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Last week, I posted The Eternal War On Women, Part 1, which outlined the actual advice given women by Progressives who pretend to care deeply about women–by ensuring they’re unarmed. In a sense, this is not a sexist tendency. Progressives want to disarm all law-abiding people because they can never establish their progressive utopia unless no one can resist them with the force of arms. Perhaps some may actually believe disarming the honest and decent is a good thing, their good intentions count for nothing when lives are on the line.

In this follow-up article, we explore the realities women face, and get to experience the views of people that actually care about them as individuals, not as drones of the state. It is entirely appropriate this article is being posted around the 4th of July. We win freedom every day, or it withers.

WOMEN ARE VALUABLE: Every human being, by virtue of being born a human being, has a God-given, unalienable right to preserve their life. Life is, in fact, God’s greatest gift. To fail, or worse, to refuse to protect it is a sin. I know that some think terms like “sin” to be doltish and old-fashioned, but they remain useful because morality and equally old-fashioned terms like “honor” and “obligation” remain useful, and hopefully, always will.

Some may notice, perhaps disagree with, my religious reference. One need not believe in God to believe in the value of individual human lives, but it is certainly much easier to deny that value if one doesn’t. It is likewise easy to believe that State should have the power to determine the value of individual lives if one does not recognize God. For statists, there can be no higher power than the state.

Frivolous people think everyone is valuable because they are unique, because they can write, or paint, or have some special insight or because they espouse politically correct political philosophies. However, those grounded in the ways of the world, of human nature, of existence, know that you are valuable because you are made in the image of the Creator who knew you before you were created.

This concept is so fundamental, so important, that the Second Amendment to the Constitution recognizes and affirms it. The Second Amendment does not establish the right to self-defense and the means to affect it; no law or government can do that. If the Second Amendment did not exist, the unalienable right to self-defense would still exist; government cannot take it away, at least not legitimately.

You are valuable to your family, your spouse, your children. Women are certainly more valuable to society than any thuggish predator cruel enough to beat and rape them or take their life.

But above all remember this: you and only you are ultimately responsible for protecting and preserving your life.

S&W Bodyguard with integral Crimson Trace laser sight

EVIL EXISTS: Even if you are not interested in evil, evil is interested in you. For some, evil is only an abstraction, a debating topic, a means of making fun of the supposedly less-sophisticated and enlightened who aren’t capable of the nuanced thinking that can so easily deny its existence. But in nearly two decades of police service, I have seen evil. I’ve chased it down dark alleys, fought it hand to hand, held it at gunpoint and interviewed it across tables in interviewing rooms.

There are more sociopaths out there than most are capable of imagining. They walk among us every day. You have stood behind them in checkout lines and waiting for movies. They have passed you on sidewalks. You’ve been lucky so far. The Republicans congressmen practicing for a benefit baseball game, and their familiies, to name only one recent example, now have no doubt about the existence of evil.

Living a virtuous life, thinking politically correct thoughts, donating time and money to politically correct causes is no protection against evil. Evil is encouraged by such ineffectual gestures. However, evil can be deterred, and when it attacks, beaten, but it will never be deterred or beaten by those that deny its existence.

One may spend a lifetime without being directly confronted by evil, but there is nothing preventing such a confrontation with anyone at any time or place. Evil is always prepared. Are you?

WOMAN ARE THE WEAKER SEX: Physically, that is. Women are generally smaller, shorter and substantially weaker in upper body strength and overall strength than men. In amateur and professional competitions, 150 pound men do not fight 170 pound men because the difference in weight and size is so great as to render the outcome a foregone conclusion. Size, weight and strength matter, as the average woman quickly discovers in unarmed combat with the average man. The difference is shocking, paralyzing and potentially deadly.

In pursuits where absolute size and strength aren’t disqualifying—such as the shooting sports–women can compete with men on equal footing. But in any unarmed encounter, women are virtually always at a substantial and usually deadly physical disadvantage.

Fortunately, in terms of intellect, determination, courage, strength of character and perseverance, women can counter, even best men. While it is surely true that women tend, for genetic and cultural reasons, not to be as aggressive as men, they can learn how to successfully channel aggression and how to focus their anger into effective attack or defense.

WOMEN ARE UNIQUELY VULNERABLE: Because women are not naturally as aggressive as men, because they are smaller and weaker than men, and because few women think tactically to the extent that they have reasonable situational awareness, predators tend to target women more than men. They reasonably assume that women—even women in groups—will be easy targets. As unpleasant as thinking about this might be, refusing to think about it only plays into the hands of predators.

NON-LETHAL WEAPONS ARE DANGEROUS–TO WOMEN: Predators find things like whistles “safe zones,” “gun free zones,” pepper spray, air horns, Tasers, and a variety of other similar items helpful. Not only are such things ineffective, they do not in any way intimidate predators, and even if used as intended, will generally only annoy or anger predators—at best. People who are so enraged, deranged, drugged, or simply determined to harm others are commonly impervious to such weapons.

If these weapons and related toys don’t work–and one may be reasonably assured they will not–anyone employing them has just convinced their attacker they are out of options and therefore, helpless. And they have likely enraged the brute they have just sprayed with pepper spray who will proceed to beat and rape them with abandon while sniffling and sneezing a bit.

