As regular readers know, I’m a founding contributor at Wow Magazine, a collaboration of some of the most insightful writers on the Internet–or elsewhere, for that matter.  Here are some current articles at Wow I’m sure you’ll find interesting.  As I’ve often noted, Wow should be on your daily “to read” list (NOTE: I don’t link here to my own articles on WoW.  I post them on SMM the day after they appear on WoW, and the SMM articles are usually updated as new developments crop up):

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes…Sean Spicer is Out, Anthony Scaramucci Is In

Why John McCain Should Learn To Keep His Mouth Shut…For His Own Good

President Trump — like Churchill, the indispensable man

[VIDEO] Scott Adams demonstrates how the Russia collusion smear works

Sweden Faces The Abyss; National Police Head Begs For Help

As Obamacare Repeal Dies Again, A Simple Answer

[VIDEO] Paul Joseph Watson takes on Linda Sarsour

 Border Patrol Union Head Calls Drop In Illegal Migration ‘Miraculous’ Under Trump

The next generation of young conservatives is on YouTube

Looking at the New York Times Opinion Page

Real ‘refugees’? White South Africans facing genocide

Why Trump’s  Pulling Out Of The Mideast Peace Process As DOA For Now

 I Can’t Come Back!  I Don’t Know How It Works!

It never was about gay marriage; it was always about destroying religion