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Michael Brown died on August 9, 2014. Now, nearly three years later, Brown’s parents got their payoff for his attempted murder of former Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson. The New York Times reports:

A federal judge on Tuesday approved a settlement in the lawsuit brought by the family of Michael Brown against the police officer who fatally shot him in Ferguson, Mo., ending the legal chapter of a case that sparked national outrage over the police’s treatment of black people.

The NYT implies there is something other than “the legal chapter” of the case yet to end. Unfortunately, they are correct. Michael Brown has become a holy social justice martyr, and we’ll be hearing about him–through the false social justice narrative–the rest of our days. In fact, I’ll be correcting a New Yorker story of Brown in the next article in the Brown case in the near future. But back to The NYT:

Mr. Brown, who was 18 and black, was unarmed when he was shot three years ago by Officer Darren Wilson, who said that Mr. Brown had attacked him and charged toward him when he fired the fatal shots. Some witnesses said that Mr. Brown had his hands up, but both federal and state prosecutors questioned that narrative and determined that there was not enough evidence to charge Mr. Wilson, who is white, criminally.

Get that, gentle readers? Brown was “18 and black” and “unarmed,” and “Brown had his hands up,” and “Wilson is white.” What more does anyone need to know? In any case the details of the settlement between Brown’s parents and the City of Ferguson are sealed, but they are reportedly getting something less than $3 million dollars. The NYT further explains:

Looting In Ferguson
credit: st.louis.cbs.local

Mr. Brown’s killing sparked months of protests and occasional rioting, with many people saying that the case represented over aggressive policing of black communities. Mr. Wilson, who has since left the Ferguson police force, had stopped Mr. Brown and a friend who had been walking in the middle of a residential street in the suburb north of St. Louis on Aug. 9, 2014. That led to a physical confrontation at Mr. Wilson’s police cruiser, which eventually led to a foot chase and the shooting.

The lawsuit argued that Mr. Wilson was aggressive and profane in stopping Mr. Brown and a friend, and that he fired a shot at Mr. Brown as he ran away. Mr. Brown’s parents also cited what they say Mr. Wilson told his supervisor at the scene — that Mr. Brown had put his hands up.

credit: ksdk.com

“Occasional rioting?” Yes, that and arson, shots fired at police officers, the virtual destruction of the economy of Ferguson and a dramatic drop in Ferguson property values. I hate to have to repeat myself eternally, but in the interests of the truth, here goes:

Dorian Johnson
credit: cnn.com

Brown and his proven perjurious, dim-witted, pot-addled friend, Dorian Johnson went to a convenience store that morning to get blunts: cheap cigars to be hollowed up and filled with pot. Both, according to Johnson’s testimony, were in the habit of smoking pot early in the morning and throughout each day. Brown stole handfuls of them and roughed up the clerk, a small man (Brown was 6’4” and just under 300 pounds) on the way out. He committed a strong-arm robbery, his first known felony as an adult.

Officer Wilson found them, a short time and short distance away, walking down the middle of a busy street and asked them to get out of the street. They refused, and Wilson, recognizing them as robbery suspects, called for backup, parked his car and began to get out when Brown attacked, pinning him in his vehicle behind the wheel, repeatedly punching him through the open window, and trying to grab Wilson’s handgun. During that brief struggle, the gun was pulled from Wilson’s holster, but he managed to fire one round, very slightly wounding Brown in the hand.

Brown and Johnson ran, and Wilson got out of his car and ordered them to stop. Instead, Brown turned, lowered his head, and made a berserker charge. Wilson knew if Brown got ahold of him again, he was dead. He fired multiple shots, finally stopping Brown nearly at his feet.

This account is based on all of the evidence, which was not only told to the Grand Jury, but released to the public. None of the evidence supported the social justice narrative and Johnson. All of the evidence supported Wilson’s account. There was never a “foot chase,” and Wilson never “fired a shot at Mr. Brown as he ran away.” The only obscenities spoken came from Brown, not Wilson. It doesn’t matter what the lawsuit argued, The NYT knows the facts, but chooses to ignore them in favor of the social justice narrative.

In Update 14: Memorial To A Lie, I wrote about the dangers of memorializing a daily pot-smoking thug and felon whose bad choices in life lead to his death at 18. According to WND.com, Hollywood is about to get in the act:

Hands up, don’t shoot!’

It was the lie that launched the Black Lives Matter movement and left a city in flames.