There is no doubt: any woman being attacked, particularly by a stranger, must assume they are in danger of serious bodily injury or death. Believing “if I give him what he wants, he’ll leave me unharmed,” is a foolish and potentially deadly gamble. Anyone making that assumption is actually betting their life. It’s a sucker’s bet (take the next link to see exactly what I mean).

MARTIAL ARTS AREN’T THE ANSWER: There is nothing wrong with studying a martial art such as karate–the martial arts provide many physical and psychological benefits–but the simple fact is that even if one attains a very high level of proficiency, size and weight still matter very much and in most circumstances, will overwhelm any advantage in skill. Studying a martial art may help one to radiate confidence and may enhance situational awareness, which can cause some of the more wary predators to avoid them, but this cannot be counted upon.

Hand to hand fighting is brutal, dirty, brief, bloody and ugly and consists of breaking the will and body of an opponent to whatever ends the winner desires. Both fighters usually end up on the ground. The kind of “fighting” one sees on TV, and in the movies, is choreography, not fighting. There are no rules other than that there are no rules, and only winning by any means necessary matters.

There may be a handful of women in the world so highly skilled in martial arts as to be capable of defeating a larger and stronger man. A handful. One–not more–men. And of course, if a predator is armed with a knife or gun, as they often are…

An actual woman enjoying shooting an AR-15

THE POLICE ARE NOT AN OPTION: Not only are the police not able to protect anyone, they have no legal obligation to protect anyone, as I noted in a December, 2011 PJ Media article. In any attack by a predator, two factors matter greatly (the overwhelming factor of difference in size, weight and strength is always present): time and distance. Given sufficient time and distance, one might be able to run or even make a cell phone call, but predators do their best to leave their victims no space and no time. Even if a woman under attack were able to call and connect with 911, it would certainly take many minutes for the police to respond, even if they knew exactly where she was. Remember that at Newtown, Connecticut, despite the fact that the police were responding to an easy to find school building, it took nearly 10 minutes for the first officer to actually enter the school building. By then, the attack had been over for five minutes, and the dying and dead were beyond help. Even if it took the police only five minutes to respond to your call for help, would you still be alive by the time they arrived?

Anyone depending upon the police to protect their lives simply doesn’t understand the reality of policing, the law and the physics of time and distance. Emergency response time in Detroit, for example, is 58 minutes, when they bother to respond at all. It is nearly as bad in other cities, and in rural areas, distance is always the criminal’s friend. Some of the more honest public safety officials are actually advising the public to arm and train themselves. It would be wise to listen to them.

MY BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND WILL PROTECT ME: Perhaps, if he is tactically trained, armed and brave. Biology is on your side–at least with some men. Men are programmed, by biology and culture, to want to protect women because they are smaller, weaker and less aggressive, or at least an older generation of men was so programmed. I wouldn’t bet on the current generation of metrosexuals and pajamaboys.

While I would give my life to protect my wife, or any woman, I would do everything possible to make those trying to harm them pay dearly first, and I have the training, weaponry, and mindset necessary to act on that resolve. Even so, I cannot be with her every minute of every day. We are often apart, so she is also trained, armed and capable. When we are together, we are capable of working as a team to deal with threats, which greatly increases our odds of success.

GUNS ARE DANGEROUS: Yes they are, to predators. Supposed supporters of women constantly engage in fear mongering, telling women that guns in the home kill children and others that live there and any woman carrying a gun will either shoot herself, those she loves, innocent bystanders, or will have the gun taken away by a predator and used against her.

They lie.

The best research clearly reveals exactly the opposite of the dangerous lies those who supposedly care for the rights of women espouse. Dr. John Lott notes:

“The probability of serious injury from a criminal confrontation is 2.5 times greater for women offering no resistance than resisting with a gun. The probability of serious injury from a criminal confrontation is 2.5 times greater for women offering no resistance than resisting with a gun.”

My police experience supports Lott’s research. I have, on many occasions, investigated cases where predators, unexpectedly confronted by the smallest women with guns and the obvious will to use them, ran the fastest sprints in their lives to get away. I also investigated cases where predators didn’t run. In those cases, it was the predators who were carried away in ambulances or boxes while the woman they hoped to harm or kill lived to make life that much better for us all.

credit: off thegrid news.com

FINAL THOUGHTS: Anyone that wants to make you “feel safe” is not your friend and does not care about women, except in the abstract. Government can never care about any individual. It has no conscience. One need not be paranoid and see danger behind every tree. Not only is that unnecessary, it’s psychologically debilitating.

Every woman should learn to be aware of her surroundings, to avoid trouble if possible. And every woman should, if trouble is unavoidable, in the home or on the street, be able to protect her life and the lives of those she loves.

Shooting is not only a worthy physical and mental discipline, it is a great deal of fun. The women I’ve had the pleasure to teach have uniformly found it not only satisfying, but relaxing, even liberating. And thanks, in no small part to the greatest firearm salesman in American history, Barack Obama and the best efforts of his fellow Progressives, women, in enormous numbers, are arming themselves and learning not only to shoot, but to develop real situational awareness.

Still, it’s not as simple as merely buying a gun or taking a few trips to a range. At the end of 2016 an beginning of 2017, I updated my series on the historical, theological, philosophical and legal issues of gun ownership and use. I also addressed the practical issues of weapon and caliber choice, mindset, training, related equipment, and much more. The link will take you to the final article, which contains links to all previous articles in the series. I hope you’ll take the time to visit. You’ll be equipped to decide who really cares about the welfare of women, and to effectively protect yourself, and those you love.