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I’ve never been a regular watcher of late night talk shows. I did, occasionally, watch The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, very occasionally tuned into the Letterman Show in its earlier days when Letterman was actually funny, and very rarely saw Leno, but when late night talk began to take an overtly, and particularly nasty, turn to the left, that sealed its doom at The Manor.

Normal Americans, however, are fair-minded, and believe in redemption. They are willing to give those that belittle and insult them a second chance, until they, like Jimmy Kimmel, demonstrate themselves manifestly unworthy of it, as Townhall.com reports:

Jimmy Kimmel made an appearance over the weekend with former Barack Obama speech-writer, Jon Favreau, on a panel discussion for Favreau’s podcast ‘Pod Save America.’ As reported by IJR, Favreau’s wife tweeted out that Jimmy Kimmel said, ‘It just so happens that almost every talk show host is a liberal and that’s because it requires a level of intelligence.

Some years ago, I recall a college professor–I’m afraid I can’t find that reference; no doubt due to my lack of intellectual acumen–explaining why there are so few conservatives among the various faculties: conservatives are just too stupid to teach college.  Responding to a recent survey finding Democrats outnumber Republicans in college faculty by a 12:1 ratio, University of North Carolina Professor William Snider, writing in The Charlotte Observer, kindly explained why this is so at his august institution of higher political correctness: There’s no bias in their hiring.  We know that because he said so, and he’s a liberal, thus absolutely intellectually and morally pure. Republicans are just anti-science, and dumb, too.

So if we are not actively searching for Democrats among job applicants, why is the ratio of party affiliation so lopsided? One reason is the anti-science attitude adopted by many rank and file Republicans and supported by some Republican leaders. [skip]

More relevant is Republican positions on climate science.

As we all know, the science is settled. Never mind that the very nature of science requires nothing be settled, but that doesn’t matter because republicans.

The sad fact, gentle readers, is these people not only believe this, it’s their motivating, governing philosophy.  How torturous life must be for them, superior beings forced to live amongst the dim.  The horror.  Were we not so mentally challenged, we might pity them.

One thing is certain: we’re probably too stupid to figure out how to find Kimmel on the TV.  Pity.