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Former FBI Director Comey

The “hottest ticket in town,” as the media have termed it, is over, at least the public version of the performance. Make no mistake, gentle readers, it was a performance, though one that is not done. The Media, the Democrats, far too many Republicans and everyone that is an enemy of the American people, the rule of law, and the Constitution are continually shaping the performance piece.

I do not for a moment consider Donald Trump a messiah, a perfect human being, or a perfect president. He is, however, with all his faults, the best bet America has had for many a year at slowly turning a huge and unwieldy ship of state back toward the boundaries envisioned by the Founders. As such, powerful and relentless forces are arrayed against him. They still believe it is possible to drive him from office, not tomorrow, but today, or failing that, to prevent him from accomplishing much of anything, and surely of defeating Republicans in 2018, and Mr. Trump or VP Pence in 2020.

At stake are huge piles of taxpayer dollars, and ultimate political power, versus government of the people, by the people and for the people. The Comey hearing was nothing less than a battle, only partially definitive, in that ongoing war between the condescending, hateful and arrogant political elite and the American people.

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Mr. Trump should have fired James Comey as soon as his hand dropped after taking the oath of office. The Media and others are treating Comey as though he is the ultimate fountain of truth and integrity. Whatever he says is gospel. He deserves no such benefit of the doubt. His public actions and statements should give any rational person reason to doubt his honesty, integrity and impartiality. For example, he testified that he considered it his duty to usurp the authority of Loretta Lynch in the Clinton investigation that he might prevent the appointment of a special prosecutor. Yet he testified he thought Mr. Trump would lie about their conversations, so he wrote memos to himself–more on them later–and caused a friend to leak those memos to the media, in the expectation a special prosecutor would be appointed!

Comey admitted he did everything he could to prevent the appointment of a special prosecutor regarding Hillary Clinton, and everything he could to ensure one would be appointed to investigate Donald Trump, and so there was. Clinton committed many federal crimes, as Comey admitted, yet there is, to date, no crime connected with Mr. Trump, with the exception of Mr. Comey’s cowardly and surreptitious release of privileged, even classified conversations with the President.

Comey’s memos are not the post-event notes of any competent police officer. Over a long police career, I wrote thousands of notes. None of them resembled the notes Comey claimed to have written after his few conversations with President Trump. Those notes were written like a cheap novel, filled with faux shock, nausea and angst, designed to make Comey appear virtuous and Trump, evil. They describe few and unremarkable comments by Mr. Trump, and voluminous descriptions of Mr. Comey’s thoughts, facial expressions, and emotions. Police officers write memos about facts and elements of crimes. Partisan politicians write memos about their feelings and reactions. Cops write only to jog their memories; politicians write for a much broader, and far more partisan, audience.

The Issues:

Mr. Trump claimed Comey told him, three times, he was not under investigation.  Comey finally confirmed that, yet the media are still suggesting Mr. Trump was somehow wrong even in that.

Comey was supposedly made nauseous by Mr. Trump’s hope that Comey could see his way clear to ending the investigation of Mr. Flynn, and he testified he discussed that conversation, and every conversation with Mr. Trump, with multiple FBI personnel. Yet, none of them thought Mr. Trump’s comments an obstruction of justice, yet Comey tried to have it both ways. If he did think it an obstruction of justice at the time–and he had the counsel of multiple high-ranking FBI administrators–he was obligated to take the matter to the Attorney General and if necessary, to resign.

Of course, Comey did none of that, nor did he do as Mr. Trump hoped. The acting FBI director, and every national security official have testified they have never been asked–or pressured–to do anything unlawful, improper–assign whatever modifier you prefer–by Mr. Trump or anyone else. Normal Americans would think Mr. Trump was pointing out Mr. Flynn suffered enough–as Mr. Comey testified Trump said–and that if he ethically could, to consider that sufficient. Mr. Comey’s actions suggest he understood that, yet again, he tried to have it both ways.

He declined to say that Mr. Trump had not obstructed justice, deferring to special prosecutor Mueller, with whom he had discussed his testimony prior to testifying. It’s a binary issue. Either Mr. Trump did obstruct justice, in which case Mr. Comey’s duties were clear–he did not do them–or Mr. Trump did not obstruct justice, in which case, Mr. Comey has no legal or ethical obligation to decline to say just that. Mr. Comey has already demonstrated he has no problem violating privileged communications where Mr. Trump is concerned, but he balks at saying what his actions and testimony reveal to be true?

Particularly striking is Mr. Comey’s testimony about Mr. Trump’s supposed invocation of loyalty. Comey portrayed himself as a deer in the headlights, so horrified by what Mr. Trump was saying he could only impassively stare, desperate to think of something to say. This is rather an odd reaction for a seasoned lawyer, former federal prosecutor, and the Director of the FBI. Were I in that room and asked about loyalty, if I did not understand the context, the first question I would ask is simplicity itself: “What do you mean by ‘loyalty?’” Mr. Comey portrayed himself as unable to think that quickly, and many in the media think that makes him more credible, because it portrays him as weak. Comey was so weak he couldn’t ask the most simple and obvious question?  That lends credibility?  Only in Washington D.C, not in flyover country.

Over and over again Mr. Comey was asked why, if he thought a given statement by Mr. Trump improper, he did not say so to Mr. Trump. Over and over he replied that he didn’t think of it, he was so shocked he was essentially speechless, and at one point, he just wasn’t strong enough to ask the question. And this was the Director of the FBI? This gives him credibility?

