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How far is too far?

After a year of concerted effort, the appointment of a special prosecutor, multiple congressional investigations, and more investigative effort than heretofore ever expended by the Lamestream Media, there remains no proof whatever of “collusion” between President Trump and any Russian, including Boris and Natasha. One might observe that “collusion” is not a crime, but that’s beside the point. Let us, as I often write, gentle readers, review:

FBI Director Comes trying to explain Hillary Clinton

*The former FBI director, James Comey, gave secret, perhaps classified, documents to an academic friend with the understanding he’d leak them to the press, which he did. Comey has admitted this, and admitted he did it in the expectation a special prosecutor would be appointed to pursue President Trump, who fired Comey.

*The special counsel—Robert Mueller—was unlawfully appointed. Mueller is a former FBI Director and close personal friend of Comey.

The Justice Department did not, as the pertinent special-counsel regulations require, identify specific crimes it suspected had been committed by Trump-campaign officials. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein disclosed no factual predicate calling for a criminal investigation from which Trump’s Justice Department would be ethically required to recuse itself.

As former Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy explains, the Department of Justice—the Sessions Department of Justice—violated the law in appointing Mueller. Instead of investigating a crime, Mueller was charged with investigating a man: President Trump. This is reminiscent of Lavrentiy Beria, head of the Secret Police under Stalin, who said “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Robert Mueller
credit: youtube

*Mueller has appointed an enormous staff of deputy prosecutors, virtually all of whom are blatantly Democrat partisans, many having clear and compelling conflicts of interest.

*The Fusion GPS Trump Dossier has fallen apart. As David Harsanyi writes in The New York Post,  we know it was the Clinton Campaign and the DNC that commissioned the dossier. We also know that the principles in the production of the Dossier, Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele have been consistently and steadily “walking back” their assertions about the veracity of the dossier:

In his deposition in a libel case late last year, however, the former spy says it was merely ‘possible’ that collusion had taken place and the dossier reflects ‘limited intelligence.

It is also possible I am a three-headed space alien from the planet Mongo, here because Mongo needs women.” Anyone believing that typifies “limited intelligence.”

*Many Obama Administration officials, people like UN Ambassador Samantha Power, were given improper, illegal access—unmasking–to the names of Americans. Such access had nothing to do with their jobs, and was given them in furtherance of a domestic, political espionage scheme.

*FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, who has major conflict of interest problems, and who has been revealed to be involved in what seems to be an anti-Trump conspiracy to deny Trump the presidency has suddenly decided to retire. However, his testimony before Congress was revealing. McCabe claimed the dossier to be valid, but admitted the only thing the FBI had managed to verify was that Carter Page, a man with virtually no connection to the Trump Campaign, traveled to Moscow. On that trip, Page was not representing the campaign, and his trip was no secret, being widely publicized by Page himself.

*Former FBI counterintelligence head Peter Strzok was demoted when it was revealed he and his FBI mistress were engaging, apparently with McCabe, in an overt effort to actively work against candidate Trump, leaving behind substantial e-mail evidence of their plotting.

*Former high-ranking DOJ official Bruce Ohr was demoted after it was discovered he repeatedly met with Fusion GPS operatives, and his wife worked for Fusion GPS.

*The FBI and DOJ, at the highest levels, conspired against candidate Trump, and did everything they could to aid Hillary Clinton, as McCarthy explains:

The DOJ and FBI, having dropped a criminal investigation that undeniably established Hillary Clinton’s national-security recklessness, managed simultaneously to convince themselves that Donald Trump was too much of a national-security risk to be president.

*Now comes independent verification that the DOJ and FBI used the dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign, and likely, the administration after the election. We also know select members of Congress have seen the documents that may confirm the DOJ and FBI used the dossier as justification to spy on Americans.

What’s going on? I’ve mentioned only some of the incredible, unprecedented crimes involved. There is no question presidential campaigns do opposition research. While some of it may be sleazy, it is rarely illegal, and it dare not involve individuals working for, to say nothing of the leadership of, agencies of the federal government. There are federal laws against that to prevent precisely what is apparently going on.

There is a great deal known only to select members of Congress, and a very great deal more, in e-mails, other documents, and potential testimony yet to be known. But considering only what we do know, it appears at the highest levels of the FBI and Department of Justice, and surely in the Obama Administration, that even before it became obvious that Trump could win, the US Government, in concert with the Clinton Campaign and Democrat National Committee, financed a false dossier to be used to obtain a FISA warrant or warrants. The purpose was thinly veiled legal cover for an unlawful spying operation, designed to elect Hillary Clinton and deny Donald Trump the presidency. After Trump won, the shell-shocked Democrat criminals immediately decided to use the dossier in an attempt to claim Mr. Trump “colluded” with unnamed Russians to deny Clinton her rightful prize.

