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The latest chapter in the fake news Russia media debacle has already blown up in the faces of the media and Democrats (I know: I repeat myself). Most Americans are so tired of this non-story, they’re ignoring it, but as a brief public service, I thought it worthwhile to explain what we currently know, why that’s likely to be all anyone ever needs to know, and why this, even more than all the other breathless Russia media “scoops,” is already as waxy and stiff as Comrade Lenin.

The Story:

In June of 2016, Donald Trump Jr. received an e-mail from one Rob Goldstone, a publicist for a Russian pop star named Emin. Via Fox: 

Trump Jr. replied in part that if it were true–reasonable skepticism–it was a good thing. Trump Jr. knew Goldstone casually from his family’s involvement with a 2013 beauty pageant held in Moscow and another similar event, where Emin performed. Trump replied that he couldn’t meet soon, but a meeting was eventually arranged, and Trump Jr. Quickly discovered the Russian lawyer that was supposed to have information about Hillary Clinton’s unlawful Russian dealings–Natalia Veselnitskaya–had no such information or anything like it. The meeting lasted about 20 minutes.

Of course, Congressional Democrats have gone berserk, claiming they’ve finally got the goods on some Trump, and proclaiming this is collusion, perjury, and yes, even treason!

In the meantime, Trump Jr. on 07-11-17, released the entire e-mail exchange to the press, and a video of an interview with Veselnitskaya was released wherein she also supported Trump Jr.’s account, and denied having any connection with the Russian government.

The Law:

“Collusion” isn’t a crime. It simply means discussion or agreement, though it generally has a negative connotation. One may collude about any number of things, but mere discussion or agreement on common principles or potential actions isn’t criminal. If one acts on such things, that may constitute conspiracy, which may be a crime. Collusion isn’t.

Perjury generally involves false statements under oath about a material matter. No one has been under oath, and claiming someone said, or didn’t say something you don’t like, or failing to say something that just ought to be true because Trump, is not perjury.

Treason is giving aid and comfort to the enemy of the United States. I trust I don’t need to explain why this matter isn’t remotely close to treasonous.

The Trump Jr. Interview:

Also on 07-11-17, Sean Hannity conducted a lengthy and comprehensive live interview of Donald Trump Junior, featuring the information I included in the previous screenshots. Trump Jr. explained that at the time he received Goldstone’s e-mail, the Russia craze was not yet the topic of every daily media contact, and he was in the midst, for the first time in his life, of a brutal political campaign. He agreed to meet with Goldstone and Veselnitskaya, who he had never heard of or met, as a courtesy to Goldstone because of their acquaintance. He said he would have preferred to conduct such business by phone, but went ahead with a personal meeting at Goldstone’s request. He also said if Veselnitskaya had information about Clinton, who he knew to be involved in shady deals with Russia, he wanted to hear what it might be.

At the meeting however, Veselnitskaya made a few disjointed comments about Clinton, and then began to talk about Russian adoption issues. Trump Jr. explained everyone quickly realized Veselnitskaya had no information at all about Clinton, and concluded the meeting as quickly as he politely could. It likely took about 20 minutes because Veselnitskaya, judging by her sole media interview, does not speak English and required a translator. Trump Jr. noted that as they left his offices, Goldstone apologized to him for wasting his time.

Trump Jr. said he never spoke to Goldstone or anyone else, including his father, about the matter again because there was nothing to discuss. It was 20 minutes of wasted time.

Final Thoughts:

Who to believe; who to believe? Donald Trump Jr. whose freely released e-mails confirm his story, and about whom no known evidence exists to prove him false? Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya, whose only interview also confirms Trump Jr’s story? The media and congressional Democrats determined to destroy Donald Trump and anyone associated with him because TRUMP!

Some suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) have suggested Trump Jr. had a duty to tell the FBI about the meeting, just as Hillary Clinton and her minions told the FBI about every shady contact they had with foreign agents and governments. Oh wait; they didn’t do that, and the media didn’t complain about it either, did it? Guess not. And what’s to tell? Veselnitskaya wasn’t an agent of the Russian government, and had nothing to say about Clinton. The meeting was, like Seinfeld, about nothing. No laws were broken, no secrets exchanged, no collusion occurred, nothing.

Some similarly debilitated have claimed Trump told several conflicting stories about the meeting. The media and congressional Democrats have told several conflicting stories based on a wild variety of media accounts and uninformed commentary. Trump Jr. has told one, on camera, and released all the documentation he has that confirms it, and has promised to fully cooperate with the inevitable congressional hearings, a promise he will surely keep without failing to remember and/or pleading the Fifth.

Why did Goldstone ask for the meeting? Was he lying about the Russian government having information on Clinton, or was he mislead about that? Was Veselnitskaya lying about it, or was she merely angling for a meeting with the connected businessman son of a very wealth and powerful businessman who might be able to help her with an adoption, a tricky situation where Russian children are involved? Was this some kind of sinister Russian Intelligence operation, and if so, to what end? There were at least two of Trump Jr.’s associates present, as well as Goldstone, and likely, Veselnitskaya’s translator. Trump couldn’t be compromised, and absent actual evidence, something in short supply when the media are screaming “Russia!”, he wasn’t.

Or was this a set up? A way to produce the kinds of headlines it is currently producing? Was it a way to keep harassing Donald Trump in the unlikely event he was elected president, or perhaps something to be used as an October surprise? If so, why didn’t the Democrats use it as an October surprise? Arrogance. They were certain they were going to win.

And in the meantime, the Media scream “RUSSIANS!” yet again, even though what didn’t happen in this case is not even remotely evidence of affecting our elections, or even of collusion. But of course, TRUMP! The nation outside the Beltway yawns. The concerns of the political class and most Americans, as opposed to AINOS (Americans In Name Only) are very different.

Pre-Posting Update: Oh goodness, it gets better and better, but not in ways the media would like. Via Powerline: 

Natalia Veselnitskaya is the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump, Jr. at Trump Tower in June 2016. Trump, Jr. met with her because he thought she might have information damaging to Hillary Clinton. Apparently, she had none and wanted to talk instead about the Magnitsky Act, about which more later.

These facts are well known to anyone who has been following the news recently. What’s less known is that Veselnitskaya was not in the U.S. lawfully.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley has written to Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to complain about this and related matters. Grassley informs Kelly and Tillerson.

Paul Mirengoff of Powerline notes Veselnitskaya has connections to other Russian officials/organizations and/or shady organizations and characters working to damage Donald Trump. Interesting. By all means, take the link and read the whole thing.

Remember, gentle readers, who was president in June of 2016? That’s right! Barack Obama. But Democrats are terribly concerned for national security, particularly were Russia might be involved. How could the progressive messiah allow such a thing?

And in a related story, CNN’s Brian Stelter recently explained it all to us. Via RedState: 

I’m sorry to say these people, these trolls, they’re media illiterate. They don’t really know how newsrooms work.

Stelter is referring to us, gentle readers. The problem isn’t a media that is ridiculously, and increasingly arrogantly, biased against America, Americans and western civilization, the problem is all of us. We just aren’t smart enough to understand our intellectual superiors. After all, they went to journalism school.

What we do understand, to the blazing annoyance of the self-imagined media and political elite, is when they’re lying, which means we understand contemporary newsrooms all too well.