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I was waiting for this. The supposed resignation of Al Franken, the resignation of John Conyers—all preamble to the main event: the never-ending push to impeach Donald Trump. Fox News reports:

Three women, who previously have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct, banded together Monday to call for a congressional investigation into the president – in what could be an opening effort to shift the sexual harassment spotlight from Congress to the White House.

“In what could be an opening effort…”? I hereby nominate that observation for the understatement of the month.

The women revived their allegations during a press conference and television interview in New York City. [skip]

I ask Congress to put aside their party affiliations and ask that they investigate Trump’s history of sexual misconduct,’ Rachel Crooks said during a press conference in New York City Monday. ‘If they were willing to investigate Senator Franken, I think it’s only fair that they do the same for Trump. [skip]

In terms of resigning, it’s probably the right thing to do. But I can’t imagine he will. I think the congressional investigation is the only thing we can ask for,’ Crooks said.

At least Crooks is sufficiently honest to lay out her intentions. The sexual harassment she experienced? She claimed Mr. Trump once kissed her on the lips:

Rachel Crooks

I was shocked. Devastated. It happened so fast,’ Crooks said earlier Monday on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today.” ‘I wish I would have been courageous enough to be like ‘what’s going on,’ and ‘you need to stop.’…I felt horrible.

Even if we assume Crooks’ story is entirely factual and accurate, “shocked,” “devastated”? Because she was given a single kiss? Where is the inestimable strength women are supposed to possess, the women who can do without men because they’re all toxic? Is this the best Democrats can produce? Maybe this one will be better…

Samantha Holvey

Samantha Holvey, a former Miss USA pageant contestant, alleged that during one pageant, Trump came backstage to where the contestants were in hair and make-up in bathrobes.

‘He lined us up, and I thought this was going to be like a meet and greet, like ‘hi, how are ya, nice to meet you,’ it was not,’ Holvey said on NBC. ‘He was just looking me over like I was a piece of meat, I was not a human being, I didn’t have a brain, I didn’t have a personality. I was just simply there for his pleasure. It left me feeling very gross, very dirty. This is not what I signed up for.

Unless I’m missing something, the entire substance of this allegation is Mr. Trump looked at her. One would think if this were true, the other young ladies that were “lined up,” might be able to testify to similar revulsion and horror. from being gazed at by a man. But that’s not all:

Jessica Leeds

Jessica Leeds, who first told her story during the presidential campaign, detailed her experience on an airplane in the 1970s. Leeds said she was on a flight, and was moved to first class—a seat next to Trump.

She claimed Trump started ‘kissing and groping’ her, and that she eventually moved to the back of the plane.

Again, such a claim against such a high-profile person, even some 30 years ago, should have been witnessed and remembered by others. Even in first class, people are only feet, even inches, from each other, and there are always plenty of flight attendants about.  It’s not like this is the first time such stories, including Leeds’, have been told. Democrats have had substantial time to substantiate these claims, but apparently have been unable. No time frame was apparently provided for Crooks and Holvey’s stories. The White House was not impressed:

These false claims, totally disputed in most cases by eyewitness accounts, were addressed at length during last year’s campaign, and the American people voiced their judgment by delivering a decisive victory,’ a White House spokesperson said in a statement. ‘The timing and absurdity of these false claims speaks volumes and the publicity tour that has begun only further confirms the political motives behind them.

One wonders who is paying for the travel, lodging, promotion and incidental expenses for these women, and whether some of the 16-some women who made similar charges during the campaign will also soon reappear, providing a virtual Greek chorus of condemnation.

We are on dangerous ground. There can be no doubt of the motives of these women and those that are sponsoring them: the removal of a properly elected President of the United states, the nullification of an election. Should Mr. Trump be forced from office, do Democrats imagine they’ll somehow take ultimate power? I know they’re completely unhinged by Mr. Trump’s mere existence, and particularly by his growing success in returning America to rule by the people and the rule of law, but could they imagine they’ll be able to prevent any future Republican from attaining the presidency? Are they truly so besotted with the attainment of power at any cost, and with witless rage, they imagine the half—and likely more—of America that elected Donald Trump, and repudiated them and all they believe, will stand idly by and let that happen? Much of the Republican Congress—The Stupid Party—would, but normal Americans are another matter entirely.

