts not helping the community, but he, Walmart, and the community, are fortunate the students participating in “a walkout intended to promote peace” didn’t just peacefully torch the place, which is a common mode of peaceful protest in such communities. Allegedly. Just ask Baltimore.

One might be tempted to think me right about the nature of teenagers, and about the lack of adult reason and responsibility involved in allowing kids to “protest” during school hours. After all, I’m sure the Simeon Career Academy will be allowing kids to leave school in the near future to protest in favor of honoring the Second Amendment, or perhaps to hand out pocket Constitutions in “the community” to help everyone become woke to the Founders and their intent, and perhaps to the economic philosophy that makes things such as Walmart possible–allegedly.

So again, what do I, a white, beyond middle aged, high school teacher in Texas, of all places, know about such things? I’m sure that particular Walmart was a terribly oppressive, white privileged place, as all Walmarts tend to be by privileged white corporate policy, and the alleged students were entirely justified in peacefully, and allegedly, trashing the place.

Still, it’s really a shame no adults responsible for their student’s behavior–allegedly–during the school day could possibly have predicted such alleged behavior when the kids swore, I’m sure, they were going to peacefully protest. Allegedly. Why, if those youngsters were kept in school, you know, learning and stuff, it’s entirely possible that Walmart would not have been trashed. Allegedly.

Oh, and why are Leftist-organized protests such cesspools of violence and criminality? Allegedly.  This may be why some people can’t have nice things–like Walmart.  Allegedly.