As regular readers know, I’m a founding contributor at Wow Magazine, a collaboration of some of the most insightful writers on the Internet–or elsewhere, for that matter.  Here are some current articles at Wow I’m sure you’ll find interesting.  As I’ve often noted, Wow should be on your daily “to read” list:

Tennessee bitchslaps Marxifornia 

A Haunting Video From The UK – “Stiff Upper Lip”

Hawaii Dhimmicrats File New legal Challenge To Trump’s Travel Ban SCOTUS Approved

Julian Assange: “Why The Democrat Party Is Doomed”

Collins, Rubio Help Muslims Pass Senate Resolution 118 to Criminalize Free Speech

Remy: People Will Die!

Your opinion, please, about Trump’s Mika tweet, which riled Progs & GOPers

[VIDEO] The mainstream media’s Leftist bias means it’s all fake news

Another Win – Trump and India PM Modi Speak At The White House 

Brazil runs out of money to issue passports”>Brazil runs out of money to issue passports

The Expanse: Forget Star Trek and Watch This Show   

The Secret behind Amazon’s New Bestseller On Palestinian History             

Progressive social policy ignores the dangers of birth control pills

[VIDEO] Egyptian men once laughed at the idea of hijabs, burqas