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Tom Perez: &*$#ing DNC Chair

It has been a long time coming, but it’s here. Progressives (leftists, statists, socialists, communists, Obamites, take your pick) have escalated their tactics. They’ve always been intimidating, even violent, motivated by self-imagined and assured moral and intellectual superiority, and their unshakeable belief in the depravity, even evil of their political enemies. But with the utter failure of Hillary Clinton, the repudiation of Barack Obama and his/their policies, and the election of Donald Trump, more and more of them have willingly become criminally insane.

credit: Chris Muir, Day By Day

Leftists accepted, indeed coveted, Obamite lawlessness as the new normal, a permanent condition whereby the Constitution was no longer an impediment to their policy desires. The executive would soon take unto himself—herself–all righteous progressive, political power, and would end all political arguments once and for all. Eight years of constant destruction of the rule of law, marginalization of the police, and the gathering of supreme power in the service of progressivism convinced them it would never end, and eight more years of progressive rule would cast progressivism in concrete. Obamacare was but a first, glorious step, $20 trillion dollars in national debt not a bug but a feature. What the hell; it could all be expropriated from the wealthy! Social justice would reign, the rule of law, with its promise of equal justice for all, would soon be on the dust heap of history. The Department of Justice, the IRS, the EPA, and every other federal bureaucracy were fully weaponized and acting against progressive enemies, which comprised at least half of the American public. Progressive utopia was, finally, within their grasp.

And then, against all odds, against all progressive polls and predictions–it was Hillary’s turn!–against the arc of history which bends toward progressive social justice, the universe exploded and Donald Trump—Donald Trump!?—became president.

Once the horror of that mind-bending catastrophe became fixed in their minds, progressives did what they always do: denied reality and substituted their own. Donald Trump isn’t really president. The Russians did it! It’s Comey’s fault! Long live the resistance! But resistance to what?

Our constitutional republic. The rule of law. Civic order. The Constitution. Free speech. Civilized behavior. Actual tolerance. Democracy. Respect for the rights of others. Recognition of the humanity of their political enemies. Respect for the lives of their enemies.

Consider this incident reported by PJ Media.  A journalist covering an “Antifa” protest was punched, unprovoked, by one, and when the police arrived, they cried self-defense:

What this is about is a movement that can’t seem to accept any outcome other than violence. Based on the level of screaming directed at Posobiec, I’m suspecting the only reason there wasn’t a punch thrown sooner was because that camera was right there.

There’s no attempt at discourse, just hatred directed at anyone who has the temerity to disagree with Antifa.

That hatred colored their vision, however. They didn’t see Posobiec and his cameraman. They saw people who were less than human. That meant they could assault, challenge, then lie to police about what happened despite knowing there was a camera recording the whole thing. They felt no remorse about it because they weren’t attacking someone they viewed as human.

We are entered into a very dangerous era, not only individually, but collectively, for the survival of the republic. It is the primary political differences between conservatism and progressivism that threaten us all: conservatives have long internalized and accepted the necessity of the control of violence, and respect, in theory and fact, for the rule of law. Progressives have not, and many will not. In fact, many are emotionally and mentally unable to grasp the concept.

It begins, as always, with rhetoric, as The Spectator reports:

A ludicrous inversion has taken place. The speech of Charles Murray, Heather Mac Donald, and other conservatives whose ideas cross the race taboos of the left are claimed to be violent. It is now one of the truisms of identity politics that words can hurt. As Toni Morrison said in her 1993 Nobel Prize speech, ‘Oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence.’

So free speech by conservatives is violence. On the other hand, the left’s real violence is free speech, and when the police arrest protesters who intimidate attendees, block entrances, and shout down lecturers, they’re interfering with free speech rights. As a Middlebury professor and two alums said at Inside Higher Ed after the affair, ‘If free speech can justify a platform for Murray, it also justifies students talking back.’ The ridiculous understatement of the words ‘talking back’ shows how distorted the perspective of the angry campus left has become.

Consider, gentle readers, the escalation. If words are actual violence, not only is it no longer necessary to counter opposing words with words. Actual violence, including deadly violence, is not only reasonable to contemplate, it is necessary, the logical progression of superior morality and intellect, the inevitable expression of the righteous resistance. Thoughts—the wrong thoughts—of course, are equally offensive and must, like words, spoken or written, be violently destroyed.

When one crosses this red line, and words, even mere thoughts, are worthy of preemptive violence, respect for human life is utterly lost.

Also inevitable is that conservatives, people who avoid violence and respect the rule of law, will be forced to defend themselves. It has already begun, at The Blaze reports:

Last week supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with members of the leftist group known as Antifa (short for anti-fascist) in Berkeley California. The meeting of the two groups soon erupted in violence, with Antifa using mace, M80’s, and various other weapons to attack Trump supporters.

According to Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern, Trump supporters were told by police not to bring any weapons, as police would protect them. Upon Anitfa’s arrival, the police retreated, leaving the Trump supporters to utilize whatever weapons they could get their hands on. Regardless, the Trump supporters routed Antifa after one of their members threw a smoke bomb, not realizing the wind was blowing in Antifa’s direction.

This loss prompted Antifa members to begin discussion about how they could better prepare themselves for future skirmishes against Trump supporters.

The leftists thought, as has previously been the case, they could escalate their violence and remain unopposed and anonymous. They thought they could injure their enemies, and their black masks and clothing would protect them. In that single instance, they were horrified to learn their enemies would not eternally abide their juvenile fits of pique, and would actually fight back on a fist to face, personal level. Still, they think in political terms, which means an escalation of political tactics.