And now the leftist narrative surrounding Michael Brown, the supposed ‘gentle giant’ who attacked Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, and set off riots and racial strife, is coming to Hollywood.

Warner Brothers has reportedly secured the rights to “Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil: The Life, Legacy, and Love of My Son Michael Brown,” a book authored by Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, and novelist Lyah Beth LeFlore.

The studio reportedly wants a “writer of color” to pen the script for a movie similar to the 2004 film “Crash.” The studio also confirmed to the left-leaning Huffington Post ‘the movie is indeed in its early development stages.

Michael Brown
credit: the political insider.com

Who will they get to play the hero? I’m not aware of any established actor that could play a hulking 18-year-old. Perhaps they’ll go with a newcomer?

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of the civil rights organization BOND, author of “The Antidote” and a WND columnist, blasted the prospective film as yet another example of a biased entertainment industry fomenting racial hatred of blacks against whites.

‘It sends the message that police – in particular white cops – hate blacks,’ he told WND. “The movie is reportedly based on Lezley McSpadden’s book, the mother of Brown, so you know it’s going to be filled with lies. It will portray Michael Brown as a hero and a victim of white ‘racism.’ This adaptation will encourage more anger and violence toward police.

In Update 6: The Calm Before The Storm, I wrote about an incident in which McSpadden was accused of physically attacking other family members who were selling Mike Brown merchandise without her approval, and without giving her a cut. Peterson continued:

Michael Brown’s Mother
credit: youtube.com

Glamorizing thugs like Michael Brown sends a dangerous message to young blacks who are already angry because they don’t receive real love from their mothers and fathers. The message will be that you can be a thug and a criminal and, if you get killed, you will be portrayed as a hero in a movie. This is promoting the ‘thug life’ as something positive and heroic. Hollywood has done this with rapper Tupac Shakur and others. Michael Brown is dead because he was a thug. As I documented in my book, ‘The Antidote,’ Brown’s anger is rooted in the fact that his parents abandoned and failed him as a child. Brown’s parents should be ashamed for profiting off of their son’s death and for promoting the lie that their son was an innocent victim.’

Peterson also warned the film could spark a renewal of the race riots America witnessed in Ferguson.

‘The whole Michael Brown situation and the Ferguson riots should be remembered as something we don’t want to repeat,’ he said. ‘It’s an example of what happens when immoral people, who aren’t governed by their conscience, are allowed to run wild. Liberal politicians from Barack Obama all the way down to the local officials in Ferguson allowed these lawless black thugs and anarchists to riot, loot and cause havoc in the city. This is what happens when the law of the land fails to contain the lawless.

The Obama Justice Department forced a consent decree on Ferguson that essentially immunized its black residents from having to obey the law. It also prevented the police from doing their jobs, particularly where blacks were concerned. While the Trump DOJ is taking initial steps to review such consent decrees, it remains to be seen when, if ever, the rule of law will return to Ferguson.

Nor does it stop with Michael Brown. Rapper and media mogul Jay Z is teaming up with the Weinstein Company to produce a movie about Trayvon Martin, the black teenager shot by George Zimmerman in self-defense on Feb. 26, 2012.

Veteran reporter and WND columnist Jack Cashill, who wrote “If I Had a Son: Race, Guns and the Railroading of George Zimmerman” about the case, also believes Hollywood is deliberately falsifying history, with possibly disastrous consequences.

‘Based on the source material, Hollywood seems intent on turning both of them [Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown] into heroes in spite of the evidence,’ he told WND. ‘Hollywood has done this before – ‘Hurricane Carter,’ for instance – but this time, the wounds are so fresh and the disinformation so prevalent, they are playing with fire, maybe literally. 

A number of Hollywood’s attempts to popularize social justice narratives have been spectacular failures in recent years. Their movies seeking to depict American soldiers as crazed murderers flopped badly. I suspect that attitudes may have changed sufficiently in America to make a Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown movie major turkeys, which will not stop them from being made, of course.

One cannot support the Constitution without supporting the right of others to propagate lies, even dangerous lies, but we can certainly decline to allow those spreading such harmful nonsense to make a profit, and we can continue to tell the truth. There is some evidence the Black Lives Matter “movement” is beginning to die from lack of interest, and one suspects, federal support.  The occasional progressive might even be inclined to listen to the truth–eventually.

The Michael Brown case archive may be found here.