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Why would Mr. Trump ask Comey about loyalty? I am assuming, only for the sake of this question, this actually occurred, and occurred precisely as Comey claimed. Mr. Trump was being betrayed by criminal leaks even before he was sworn in. He knew–and knows–the entire government is full of stealth progressives determined to undermine him and destroy representative government. He knows many of the leaks came from the intelligence agencies and the FBI. He knows the FBI has, to date, found and arrested only a single leaker, a 25 year-old female contractor from outside the beltway. He knew the Media, and many members of his own party were determined to destroy him, and to obliterate his agenda, the agenda the American people elected him to implement. He knew the media would tell any lie, make up any narrative, to destroy him. Barack Obama leads a shadow government from his mansion in DC, Hillary Clinton remains on the campaign trail, and leftists everywhere are ramping up the violence like never before. Hmmmm. Why would loyalty be important to such a man? It’s puzzling.

Of course, to Mr. Trump’s enemies, the mere idea of expecting loyalty from the highest-ranking members of his administration is somehow nefarious, criminal, impeachable. Does any sentient being for a moment believe absolute, drooling, whimpering loyalty was not expected–demanded of members of the Obama Administration? There is, however, one major difference between the two administrations. Under Mr. Obama, loyalty extended to abetting, or at the very least, covering up crimes, stonewalling the Congress and the American people, and actively dismantling the Constitution. Under Mr. Trump, there is no evidence that loyalty means anything more than doing one’s job honestly and refraining from betraying Mr. Trump’s trust and violating the law. Is this not the kind of loyalty Americans expect of anyone serving any President?

The War:

Ultimately, Comey’s testimony revealed him to be a consummate political animal, far more concerned with preserving his position and power than with the rule of law or the truth. He revealed himself as one of the unlawful leakers, a man working under the radar to manipulate events. He revealed himself to be a quivering, 6’8” tower of Jello.

What is abundantly clear is the Washington establishment cares deeply about this, and Mr. Trump’s enemies care even more. The American people could care less. Working men and women understand exactly what Mr. Trump was asking when he asked Comey about loyalty. They expect to be loyal to their employers–which absolutely does not mean committing or covering unlawful or unethical acts–and if they cannot give such loyalty, they move on.

In the same way, they have no problem with speaking with the boss one-on-one. They don’t consider such things nefarious. Rather, they often think such personal attention desirable, and appreciate the gesture. It is only in Washington that being invited to dinner by the President, or having a personal audience with him is somehow wrong.

We are now at a very dangerous point in the history of our Republic. A new president has been honestly and properly elected, yet the Democrat Party, virtually all of the media, a substantial proportion of the Republican Party–the Stupid Party–refuse to accept that election, and are actively working to overturn it. These are people who understand only the Obamite definition of loyalty. Our political establishment–The Resistance–are actually destroying representative government in the apparent expectation they’ll be able to rule over the rubble. This is an issue I addressed at some length in: A Friendly–For Now–Letter To Congressional Republicans. 

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The Comey hearing demonstrated one unassailable fact: Mr. Trump has done nothing illegal. There is no crime. None. This is not to say he could not be more careful in his associations or public comments, but he has committed no crimes, and more, no impeachable offenses. Inquiring about a subordinate’s loyalty? Americans should be concerned if he didn’t. He was right to ask. Comey is not a noble, selfless public servant, but a partisan, disgruntled, calculating fired employee.

The most disturbing trend, which is now unmistakable, is Mr. Trump’s enemies don’t need crimes or obviously impeachable offenses. They’ll make do with faux-outrage, hurt feelings, perception, and outright lies. If they can’t do away with him, they’ll scream “Russia,” “loyalty,” and anything else they can think of every day of Mr. Trump’s term in office. Mr. Trump is now in a situation where even members of his own party accept the proposition he not only must prove himself innocent of any and every absurd charge, there is nothing he can say or do to prove himself innocent, and even if he is innocent, it somehow proves him evil.

They fail to understand the widening chasm between the denizens of the beltway, politicians and media, and Americans. What they care about, Americans could care less about.  Perhaps they just don’t care.  Perhaps they think themselves invulnerable.

Too many Republicans, the Stupid Party, obviously fail to understand if the elite are able to do away with Mr. Trump, they will never again accept any Republican president. In fact, the destruction of Mr. Trump will be the destruction of representative democracy. It will set the precedent for permanent one party rule. While Democrats occasionally eat their own, they will always eat the opposition first. Republicans now seem willing to eat President Trump for the Democrats, and in so doing, serve themselves up on a platter.

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Am I suggesting Republicans defend corruption, crimes? Of course not, that’s the Democrat’s job, only that they force the media, to whatever degree that is now possible, to focus on the truth and facts. They can’t afford to wait to see what the outcome of this or that investigation is before deciding to support Mr. Trump–a Republican President. The investigations are never going to go away. That’s the new normal, a normal they’ve invited and support: investigation first, crime later or never.   If they don’t defend their president, the American people, their base, won’t defend–and reelect–them. Republicans are just stupid enough to believe voters have no choice but to vote for them because Democrats are worse.

Not any more. More and more Americans are convinced there isn’t a meaningful difference between the parties other than the occasional party platform plank. They may be right. The rhetoric may differ, but the grasping for power and privilege, the playing into the hands of America’s internal enemies, is identical. Our political elites are convincing the people adherence to the rule of law isn’t the only way. The public is becoming more and more willing to follow their example, and when they do, the elite aren’t going to like it. Americans like the Constitution and the rule of law. They’ll reestablish it. And it will begin by throwing every one of the cowardly bastards out of office. It will not end there, and there will be no ruling over the rubble.