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Pity the anti-trumpers and even shed a single tear of pity for Leftists in general. A bit more than a year into President Trump’s first term in office, his accomplishments are many, great, and virtually all fulfill campaign promises. In this, and much else, he has proved himself to be anything but a normal, retail politician. Thank God.

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Consider this from Roger Kimball at American Greatness (the very name of the site must drive progressives to distraction):

We long ago passed through the stage where the antics of ‘The Resistance’™ seemed merely comic to the stage where they are merely pathetic. What, after all are they resisting? The results of a free, open, democratic election in which their candidate lost. On the one hand, we have Trump’s judicial appointments, his attack on prosperity-sucking regulation, his emancipation of America’s energy industry, his enforcement of America’s immigration laws, his tax cuts, his strengthening of America’s military, not to mention his success in bringing unemployment down and economic growth and consumer confidence up. On the other hand, we have the repeated warnings not to ‘normalize’ a supposedly ‘dictatorial,’ xenophobic, racist reality-TV star.

The irony is, despite his sometimes provocative tweets and off-the-cuff remarks, Donald Trump is governing more ‘normally’ than any president since Ronald Reagan. As his Chief of Staff John Kelly noted last fall, Trump’s agenda is to do ‘what’s good for America.

And so he has. Despite progressive cries that Mr. Trump is destroying the Constitution, everything he has done has been a restoration of the Constitution and the rule of law, his undoing of Barack Obama’s “pen and phone” imperial and unconstitutional edicts being a case in point. One may be sure of this because virtually every significant action he’s taken, such as rescinding Obama’s unconstitutional DACA executive order, has attracted the lawfare of progressive attorneys general, and the assent of progressive federal judges, until the Supreme Court again intervenes to restore constitutional governance.

Pity Bill Kristol, reduced to the role of cruise director, and George Will, Never-Trumpers both, self-consigned to the outer reaches of conservative media. One might argue they are representative of noble, movement conservatives of an intellectual bent, whose rejection of President Trump is based on his failure to formulate and continually espouse a consistent and coherent conservative intellectualism, an eloquent and nuanced governing philosophy. One might also argue their biggest gripe with Mr. Trump is he’s not one of them, and worse–for them–doesn’t care what they think.

Many are panicking at some of the things President Trump said at a recent meeting of congress critters and others. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Trump is going to go for some gun control ideas. If we’ve learned one thing this first year, it is that one should pay relatively little attention to what Mr. Trump says in the battlefield preparation/pre-deal making phase. What matters is what he does. Post Parkland, he has consistently said he wants teachers to be armed, and one can probably count on that. Mr. Trump has done something absolutely unprecedented: he’s kept his campaign promises, and has been solidly, even surprisingly, conservative:

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A substantial tax cut, giving operational control to our commanders and troops in the field, which has resulted in the near obliteration of ISIS. He’s recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and restored our relationships with our allies, and let our enemies know there is a price to be paid for tugging on Superman’s cape. He’s restoring our missile defense and that of our allies, and most recently, is selling Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine (that doesn’t seem to fit the collusion narrative terribly well).

His approach to North Korea is to treat them like the dangerous, rogue state they are, an enemy of all democracies, and Mr. Trump actually understands the Chinese–and the Iranians, of all people–are not our friends. He has attacked Syria with cruise missiles, is giving less money to the UN, and more to our military, and is effectively reforming the VA. Withdrawing from the phony Paris Climate Accords was brilliant, and for a change, in America’s interests. Most importantly thus far, Mr. Trump has made a good, and utterly unprecedented beginning at rolling back unnecessary, abusive and expensive regulations, and then there is Neil Gorsuch.

All this and more in one year, with an unabashedly partisan and actively hostile media, repeatedly lying and constantly attacking him, The Resistance plotting against him, Democrat attorneys general and other communists suing him for his legitimate and constitutional exercise of his executive powers, Congressional Democrats losing their minds on a daily basis, and constant babbling about impeachment, because Trump! Because 25th Amendment (those whining about this amendment clearly have never read it)! Because collusion! Because Russia! Because obstruction! Because crazy! Because Twitter! Because because!

Mr. Trump’s appearance at Davos was triumphant. The media’s lies in trying to minimize his popularity and impact were quickly exposed as lies; he was a rock star. It appears other nations, as much as they nip at America’s ankles, like real leadership and manhood. Mr. Trump recently said he would have run to the sound of gunfire at Douglas High School, armed or not. The media and leftists (I know: I repeat myself) mocked the very idea, but as Don Surber reports, Mr. Trump is not a mom-jean wearing girly bike riding mouthpiece

Our friends at Reddit_The_Donald dug out an old newspaper clip from November 20, 1991 (when the New York Daily News was sane) that showed Trump stopped a guy from beating another man with a club.

Trump was riding around Manhattan in his limo with his girlfriend, and later wife, Marla Maples. He saw a guy beating another guy. Trump told his driver to pull over. Maples did not want him to get involved.

But he did.

Trump told James Rosen of the Daily News, ‘The guy with the bat looked at me, and I said, ‘Look, you’ve gotta stop this. Put down the bat.’ I guess he recognized me because he said, ‘Mr. Trump, I didn’t do anything wrong.’ I said, ‘How could you not do anything wrong when you’re whacking a guy with a bat?’ Then he ran away.’

There were witnesses, including Kathleen Romeo, who told the newspaper that when he emerged from his limo, the crowd cried, ‘There’s Trump

In the finest New York City tradition, apparently none in the crowd did anything to help the victim before Trump’s intervention.

Weeks earlier, his 79-year-old mother was attacked but bread deliveryman Lawrence Herbert chased the mugger down and apprehended the 16-year-old thug.

Trump then wrote a check that saved Herbert’s home from foreclosure. Trump by then was familiar with not being able to meet a loan payment.

One wonders why the media never managed to report on this?

What Will, Kristol, the Media, all progressives, the Never Trumpers, and everyone in opposition to the normals–the God and gun clinging denizens of Flyover Country, deepest, darkest red America–are seemingly unable to understand is Mr. Trump has a consistent, often spoken, and very clear conservative philosophy: Make America Great Again. There are even hats, t-shirts and bumper stickers. A part of making America great is honoring the presidential oath of office: protecting and defending the Constitution. Thus far, Mr. Trump has taken no unconstitutional steps. To the contrary, he is working every day to restore the rule of law. That’s why Leftists are so desperate to attack him and drive him from office.

Another essential element of Mr. Trump’s philosophy is putting America–and Americans–first. That’s why he expects to enforce our immigration laws, and why he disagrees with those much more interested in protecting illegal alien criminals than their American victims. President Trump is clearly working to take care of Americans. he understands them. He knows what it is to work hard for long hours, and to take care of his people, the people he cares about. That’s why we can take him at his word when he says he wants teachers to be armed, the mere mention of which makes leftist heads explode. Mr. Trump wants to protect teachers and the students they protect.

President Trump at Davos
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Sure Donald Trump is a bit coarse. Sure he’s brash and outspoken. But that’s why he was elected, that and most Americans are tired of slick-tongued, jelly spined, lying politicians who put everyone and everything but America and Americans first. They wanted a real American, warts and all.  Mr. Trump surely has an ego, but consider, gentle readers, the egos of so-called conservatives unable to admit they were wrong about Mr. Trump. So caught up are they in their delusions of purity, they’d rather support progressivism than support the most effectively conservative, constitutional president in modern memory.

Pity, that.