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 June 29, 2017 I reported on an investigation into unethical bias on the part of CNN, conducted by Project Veritas. James O’Keefe, the director of PV, sends people undercover to record what people would not say if they knew they were being recorded for public consumption. Presumably, it is then they are most honest and forthcoming. That article–CNN: The Most Unethical Name In News–noted two separate PV videos that revealed A CNN producer, and avowed communist commentator and former Obama Green Jobs Czar–Van Jones–expressing their certainty the Trump/Russia collusion story CNN has been relentlessly pushing for nearly a year is a “big nothing burger.” The videos also indicate this focus on a lie comes from the very top of CNN, Jeff Zucker, the head of the news division, and indicates CNN cares nothing for journalistic ethics, only ratings and money, and of course, damaging their political enemies, in this case, President Trump.

Project Veritas has released, on 06-30-17, a third video, featuring CNN associate producer Jimmy Carr. From the good folks at Legal Insurrection, we have Carr’s opinion–which he represents as the opinion of 90% or more of the employees of CNN–of Mr. Trump:

We all recognize he is a clown, that he is hilariously unqualified for this, he’s really bad at this and that he does not have America’s best interests. We recognize he’s just fucking crazy.


90% of us are on board with just the fact he’s crazy.

Consider too CNN’s opinion of the American public, at least, presumably, those that do not agree with CNN:

PV: ‘[is it] fair to question the intellect of the American voter?’

Carr: ‘Oh no. They’re stupid as shit.”

As I noted in Trump Tweet Teapot Tempest, the media, including many at CNN, have accused Mr. Trump of hating and insulting women. Mr. Carr has apparently been infected as well:

Now, and of course the thing that pisses the White House off so much, because we actually had that awful woman Kellyanne Conway. You know, the blonde. She looks like she got hit with a shovel.

The Project Veritas Video also produces edited audio of an interview by Alison Camerota interviewing six Trump voters some two months into his administration. One voter, William Baer, dared not only to raise the reality of vote fraud–a topic the media is loath to recognize or discuss–but to back it up with personal observations:

He tells Camerota that if voter fraud didn’t exist that Trump would have won by higher numbers than he did against failed Hillary. Camerota eggs him on, asking him in a sarcastic voice if he has actually seen a dozen or 3 million illegal voters voting. He tries to explain his answer, but the video shows Camerota interrupting him before it moves on. It leaves Baer looking like a conspiracy theorist.

CNN edited the video to remove Baer’s personal observations, and to make him seem non-credible. However, someone leaked the audio of the full panel. Among other observations, Baer was a poll watcher in New Jersey and saw vote fraud, which was part of what ended up on the editing room floor.

One might suggest Carr might be on to something. After all, Americans voted Barack Obama into office twice, and came close to electing Hillary Clinton. They continue to send Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and similar socialists to Congress. However, it’s unlikely indeed those were the voters to which Carr was referring. One might also suggest Carr is an outlier, and the rest of CNN’s on air and behind the scenes staff are professional, unbiased journalists of the highest integrity. But all one need do is watch CNN for a few days, and honestly assess the revelations of this past week, to realize Carr, producer John Bonifield, Camerota, Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper, and virtually any other CNN talking head one might care to mention are part of a single brain, sharing the same philosophies, the same unhinged impulses, and the same irrational, deranged hatred and desire to destroy the duly elected President of the United States, truth be damned.

The best part may very well be that Project Veritas is not yet done with its CNN revelations.

In any case Americans owe Carr a debt of gratitude. Before his revelation of CNN’s opinion of the public, we had to infer CNN thought us idiots worthy only of its disdain and hate. Now we have it in their own words. That may not be good for business.