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Real Americans, And Much Prettier Than NFL Special Snowflakes

History is replete with examples of advanced cultures that descended into self-cannibalism, and succumbed to barbarians. Advancement is no guarantee of survival. In the continuing Too Stupid To Survive series, I present several examples that suggest, yet again, American society may be too stupid to survive, Brietbart explains:

A sports reporter recently left his comfortable liberal bubble in New York City, traveled to the interior of the country, and was shocked when he discovered that NFL fans in fly over country really do hate the NFL’s constant anti-American national anthem protests.

Yes, gentle readers, another examples of a reporter venturing into deepest, darkest flyover country and interacting with actual normal Americans, strange beings with unfathomable, retrograde ways. The horror.

The New York-based reporter left the Big Apple for an assignment in Indianapolis, Indiana, and when he got into a cab, the driver asked him why he was in town.

{NFL writer Peter] Schrager proudly spoke up and perhaps fatally over simplified his job, by saying that he worked in the NFL. But that was a major mistake because upon hearing that, the driver pulled over and told Schrager to get out of his cab.

What?! There really are consequences for arrogantly demonstrating contempt for the beliefs of normal Americans? Who coulda thunk it?

You can get out of the car,’ Schrager said the driver told him. ‘The NFL is dead to me. The NFL, the fact that these guys take knees, I will never watch the NFL again,’ the cabbie added according to the Fox reporter.

Note Schrager’s cluelessness:

It was the first time I had a real-life experience face-to-face with somebody who was that charged up about this issue,’ Schager said. ‘And I said ‘Wow, that’s crazy.’ And the more you talk to fans who aren’t on the two coasts, the more you aren’t in blue-state territory, this is a real deal, and it is affecting the bottom line. And the owners are seeing this.

“Wow, that’s crazy”?! I suppose to someone surrounded by leftists, people whose thoughts and beliefs are interchangeable, the thoughts and beliefs of normal Americans are crazy.

Remember, gentle readers, how during the Rathergate affair, the Media arrogantly asserted they were absolutely right and must be believed because they had “layers and layers of editors and fact checkers”? That didn’t work out so well for them then, and as Freedom Outpost.com reports, it’s not working out now:

credit: americangreatness

Wall Street Journal reporter, Eli Stokols, blasted President Donald Trump after this week’s latest Islamic jihad attack in New York, but it was surreal when he spoke of Trump’s calling for the death penalty and Stokols said that Trump didn’t do such a thing when alleged Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock shot hundreds of people. [skip]

‘The unifying thread is the sort of broader politics of Donald Trump, the ethnocentric nationalism,’ Stokols told MSNBC.  ‘He did not react this way when a white person shot dozens of people in Las Vegas. He did not come and say, ‘Well, we need to do an immediate policy change. We need to give this guy the death penalty.’

I suspect President Trump did not call for the death penalty for the Las Vegas shooter, who was white—that’s about the only thing Stokols got right—because he didn’t survive the attack. It’s not customary to advocate for the death penalty for people that are already dead. But Stokols wasn’t the only person calling for post-mortem death penalties, because Trump:

Interestingly enough, GQ magazine did the same thing as Stokols, noting that Trump didn’t call for the death penalty for a man who was already dead.

However, they did retract the article and wrote, ‘An earlier version of this article used a headline noting that Trump had publicly called for the death penalty in the New York attack, but not the Las Vegas shooting in particular. That discrepancy is probably related to the fact that the Las Vegas shooter is dead. We regret the error.

Layers and layers of editors and fact checkers.

And speaking of the Media, Vogue is after First Lady Melania Trump for the unspeakable crime of decorating the White House for Christmas: 

Melania Trump engaging in holiday horrors…

In a year during which many have speculated that Melania hates her husband and does not want to be First Lady at all (a claim that has recently resurfaced), Melania’s White House Christmas could be interpreted as a snowy and desolate manifestation of her own isolation, which begs the question: Is she trying to tell us something? Indeed, some of the decorations brought to life an apocalyptic, barren landscape similar to what some of us imagine lies in America’s future, or the calming white walls of a mental institution. One grim hallway in particular, lined with white branches lit from below, created a shadowy portal into, well, who knows. If Melania’s entrance set to ballet dancers performing the Nutcracker suite tell us anything, she will not be smiling when she gets there.

Of course. Mrs. Trump is arranging Christmas decorations to welcome America to Hell. (cue diabolical laughter)! Here’s one of the gateways to White House hell:

photo credits: power line

And here’s another, which would be particularly diabolical, were it not for the central crèche. But maybe this one…

And can you imagine, gentle readers, the reaction of the elite to this desecration of all that is holy to progressives:

I’m afraid I’m just not getting the problem that so bothers the oh-so -chic and sophisticated journalists at Vogue. But I’m a normal American, so what do I know? I’m sure all of them have had successful careers as top models, businesswomen, and speak five languages, just like Mrs. Trump.

Yet again, American culture, particularly that portrayed by the media, may be too stupid to survive.