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Among the most disgusting and bizarre spectacles of the age of Obama wasan American cargo plane delivering pallets of cash, presumably in unmarked bills of small denominations, to the mad mullahs of Iran as part of the Iran “deal.” The President of the United States, the first anti-American, pro-islamist POTUS, actually paid off a criminal, genocidal terrorist regime in exchange for a deal that ensured Iran would get nuclear weapons.

credit: national review.com

Mr. Obama, the dim-witted John Kerry, and the even denser Ben Rhodes, as well as other moronic minions like Susan Rice, claimed the deal actually prevented Iran from getting nucs. This is rather hard to reconcile with the fact Iran has not allowed international inspectors in to verify any portion of the deal, and has loudly and arrogantly proclaimed it will never do so.

Media lackeys of the Obamites have maintained the fiction that Iran’s headlong rush to nuclearization has been halted, ignoring the fact the deal, after a decade, removes all supposed strictures on their nuclear desires. Ignored too is the reality Iran is, day by day in its underground bunkers, proceeding with nuclear research and production. Anyone that actually believes the foremost state sponsor of terror in the world, the nation responsible for the deaths of countless Americans, the nation ruled by Islamist madmen that believe it their purpose in life to spark a conflagration that will fulfill genocidal Islamist prophecy, would allow anything to get in their way is obviously the kind of person that would think sending pallets full of cash to Iran, like some kind of subhuman drug cartel kingpin, a good thing, and a step toward world peace.

We have also recently discovered that in single-minded pursuit of the Iran deal, Obama shut down our law enforcement efforts against Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy terrorist barbarians pointing hundreds of thousands of rockets and missiles at Israel. Hezbollah, an Islamist nest of vipers perhaps even more deranged than the Iranians, and thus a natural Iranian ally, has long been involved in international drug running and money laundering to finance its goal of wiping Israel, and all infidels, off the map. Obama’s media lap dogs, responded predictably:

Days after the news broke, in fact, neither NBC News, ABC News nor CBS News — whose shows can boast a collective 20 million viewers — had been able to find the time to relay the story to its sizeable audiences. Other than Fox News, cable news largely ignored the revelations as well.

Most major newspapers, which have been sanctimoniously patting themselves on the back for the past year, couldn’t shoehorn into their pages a story about potential collusion between the former president and a terror-supporting state.

That’s not to say none of them covered the story:

Even when outlets did decide to cover the story, they typically framed it as a he-said/she-said. ‘Politico Reporter Says Obama Administration ‘Derailed’ Hezbollah Investigation,’ reads the NPR headline. Did Josh Meyer of Politico say something about Obama or did he publish a 14,000-word, diligently sourced, document-heavy investigative piece? If you get your news from NPR, you’d never know.

Fact is, the Drug Enforcement Agency began its classified investigation (called Project Cassandra) into Hezbollah in 2008. It found that the Iranian proxy had laundered nearly a half a billion dollars and was moving cocaine to the United States. According to Politico, the Obama administration not only threw obstructions in front of investigators but failed to prosecute major players in the enterprise.

All this in pursuit of a foreign policy “legacy.” Obama and his criminal sycophants will have a legacy indeed. Over the next few years, we’re going to be discovering, in a steadily increasing torrent, just how lawless and destructive to America and the rest of the civilized world, Barack Obama and his willing enablers really were. Perhaps if President Trump gets rid of the pathetic Jeff Sessions and replaces him with a man of integrity and courage–not Beltway integrity, but flyover country integrity–people who very much deserve to be in supermax prisons will have their day in court, and we’ll discover just how great a disaster Barack Obama was, and just how glad we are Hillary Clinton is not POTUS.

In the meantime, be glad, gentle readers, that Donald Trump is President. Perhaps he’s a bit rough around the edges, but that’s precisely the kind of roughness needed in a world of barbarians desperate to be at our gates. Take comfort in his tweets that demonstrate actual American leadership, and take this link to Scott Johnson at Powerline, where you’ll be able to see a video message in support of the Iranian people from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, our ally, a real leader, and a real, not rhetorical, champion of Democracy and human rights, everything Barack Obama never was.

Take the Powerline link and compare the comments of Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu with the comments that follow, and once again, in this New Year, give thanks these anti-American, anti-liberty, anti-civilization useful idiots are no longer in control of our government. Resolve that their like will never again seize the levers of power.

Because being quiet the last time Iranian tried to overturn their murderous government worked so well.

Right. An Iranian moment. Let the Mullahs torture, rape and murder their way to a peaceful, internal solution that respects the Mullah’s right to murder their own people and to international genocide. And humility?! John Kerry?!

Thus sayeth the self-imagined genius who manipulated the Press to praise the Iran deal, obviously not a difficult matter: 

All these newspapers used to have foreign bureaus,’ he said. ‘Now they don’t. They call us to explain to them what’s happening in Moscow and Cairo. Most of the outlets are reporting on world events from Washington. The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.’

Rhodes set up a team of staffers who were focused on promoting the deal, which apparently included the feeding of talking points at useful times in the news cycle to foreign policy experts who were favorably disposed toward it. ‘We created an echo chamber,’ he told the magazine. ‘They [the seemingly independent experts] were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.

We’ll be fortunate indeed if Iranian mushroom clouds don’t rise over Tel Aviv and Washington DC. Leadership: accept no substitutes.