Let’s review: The only “power” Congress has to investigate the president is pursuant to impeachment. Oh, but Bill Clinton was impeached! There’s precedent! He was indeed impeached, but for profoundly stupid and unfit acts while he was in office, the Oval Office, under the Resolute Desk, in fact. One can argue he was also impeached for lying to the American people—and eventually under oath—about his acts, but the articles of impeachment were essentially about obstruction of justice.  Mr. Clinton’s sexual offenses were not a part. Every allegation against Mr. Trump, if one accepts them on face value, amounts to boorish behavior long before Mr. Trump so much as ran for president or had a Resolute Desk under which intern  mentoring might taker place.

Congress could, one supposes, investigate a ham sandwich if it chose, and it could investigate the president merely to harass him, but that would provoke a constitutional crisis among the three co-equal branches of government. Allowing that, why couldn’t the President set up an executive branch tribunal and “investigate” the stuffing out of Congress?  Those would be fertile waters.

While Democrats would love to establish a precedent for endlessly harassing and removing any future Republican elected president, that would sound the death knell of the Republic, which is just what many Democrats want. This can be inferred from their behavior during the Obama Administration, and from his fevered positioning of radical leftist sleeper agents in every agency of the Federal government, in concert with massive land grabs. These acts, however, were merely a hedge against an unimaginable possibility. Many of them truly believed no Republican could be elected, and particularly not Donald Trump. Their wholly owned media propaganda arm even boosted him as a means of damaging Republicans they considered more dangerous, and it backfired. Their dream of putting Hillary Clinton in the White House and sufficiently changing America to make a permanent Democrat majority a certainty, evaporated.


Who can forget their abject horror, their wailing and gnashing of teeth, the evening of the election when media talking heads began to see the handwriting on the wall? Who can forget their shock and denial when Trump’s election was certified and electors refused to turn America into a banana republic? That wasn’t supposed to happen. They planned to deny all Republicans the White House, and the normals denied them utopia! Now they seek to remove Trump by any means necessary to preserve their gains, their inevitable long march through the institutions, and to frantically undo all Trump has accomplished in one short year, which the Media continues to downplay and ignore.

Make no mistake, gentle readers, this isn’t about Trump, though they hate him with a blinding, insane passion. This is about us. The normals. The God and gun clingers of flyover country, the people that dared assert their power under the Constitution and reminded Democrats, in a way they couldn’t ignore—they’ll never accept it–they are the servants of the American people, not their masters. They can’t abide this presumption by people that haven’t attended the right schools, that don’t attend the right parties, and that actually have to work for a living. This is about putting us in our place, about picking our pockets, harassing and punishing us for not recognizing and endlessly praising their intellectual and moral superiority and natural right to rule us.

But what about the women? Their accusations, even if honestly and truthfully made, do not amount to crimes, were committed long before Mr. Trump became president, and are suspicious, in timing, in the extreme. Considering Mr. Trump’s wealth, what ambulance chasing Shylock would not have loved to have sued him on behalf of any of these women, if nothing else, on the theory he might fork over some cash just to make even false allegations go away? Why hasn’t that happened in the 30 or more years since these events have supposedly occurred? Could it be because there was no political advantage in it?

Let us assume, gentle readers, every accusation is accurate as stated. We can then believe, if we chose, that Mr. Trump is a jerk, but should we eject from politics every jerk, particularly for acts committed before they were involved in politics? In many respects, we know a great many politicians are jerks, but they’re our jerks. They vote the right way, which if we are virtuous even as they are not, is in favor of the rule of law and for the survival of the Constitution and our republic. Too many political jerks don’t measure up to that admittedly pathetically low standard, and we don’t toss them out.

There are also compelling reasons to praise virtually everything President Trump has done, even if one doesn’t like him much, as my favorite Bookworm explains.  By all means, take the link and read her brilliant insights.

No woman should be mistreated, and were I to witness someone boorishly pressuring an unwilling woman, I would do what was necessary to stop it, even on a first class flight. But I would expect any woman so treated to be able to deal with reality, and should they be debilitated by the experience, would want to ensure they received proper psychological treatment rather than living a shell of a life for 30 years until their political services were needed.  Of course, as soon as they’ve served their purpose, Democrats will abandon them–they’re good at that–and the Media will abandon as though they were yesterday’s news, which they will be.  They’re good at that too.  Note the sudden, complete disappearance of the women accusing Roy Moore now that’s he’s no longer a political threat.

There are larger issues afoot–I’ll be writing about Democrat’s attempt to keep Trump from Firing Robert Mueller later this week–and Democrats would be wise to remove their TRUMP! blinders and consider the consequences of their actions. They just might get what they’re angling for, and those still around to ponder the error of their ways, won’t like it.