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As regular readers may recall, I am a history buff. I very much enjoy reading in this discipline, particularly American history. That’s why one of my favorite books is Dave Barry Slept Here, a brilliant parody of history textbooks, which I commend to you, one and all.

Another bit of historical reading I enjoy is Barry’s annual look back at each preceding year. I flatter myself to imagine I am, upon occasion, funny, but Barry is a true master. Consider these excerpts from this year’s look back at 2016:

Meanwhile the big emerging journalism story is the Russians, who, according to many unnamed sources, messed with the election. Nobody seems to know how, specifically, the Russians affected the election, but everybody is pretty sure they did something, especially CNN, which has not been so excited about a story since those heady months in 2014 when it provided 24/7 video coverage of random objects floating in the Pacific while panels of experts speculated on whether these objects might or might not have anything to do with that missing Malaysian airliner. You can tune into CNN anytime, day or night, and you are virtually guaranteed to hear the word ‘Russians’ within 10 seconds, even if it’s during a Depends commercial.

The most exciting Russian angle concerns an alleged ‘dossier’ that allegedly alleges that Trump allegedly paid some alleged Russian prostitutes to allegedly urinate on an alleged bed that had allegedly been used by President Barack Obama during an alleged visit to Moscow. There appears to be no evidence whatsoever that this allegation is true, but since it involves two U.S. presidents AND prostitutes AND urine, many major news outlets — you know who you are — have no journalistic alternative but to run with it.

Barry is entirely correct. CNN has become a parody of a news network. But then again, so have congressional Republicans become a parody of conservatism:

Republican congressional leaders, determined to avenge their humiliating defeat at the hands of Obamacare, emerge after months of closed-door meetings with a new, smarter repeal strategy. The GOP, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch ‘Mojo’ McConnell, is cagey about the details, but sources say the plan involves a ‘high cliff’ and a ‘really heavy safe,’ which the Republicans plan to purchase from the Acme Corp.

And speaking of idiots, I recently noted that Hillary Clinton’s approval rating is at a high of 36%, a development I marked by sagely commenting “who cares?” Barry has pretty much the same opinion:

Speaking of excitement, Hillary Clinton, responding to the insatiable public appetite for reliving the 2016 election over and over and over, comes out with her new tell-all book titled ‘You Idiots,’ in which she candidly reveals that she was in fact a superb candidate and charming human who totally would have won the presidency had it not been for — among many other unfair obstacles that were unfairly placed in her path — James Comey, the Russians, the so-called ‘Electoral College,’ Bernie Sanders, the Democratic National Committee, Anthony Weiner, sexism, Barack Obama, the media, her incompetent campaign staff and the frankly unacceptable stupidity of the American public. Next stop: 2020!

By all means, gentle readers, take the link and read Barry’s entire take on last year. We could all use a good laugh to get 2018 off to a decent start.