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FBI Director Comes trying to explain Hillary Clinton

The firing, on May 9, of FBI Director James Comey, will continue to splatter across the news for months, perhaps years to come. The hypocrisy is already stunning. Democrats wanted Comey fired because Hillary. Trump fired Comey. Democrats want Trump fired because Comey. None of this is, of course, surprising. I’ll not get into the minutia involved in the firing process, but instead, provide a few insights I’m not seeing elsewhere, particularly with the legacy, fake news, media.

*There is little doubt under Comey’s tenure, the FBI gained the status, rightly or wrongly, of just another entirely untrustworthy, politicized bureaucracy of the federal government, perhaps even an enemy of liberty. If our republic is to endure, that had to change. Whether removing Comey is the cure, or merely a brief holding action, remains to be seen.

*I suspect most FBI agents are patriotic, ethical people. As such, they must have been horrified by Comey’s behavior. Hopefully, they’ll be able to breathe a bit more easily, and feel more able to do their jobs without political considerations.

*Comey’s behavior during the presidential campaign, particularly relating to Hillary Clinton, was, at best, bizarre.

*The police—that includes the FBI—should never hold a press conference to outline evidence against anyone they’re not recommending for prosecution. If someone is being prosecuted, that information is in the public domain, unless secrecy is lawfully required. If not, it must remain private, lest careers, even lives, be lost.

*It is never—never—the job of any law enforcement agent to decide whether anyone will be prosecuted, and on what charges. Their job is to investigate crimes, write complete cases, and make recommendations for charges. Nothing more. Loretta Lynch threw away her credibility by schmoozing with Bill Clinton on the tarmac, but Comey had no authority to assume her role.

*I’m not for a moment suggesting Comey actually cost Hillary the presidency. While his bizarre pronouncements may have cost a few votes here and there, Hillary’s enormous deficits, both as a person and a candidate, played a far greater role.

*Comey’s various pronouncements on the evidence against Hillary Clinton, Human Abedin, Anthony Weiner, etc. were of sufficient apparent seriousness to make the reasonable person wonder why they weren’t being prosecuted. This too is not the role of a law enforcement officer, and certainly not the role of the Director of the FBI.

*There seems little doubt that Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and every Obamite loyalist in the DOJ and FBI had a hand—a hand we’ll never likely fully understand—in the inexplicable conduct of Comey, the DOJ, the FBI etc. In other words, Comey may have been caught in the middle of damned if you do/damned if you don’t circumstances. He may have done the best he could, perhaps the best anyone could, under the lawless Obamite regime.

*The absolute corruption of people like Lynch, Obama, the Clintons, and others certainly played a role in all of this drama. We’ll be unlikely to ever learn to what extent. The Beltway protects, to a great extent, its own.

*We can be certain that much of disruption of all of this is due to Hillary Clinton, who became the first presidential candidate in history under active FBI investigation for innumerable serious federal crimes directly relating to the mishandling of national security matters, to say nothing of the pay-to-play corruption of the Clinton Foundation.

*The possibility remains that an active FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation is ongoing, and that an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s other crimes is not entirely dead.

*One can hope that with Comey gone, and with Hillary Clinton not graciously accepting Mr. Trump’s apparent olive branch of non-prosecution, a complete and competent investigation of every one of her potential crimes will be completed, and a non-politicized charging decision made. If this is so, based only on what we know from media reports, Mrs. Clint, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and a wide variety of others will find themselves on the way to federal prison.

*How do I know? An FBI unrestrained by politics will speak to everyone involved. Lesser criminals will roll over on greater criminals for lighter sentences. All of the physical evidence the FBI has recovered—if Comey didn’t order it destroyed—will be damning, and with people talking, more will be found. A competent, non-political investigation will always produce legitimate charges. This all happens the old-fashioned way: competent cops actually talk to people, without the restrictions that have been widely reported.

*Did Mr. Trump and his advisors really think the Clintons would graciously accept his kindness and go quietly into post-presidential/post-campaign retirement? Mr. Trump may be used to people keeping their words when deals are made. Not in Washington. Hillary has pronounced herself a part of “the resistance.” She’s not only resisting him, but the Constitution and the rule of law. Mr. Trump should take this seriously, and the FBI should do its job without restraint.

*Will the FBI actually complete its investigation into supposed Trump Administration collusion with Russia and announce its resolution one way or the other? If there is no evidence to support this claim, and there seems to be none, let’s get on with life and force Democrats to make up another red herring for the media to champion.

*It will remain to be seen if the FBI will ever regain a reputation for non-political competence. The Obamite damage in this, and everything else involving the federal government, may never be entirely repaired.

*The process of repair will not be helped by Democrat cries for a special prosecutor to fabricate a collusion case against Trump. This not only furthers public mistrust of the FBI, but is an integral part of the resistance against not only Donald Trump, but the Constitution and the rule of law.

What do you think, gentle readers?