We find ourselves hip deep in irony. A political movement that has always been virulently against the military and its culture, hateful and suppressive toward men and masculinity in general and white men in particular, insulting toward the middle class, absolutely hateful—even fearful—toward guns, and so-called “gun culture,” and determined to prohibit private ownership of arms is now calling for immediately making up their self-imposed tactical and armament deficits. But why now?

They fear the rule of law and the imposition of adherence to the Constitution. Until the election of President Trump, they believed the state would always protect them, and use its agents and means of force to enact and defend their policies. Previously, when the police stood aside and let them do as they pleased, it was to their advantage, but no longer if deplorable Americans fight back. If the police are, at best, neutral, neither protecting them or suppressing their enemies, they’ll have to suppress their enemies themselves.

credit: chris muir, Day By Day

As feckless and fractious as congressional republicans are, Americans know how to band together to repel threats and preserve the nation.

From this point, when I use the term “conservative,” I refer to Americans that fully support the Constitution and the rule of law. These men and women are veterans, or at the very least support our military, even if they have not always fully supported the policies of politicians with control over that military. Many of them own and appreciate firearms, but have a healthy respect for them, and for the Second Amendment. These are people that understand power, on an individual, and national level. Because of their respect for the rule of law, they can own and carry any weapon and represent no threat to the law-abiding. They understand violence is not a political tool. It is a weapon, and must be used only when absolutely necessary—in defense of self and others–and then, with only as much force as necessary and no more. They understand there are levels of force, which must be carefully controlled. Above all, they realize, and accept, that deadly force must be used only as a last resort, and once unleashed, the consequences and repercussions are never ending, even if it is employed entirely lawfully.

For most conservatives, all of this, and more, is not a matter of formalized education. One does not pick up such beliefs in college—absolutely not in college. These are cultural attitudes, nurture, not nature. They’re learned through parents who carefully introduced their children to firearms, hunting, target shooting, and drilled safety into them over many years. They’re learned as the culture of the military fills the void of a stripped away civilian ethic in boot camp. They’re learned as one makes the choice of carrying concealed weapons, and takes the time necessary to learn the laws, and the ethics of responsibility. They’ve learned by watching people worthy of respect and emulation, who abandon political positions they favor, because they recognize those positions violate the Constitution. Above all, they’ve made a conscious—and conscience—choice. Considering everything we have learned, everything we have experienced, we decide—we consciously choose–even though we are capable of using violence, we will not, except in defense of self or others. We recognize and accept the realities of human nature. Violence can be addictive, so we will not imbibe.

Imagine, then, gentle readers, the mindset of people that have not had these experiences, that have not made these choices. Imagine people who suddenly come to the realization that they want the tools of violence, tools they will employ no differently, and with no more consideration, than any other political tool.

Horrifying, isn’t it? It should be.

Consider further that these people will be carrying concealed handguns to protests where some are actually paid to violate the law and deny others their rights. They’ll be wearing balaclavas and other masks to hide their identities. They’re carrying weapons not to use as a last resort if they find themselves in reasonable fear of their lives, but because they intend to use them against Americans, and hiding behind the anonymity of the mob, and the concealment of the clothing of the felon/thug, they’ll be far more likely to use them for political ends.

Consider too these people, though self-labeling as “anti fascists,” are not present to defend the Constitution, to ensure the rights of all are upheld, and to defend the rule of law, but to “resist,” to impose their political preferences on others, fully intending to use criminal violence. In essence, they’ll be engaging in criminal conspiracies.

Conservatives–Americans–have made a conscience choice, a well-considered choice, never to use violence against their fellow man unless it is absolutely necessary. They can attend protests without concealing their faces, observe people with whom them disagree, and those people will never know of that disagreement, at least not directly, nor will they know those Americans were carrying concealed handguns.

“Antifas,” as they like to call themselves, have made no such choices. They, believing themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to their political enemies, and therefore, absolutely ethically right, have no inhibitions restraining the use of any tool necessary to obtain their utopian goals. Claiming President Trump to be illegitimate, and with him, everyone that acts within our republican system, identifying themselves as members of the “resistance,” liberates them to cross ethical red lines into the criminal use of violence.

But aren’t they committing the same hate crimes of which they accuse others? Aren’t they planning the use of unrestrained violence where they claim others are violent?

Of course, but progressivism cannot possibly be wrong. It is non-falsifiable, and therefore, any tactic is fair game. Anyone that does not support leftists or their goals is their enemy, the enemy of all that is scientific, true, decent and intellectual, the enemy of the planet and of all mankind. Because their motives are pure, because they cannot be wrong, their hate is not like the hate of deplorables. Their intolerance is not intolerance but a noble striving for true inclusiveness and empowering of the oppressed. Harming the privileged is not a wrong, but nobility in the face of the marginalization of favored victim groups.

Most people will never do alone what they’ll do from the cover of the mob. Consider the sheer lunacy of progressives post-election. University classes and tests cancelled, safe spaces erected, Play Doh therapy, fluffy puppies to pet, supposed adults unable to work or interact with others, leftists claiming to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder—because their candidate lost an election—nearly half the members of Congress unable to do their jobs—unable and unwilling to function as elected representatives in our republican system–and a much more organized focus on denying others their rights, and on violence than heretofore seen becomes everyone’s reality.

The work of the left in demonizing the police, in conditioning them to back away from any actions that might be controversial, such as unmasking criminals, and arresting “protestors” breaking the law, has, to date, paid dividends for progressives. Should police self-preservation continue, unrestrained violence and lawlessness is our future. Only when anyone contemplating crimes expects they will be arrested and quickly punished can we maintain a civil society.

If it’s left to the left, we’ve already had a brief glimpse into the future, and it’s going to be very bloody indeed.