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What’s the real scandal? 

It has recently been reported, by talking heads with faces nearly as dour as those displayed on election eve when they were forced to report Donald Trump won the presidency, Hillary Clinton’s popularity has plummeted. Fox News, not nearly so dour as the legacy media, reports: 

Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings have hit an all-time low, reflecting the sustained scrutiny the former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee continues to face even after her election loss.

According to a new Gallup Poll measuring Clinton’s favorability from Dec. 4 through Dec. 11, Clinton’s rating is down 5 points since June — to just 36 percent. Her unfavorable rating is at 61 percent, a new high.

President Trump’s numbers are in about the same place. The survey show Trump’s favorability at 35 percent during the same time period.

Trump has suffered from low approval ratings for most of the year. But it is surprising for a candidate not in office to see such a ratings slump.

Clinton, despite her loss, has dominated the headlines for months — going on a book tour and the interview circuit to promote her campaign memoir, ‘What Happened.”

To this shocking news, I can only reply: “who cares?” The news that Clinton is not popular ranks right up there with similar revelations that bears play in the woods, the Pope is Catholic, and it’s dark outside at midnight. Hillary Clinton lost. She’s done enough damage. The only thing I want to hear about her is she is about to be charged with multiple felonies, along with all of her cronies, in and out of government. Oh, and wouldn’t it be grand to see video of Bill’s multiple trips on the Lolita Express, you know, the trips with underage girls where he left the Secret Service behind? Care to bet such things don’t exist? And speaking of that…

Those that have been paying attention, as I know you do, gentle readers, know that the much-hyped ”Trump Dossier” was commissioned and paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democrat National Committee. There is mounting evidence that elements at the top of the FBI and Department of Justice were intimately involved in that document, leaking it to the press, and likely, using it–a snake’s nest of lies and innuendo–in an application for a warrant under FISA. All of this and more in an attempt to do everything possible to prevent a Trump presidency. We know a warrant was granted, and was apparently used to spy on the Trump Campaign, including the unlawful unmasking of American citizens by people having no business having that information, such as Samantha Power, the Obamite UN Ambassador.

Andrew McCabe
credit: foxnews

In many hours of recent private testimony before Congress, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe apparently testified the only thing in that dossier the FBI was able to confirm was that one Carter Page, a former Navy intelligence officer, had some minimal contact with the Trump Campaign, and traveled to Moscow, not as a representative of the campaign, but to conduct other business, a trip Page publicized, again, not as an agent of the campaign.   Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection has recent information on McCabe and that testimony

Democrats and their wholly owned media subsidiary would have us believe Mr. Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia is the most dire political scandal of all time. Unfortunately for them, after a year of feverish whining and multiple investigations by Congress, the FBI, DOJ, the Democrat controlled media, and one assumes, deep state elements of all of our intelligence agencies, not a scrap of evidence of such a relationship has been found. Despite resistance accusations, Mr. Trump has been anything but a puppet of Vladimir Putin, most recently agreeing to sell such goodies as the best anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainians. In thinking of such things, one should always remember the execrable Barack Obama’s inadvertent hot mic comment that after his second election, he would be more “flexible,” toward Putin’s demands, and so he was. Collusion? Treason? I’ll let you, gentle readers, decide.

If it develops as I suspect it will, the greatest political scandal of all time will be the Clintons, the DNC, FBI, DOJ, Obama Administration, etc. and their attempt to steal an election, and failing that, their continued attempts to sponsor a coup against president Trump. As one might expect, the relationships thus far uncovered are somewhat complex, but less so than one might think, and the invaluable Andy McCarthy, the former federal prosecutor, has the best summary and analysis of what we know thus far. An excerpt from that article:

(1) The Steele dossier was a Clinton campaign product. If it was used by the FBI and the Obama Justice Department to obtain a FISA warrant, that would mean law-enforcement agencies controlled by a Democratic president fed the FISA court political campaign material produced by the Democratic candidate whom the president had endorsed to succeed him. Partisan claims of egregious scheming with an adversarial foreign power would have been presented to the court with the FBI’s imprimatur, as if they were drawn from refined U.S. intelligence reporting. The objective would have been to spy on the opposition Republican campaign.

(2) In June of this year, former FBI director James Comey testified that the dossier was “salacious and unverified.” While still director, Comey had described the dossier the same way when he briefed President-elect Trump on it in January 2017. If the dossier was still unverified as late as mid 2017, its allegations could not possibly have been verified months earlier, in the late summer or early autumn of 2016, when it appears that the FBI and DOJ used them in an application to the FISA court.

(3) The dossier appears to contain misinformation. Knowing he was a spy-for-hire trusted by Americans, Steele’s Russian-regime sources had reason to believe that misinformation could be passed into the stream of U.S. intelligence and that it would be acted on — and leaked — as if it were true, to America’s detriment. This would sow discord in our political system. If the FBI and DOJ relied on the dossier, it likely means they were played by the Putin regime.

John Hinderaker at Powerline also has a new article suggesting some previously unknown players in this developing train wreck. It now appears the Obama Director of the CIA, John Brennan, and Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper were directly involved. Both were among the most political of Democrat operatives, and through them, the CIA, NSA, and likely, every other intelligence asset under their control were brought to bear trying to prevent the election of Donald Trump, and continuing the resistance thereafter. Brennan recently called Mr. Trump a “narcissistic, vengeful autocrat, a fascinating observation from a man who worked for a POTUS that used the IRS and other government agencies against his political enemies, and told the world he could heal the planet and stop the rise of the seas. Equally bizarre is the recent assertion of Clapper that Mr. Trump is an “asset” of Vladimir Putin, despite all evidence to the contrary. Hinderaker notes:

You could say these people are crazy, but a few short months ago they were in charge of the U.S. intelligence community. It seems clear that by the end of 2016 they were collaborating in the DNC/Clinton campaign/Steele/Fusion GPS/FBI/Russia effort to undermine the incoming Trump administration. An obvious question is, how far back did cooperation by CIA and NSA go? Did those agencies corruptly collaborate with Obama’s DOJ in spying on Trump and his associates during the campaign?

Based on what we already know, the DNC/Clinton campaign/Steele/Fusion GPS/Russia/FBI collusion looks like the biggest scandal in American political history. To the extent that the CIA and NSA were also involved, it can only get worse.

Oh, it will get worse, much worse, if the normal justice process is allowed to work as it should, and if honest Americans can be found in the DOJ and FBI to do the jobs they’re sworn to do. Tragically, Obama so corrupted every part of our federal government, that may not be possible. By all means, gentle readers, take the links and read McCarthy, Chastain’s and Hinderaker’s articles.