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As the nation is focused on the flooding in Houston and the rest of Southeastern Texas,  and as the media does its best to attack Melania Trump for daring to wear high heels in Washington DC (no, she wasn’t wearing them in Texas), much is missing.  Various vacuous anchormen are regularly depicted standing in water, blathering about how they’re standing in water, and its really wet over there–pan camera–and over there too–pan again–and more water is expected, back to you, Ted.

Thanks for that informative report, Steve.  It sure looks wet there.

The real story is Texans themselves, as the photo leading this article demonstrates.  The toxically masculine, white privileged white supremacist/neo-nazi, Trump voter is a member Houston’s SWAT team, one of hundreds tirelessly doing exactly the same duty.  Consider this e-mail sent to my co-author and friend, Bill Scott, from a friend of his in the Houston area:

JJ Watt has raised $1million, HEB has convoys on the move and their Houston locations are opening as flooding allows, HEB mobile kitchens are cooking, being Texas, the Governor pulled out his disaster prep book and followed the checklist early & often. Didn’t let the media grab the narrative and get in the way, either. Our mayor coulda drawn down the reservoirs that are literally overflowing into Buffalo Bayou slowing the reduction of flood water, but he’s an SJW knucklehead. We’re shooting looters Looks like help & aid are flowing in (STS). All the evacuees have nothing but praise for rescue folks…pretty much the anti-Katrina. Only 1% called for help out of 6 million. Everyone else just took care of business.

A variety of social justice warriors have furiously tweeted their disgust at uncivilized Texans shooting looters who are only trying to find a little meat and bread.  But of course!  A massive disaster is a perfect excuse for rampant criminal behavior.  Texans aren’t buying it.  They’re taking care of business, and taking care of their fellow Texans.  Those fellow men that aren’t two-legged predators, that is.  Race, gender, sexual preference, and every victim, tribal class so beloved of progressives doesn’t matter.

That’s Texas.  They don’t whine about injustice and demand the federal government establish a commission to talk about doing something about it.  They take care of it.

Wonder why we’re not hearing that on the news?