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It’s happened again, as Fox News reports:

Four people were shot and killed Tuesday morning when a gunman opened fire at multiple ‘random’ locations in Northern California — including near an elementary school, authorities said.

Ten people — including children — were also wounded in the incident, Fox 2 KTVU reported. The shooter was killed by police officers, marking the fifth person dead in the incident.

Multiple students were wounded at Rancho Tehama Elementary School after being shot, according to Fox 2. It occurred at the time some parents were dropping off their children.

More than 100 police officers are investigating seven different shooting scenes in the area. Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said the shooter was ‘randomly picking targets.’

Brian Flint told Record Searchlight newspaper after the incident that his neighbor was the gunman in Tuesday’s deadly shooting. Flint said the neighbor was acting ‘crazy,’ threatening him and his roommate before stealing his truck.

Flint said his neighbor had been shooting ‘hundreds of rounds’ from large magazines. Investigators have recovered a semi-automatic rifle, in addition to two handguns.

As always with such cases, little is known with certainty as I post this brief article, and one can expect much of what is known to turn out to be wrong. However, there are a few initial observations, which may reasonably be made:

1) California is essentially one huge gun free zone. Concealed carry for honest citizens is difficult at best, impossible for most. The legislature does its best to ignore court decisions and the Constitution.

2) Any “crazy” shooter can reasonably expect to face little or no immediate resistance to his attacks, particularly if he chooses a gun free zone. See #1.

3) What little is known suggests the shooter planned to kill as often as he could, and perhaps his targets were truly random, or perhaps only one or two were planned.

4) None of the usual “gun safety” measures that will be bandied about could have had any effect on the shooter. Even background checks that work perfectly cannot prevent the insane or criminals from obtaining guns, making explosives with household chemicals, or simply running people down with a vehicle. Those planning mass murder could care less about laws that might interfere with their plans.

5) As is always the case, the only thing that can stop armed killers is armed good guys, in this case, the police. This case will almost certainly be found to be different only in that the killer kept driving to additional locations until the police had the chance to confront and kill him. In the Sutherland Springs attack, the evidence suggests that killer also intended to kill others after leaving the church. An armed, prepared citizen stopped him and saved innumerable lives. In most armed attacks, the police have little or no effect, and the killer is able to kill as much as he pleases.

6) I was going to write “I tire of saying this,” but actually, I don’t. Those seeking to steal liberty never tire; neither can we. The only thing that will have any possible deterrent effect, and the only thing that can reliably stop these maniacs as quickly as possible, saving as many lives as possible, is willing, trained, armed citizens, everywhere, at any time.

7) Most Americans will not change their minds; disarming the law-abiding is a recipe for disaster and tyranny. Few trust government.

Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown commented:

Gov. Jerry Brown said in a statement that he and his wife are ‘saddened to hear about today’s violence in Tehama County, which shockingly involved schoolchildren. We offer our condolences to the families who lost loved ones and unite with all Californians in grief.

Not sad enough to see that Californians are able to exercise their fundamental right to self-defense at will.

More when more is known.