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CNN expert political journalists demonstrate their professionalism on the occasion of Republican Karen Handel’s victory in the GA-6 special election, 06-20-17…

Since the election of Donald Trump, Democrats–and the media; I know–I repeat myself–have lived in a continuous state of delusion, hatred, rage and projection. Donald Trump could not possibly have been elected president. After all, it was Hillary Clinton’s turn, and they didn’t know anyone that voted for Trump, not a soul, so how could Donald Trump–Donald Trump!?–be president?

Everything was wrong: the polls, the pundits, the network decision desks, every progressive dream, policy and feeling blew up in Democrat’s faces. Progressive policies are non-falsifiable; they can’t possibly be wrong. Even when they’re wrong they’re not wrong, and it’s all Republican’s fault. Everything progressives took for granted, their very progressive faith-based view of the universe suddenly, horribly, collapsed. Donald Trump?! Perhaps electors could be convinced to abandon the Constitution, just as progressives always had? No. Perhaps lawfare would work? Perhaps Progressives could sue their way into the White House? No joy thus far. Russia! That’s was it: Russia! Collusion, obstruction of justice, intimidation, Trump, TRUMP! Can’t they see it’s TRUMP? It’s all because TRUMP!?

So far, that’s gained no traction. Some Democrats are starting to backpedal, and some are actually demanding Nancy Pelosi–as close to a god as Democrats have after Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton–step down as House Minority Leader. Inconceivable! To make it worse, Donald Trump is encouraging Democrats to keep Pelosi, wryly observing her loss would be a disaster for Republicans. Oh, the shame of it all, oh, the horror!

But perhaps special congressional elections could be swung to Democrats? That would surely be a repudiation of everything Trump, wouldn’t it? The country was surely dying to unleash an epic backlash against Trump and his indescribable evil, weren’t they? Not so much; and don’t call me Shirley.

Democrats lost the first two special elections, but their hopes were pinned on the election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, where they produced Jon Osoff, a carpetbagger and pajamaboy, who had never before held an elective office, to run against Republican Karen Handel. Democrats poured more than $30 million dollars into the race, making it the most expensive in American history. Most of the money came from out of state, and most of that came from California. Democrats made it a referendum on Trump, a referendum they were convinced they would win, because TRUMP!

Polls tightened in the final hours and Democrats were certain they’d pull out a narrow victory. They lost by four points. Note the utter desolation on the faces of CNN’s political commentators in the header photo from June 20, 2017 when the axe finally fell on Democrat’s certainty that the American public hated Trump with the deranged abandon of Democrats.

Barely mentioned was the special election in South Carolina 5th Congressional District where Ralph Norman defeated Democrat Archie Parnell by more than 3 percent. Democrats put their hopes, and all their burning hatred, into the Georgia race, and dropped the baton.

As you’ll see from the tweets woven throughout this article, Dems have learned virtually nothing from four successive defeats. One even blamed the weather:

Over $30 million down the drain, but that’s not the end of the bad financial news, as The Washington Examiner reports:

The Democratic National Committee raised nearly $4.3 million in May, making it the organization’s worst May on record for fundraising since 2003, according to newly released Federal Election Commission data.

In May 2003, the Democratic group pulled in $2.7 million. Although 2017 is an off-year for fundraising, the DNC has raised between $4.5 million and $20 million every May in the nearly decade and a half since then.

Rational people might see these statistics and engage in a bit of serious reflection. Perhaps they’re doing something wrong? Perhaps what they’re doing isn’t working? Nah!

For your edification, gentle readers, a few additional observations about the status quo:

Democrat’s irrational, even psychotic, hatred for Donald Trump (and to a lesser degree, all Republicans and anyone else opposing them in any way) makes them even less likely to be able to recognize when their policies and tactics are abject failures.

The Resistance isn’t working. Most Americans understand they’re resisting the peaceful transfer of power and the continuance of our republican form of government.

What’s terribly important to the denizens of the Beltway is essentially meaningless to most Americans. In fact, they tend to be annoyed by what consumes DC’s political zoo.

Donald Trump is brash, sometimes crude and less than diplomatic, but he’s keeping his promises, and fixing things a great many Americans never thought would be fixed. Americans like that, and they like him. Democrats cannot understand or accept this.

Democrats have nothing to offer the American people. Even as Obamacare is going up in smoke before our eyes, Democrats continue to praise it and scream it must never suffer the slightest change. Americans aren’t impressed.

Democrats are, ultimately, resisting the rule of law and the Constitution. Trump is for enforcing our laws, including immigration laws. He is for secure borders. He is for affordable insurance and health care (they’re not the same thing). He is for tax cuts. He is for creating jobs and cheap energy. He is for tax reform; let people keep most of what they honestly earn. He is for reigning in the EPA. He is for repairing decades of abuse and neglect in the VA. He actually thinks America is a great nation, and defends her on the world stage. Democrats resist all of this and more. After all, who would want the law enforced, or more money, or fewer taxes, or good jobs and cheap energy?  Why, that’s practically un-American!Democrats are actually demanding our laws not be enforced, that our borders be wide open, that Obamacare remain untouched, that taxes remain high, and if Bernie Sanders has his way, they’ll be even higher. They want to redistribute income, let the EPA and VA run wild, and return to the good old days of Obamite foreign policy.

Most of them see this as a winning formula, a bold and progressive stance that will win back the House in 2018, and the White House in 2020. To that end, Eric Holder, the man that was held in contempt of Congress, the man that called Americans cowards for not being as obsessed with race as he, the man who repeatedly violated the law and actually cost American and Mexican lives, has announced his interest in running for president. Oh please, please, run Eric, run!

Watching Tucker Carlson’s show on June 21, I was amazed to watch an illegal immigration apologist argue that unrestricted illegal immigration would actually create good middle class jobs. By all means gentle readers, give that some thought. Millions of uneducated, unskilled illegal immigrants moving to America will create well-paying middle class jobs. This is Democrat logic.

Democrats continue to call half of Americans racists and other choice names. They learned nothing from Hillary Clinton’s labeling of half of America deplorables.

Democrats continue to rely on specified victim groups–such a women–while screaming that Republicans aren’t inclusive.

Democrats can’t admit they are at fault for losing elections, so come up with bizarre spin to explain away their failures.

The media are, for the most part, Democrat political operatives with bylines. Not only does this keep Democrats from seeing and attempting to address their faults, it has all but utterly destroyed the credibility of the media. Consider this from CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta:

And consider this from Acosta:

As all sentient beings know by now, Acosta was wrong, maliciously wrong, and it would have taken no more than five minutes of due diligence to discover that Mr. Trump, and Mrs. Trump, did indeed visit Rep. Scalise. But CNN is not fake news.

As a general rule, polls consistently favor Democrats by at least 5 points. Notice how that fits into the GA-6 election.

Most amusing is Democrats are unable to abandon any of their articles of political faith, including the idea that everyone living in flyover country is far less intelligent, moral, and important than the self-imagined elite of the east and west coasts and the Beltway. They truly believe Americans don’t vote for their bizarre, socialistic candidates because Americans are stupid, racist, sexist, and generally deplorable, so they continue to viciously insult the very people they claim to represent and about whom they claim to deeply care. And they can’t understand why we don’t vote their way.

May they never figure it out. That way, America–and western civilization–has a chance.