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Hillary Clinton, as I’m sure regular readers know, recently accepted absolute responsibility for losing the presidency—and then blamed everyone and everything but herself, including slipping on a banana peel—no doubt placed by the Russians—while the light was in her eyes—due to global warming. She also blamed FBI Director James Comey. Unfortunately for the credibility of the FBI, Comey continues to embarrass himself and his agency, as Scott Johnson of Powerline reports:

Democrats think they have a bone to pick with FBI Director James Comey. They are angry with Comey for disclosing to the appropriate members of Congress the reopening in late October of what Hillary Clinton was pleased to call the FBI’s ‘security review’ of her email set-up. In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Comey revisited the circumstances involving Huma Abedin and Anthony (‘Not Again!’) Weiner.

In response to a question posed by Senator Feinstein, Comey testified regarding the infamous laptop of the infamous Anthony Weiner: ‘Somehow, [Clinton’s] emails were being forwarded to Anthony Weiner, including classified information, by [Clinton’s] assistant, Huma Abedin. And so [the FBI] found thousands of new emails.

I’ve always found this exceeding strange. Thousands of e-mails, and the FBI didn’t find a single instance of a violation of federal law? No evidence of violations of the law by Abedin, Weiner, Clinton, or anyone else? Not one? What are the odds? It gets worse:

Comey explained: ‘[Weiner’s] then-spouse [sic] Huma Abedin appears to have had a regular practice of forwarding emails to him for him to print out for her so she could deliver them to the secretary of state.

credit: westernjournalism.com

Abedin forwarded e-mails to Weiner to print out for her?! They don’t have printers at the Department of State? Of course they do, but that’s how Abedin and Clinton, and anyone else that was a recipient of Clinton’s e-mails, jumped the air gap. Computers holding classified information are isolated so their contents can’t be printed or otherwise removed. Clinton and Abedin obviously didn’t want to expose their crimes by using government means to do that, so she removed it, and send it to Weiner to print. Every sensitive/classified/etc. document sent to Weiner would seem to be a separate federal offense.

What’s that you’re saying? I don’t know that? Consider to what the Director of the FBI testified. Abedin sent thousands of e-mails to Weiner, a man who can’t even control his libido, and who certainly did not have clearance for any classified or even minimally sensitive materials. Why else would she possibly be sending such materials to Weiner, and with whom did he share them? Abedin had and has intimate family members closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. Was Weiner a cut out to avoid direct contact between the Brotherhood and Abedin?

Comey essentially admitted the FBI knew Abedin was violating the Espionage Act and likely, a variety of other federal laws relating to the handling of classified materials. Again, each instance would be a separate crime. What are the odds not a single one of those documents represented a violation of federal law? Or is this just another case of no reasonable Obamite prosecutor being willing to prosecute serial violations of federal law?

Johnson notes that Comey reiterated the bizarre and false idea that intent is necessary for a conviction of the involved laws. If former federal prosecutors turned FBI directors are actually so pitifully unable to read and understand federal law relating to our national secrets, no wonder virtually on foreign intelligence service trusts us.

I’d like to think the FBI is keeping this quiet because they’re following up on incriminating, even espionage information they found in those e-mails, and one of these days, they’ll announce a huge raid that will scoop up a variety of Muslim malefactors, Abedin, Clinton, Cheryl Mills, etc. I’d like to think that.

It’s possible Weiner and Abedin benefited from one of the immunity deals Comey and the DOJ were handing out like candy in those days. Interesting that none of those immunity deals appear to have resulted in any prosecutions.

It’s fascinating too, that the FBI was able to vet “thousands” of e-mails on Weiner’s computer and determine not a single one comprised evidence of criminality, and were able to do it in a matter of days when Comey claimed it would take months, at least. Of course, if one is determined not to find crimes, such things could easily be cleaned up in days, if not sooner.

I don’t suppose the media will pick up on any of this? How is it this scruffy little blog can see such things, but the superior intellects of the media cannot? It’s a mystery, just like all the e-mails on Weiner’s computer.

FBI Director Comey trying to explain Hillary Clinton

What’s not a mystery is even if Comey did find criminal wrongdoing—and by his own admission, he did—there is no possibility the Obama DOJ would prosecute Hillary Clinton. It will be interesting to see if the Trump/Sessions DOJ can be sufficiently reformed to take up the case and prosecutor those that played fast and loose with our national security.