Perhaps some Clintonistas and Obamites even believed that fairy tale. So blinded were they by Clinton’s brilliance and the opportunity to use the next eight years to establish permanent Democrat rule, building on Barack Obama’s unlawful fundamental transformation of America, they couldn’t imagine how Trump could have won absent some kind of dirty deeds. So the Russians somehow rigged the vote—until it became so obvious that couldn’t possibly have happened, they quit saying that. But Trump! Collusion! After a year, they’re beginning to stop saying that too.

So we are left with the wreckage of public confidence in the FBI, the DOJ—few but Kool-Aid drinking Democrats ever trusted the Obama Administration—our electoral process, perhaps in our constitutional republic. This is extraordinarily dangerous.

It is dangerous because progressive hate “normal” Americans. They actually, truly, really, really hate them, with an unhinged rage that drives them to use any means to destroy–and not figuratively–their perceived enemies.

It is dangerous because Americans can no longer trust any Democrat Administration. I know what you’re thinking, gentle readers, we never could, but this is a new level of corruption, a level that threatens America’s existence like never before.

It is dangerous because we can no longer trust the FBI, including the highest levels of the Bureau, and certainly many rank and file agents, lawyers, and others working for the Bureau. They took illegal orders and carried them out, orders they had to know were illegal. Some may have done it because they knew to refuse might end their careers, others because they were more than glad to do it. Some simply hated Donald Trump. Some believed it their job to decide the nature of the government for which they worked. Some were merely power mad and wanted to be as close to the seats of power as possible. The reasons are of secondary importance; of primary importance is they did it. They betrayed the public’s trust. They crossed a line that once crossed might never again be made whole.

We can believe that most FBI employees are honest women and men, people who take seriously their duty to uphold and defend the Constitution, to protect our constitutional republic against all enemies foreign and domestic, and we’re probably right in that belief. But some number of them are clearly corrupt. Some number are clearly willing to participate in coups. Some absolutely cannot be trusted. What portion might that be? Five percent? Ten percent? More? Any portion is sufficient to render the entire agency and everyone working there fundamentally untrustworthy. If an FBI agent comes to our door, how can we know if they’re one of the honest 90% or the corrupt 10%? How can we be comfortable in talking with an FBI agent at all?

It is dangerous because the Department of Justice cannot be trusted. Just as with the FBI, its leadership has proved itself utterly corrupt, dedicated only to preserving and defending the Democrat Party and Progressive ideals. Just like the FBI, some of its high ranking, and rank and file, prosecutors and other employees have shown themselves to be utterly corrupt and willing to participate in coups.

It is dangerous because federal employees in a multitude of agencies had to be involved in the plotting and execution of what can only be described as an ongoing coup attempt against a lawfully and honestly elected President of the United States. But make no mistake gentle readers, while Donald Trump is the object of their venom, it is us, but unfathomable, insignificant normal that elected him they violently hate and wish to harm.

They surely would have believed if Hillary Clinton were crowned, there would be no investigations, no consequences. They surely would have expected under a Clinton regime, they’d be rewarded for subverting the Constitution. They would have understood with the FBI and DOJ completely corrupted, they would certainly never be prosecuted regardless of the nature and number of their crimes. And then Trump was elected and the distractions and cover-ups began. One can only imagine the conspirator’s panic. We’re seeing some of it today.

Will we ever learn the whole truth? Unlikely, but it’s possible to learn some significant portions of it. If Democrats take the House of Representatives in 2018, to say nothing of the Senate, it’s very unlikely we’ll ever learn anything beyond what is known today.

Even if they don’t, the Congress might decide to release only the minimum possible. If the public ever knew the whole truth, they’d not only demand things be fixed so it could never happen again, they’d throw a great many Congressmen and Senators out on their taxpayer-widened posteriors. Our Congress is more than satisfied to make no difficult choices, take no difficult votes, and do as little as possible. They’re more than happy to pawn off their responsibilities on the administrative state. That’s worked well, hasn’t it?

It’s also dangerous because if Congress does not do whatever is necessary–like doing their jobs—to restore trust in the federal government and federal law enforcement, American’s only recourse will not be a virtue signaling, vagina costume, pussy hat-wearing, pajama boy and girl resistance, but revolution. We have some experience at that.

Am I being radical? Alarmist? The enemies of “normal” Americans hate us. They hate us with a burning, demented passion. That hatred has carried America to the point our federal government has tried—is still trying—to carry out a coup. Should they accomplish that, at what would they stop to subjugate us? What would they consider morally wrong in forcing all to worship at the altar of social justice/progressivism?

They’re just hateful and rage-blinded enough to push it too far, and “too far” is a great deal closer than it used to be.