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Honor killing victims

Does Islam mandate the genital mutilation of girls and women? Scholars differ on the relevant passage, as this link reveals.  However, even if one accepts the idea that it is not mandated, Islam’s other teachings, and its related cultural practices, which relegate women to a status little better than cattle, has made it inevitable in many Muslim societies. Such societies also routinely practice honor killing, the murder of women by any of their male relatives, for dishonoring their families. Such a case occurred in Irving, TX in 2008, when Egyptian, Yasar Abdel Said, murdered his 17 and 18 year-old daughters for becoming too westernized. He bravely ran away, likely to Egypt, and remains on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. In Muslim Conquest Of The West: We’re Doing It For Them, Barbaric medieval practices are more common in American that the press reports. A story of genital mutilation, taking place in Detroit, is reported by Brietbart.

honor killing Dr. Fakhruddin Attar (L) and Dr. Jumana Nagarwala (R)

Dr. Jumana Nagarwala was arrested by the FBI Thursday and charged with carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) on multiple six to eight-year-old girls at her Livonia, Michigan office.

Dr. Nagarwala’s case is the first FGM prosecution in America under a new law aimed at the practice, according to a press release from the Department of Justice. The 11-page complaint issued accompanying her arrest makes guarded references to “members of a particular religious and cultural community.”

FGM is common in the Islamic world, particularly in Africa. According to UNICEF, 98% of Somali girls, and 87% of Egyptians have endured the procedure. FGM involves removing varying amounts of the victim’s, usually a pre-pubescent girl, clitoris, labia majoria, and labia minora. In its most extreme form, the victim is “infibulated,” having virtually all her external genitalia removed and being sown up, leaving her with only a tiny hole from which to urinate and menstruate.

It is difficult for some Americans to imagine any culture—any parents—that would not only allow, but demand this be done to their daughters. It is this lack of imagination, and purposeful neglect by much of the press, that allows some Americans to actually believe all cultures are equal, that no culture, and particularly not American culture, is superior to any other. Surely Muslims exposed to American culture would never do this? Surely educated Muslims particularly, would not so such a thing?

Nagarwala, who works as an emergency room doctor at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital, is charged with mutilating two Minnesota girls from separate families at her office in Livonia, Michigan. The victims’ identities remain sealed, but Minnesota is host to the largest Somali immigrant population in the United States, a community in which FGM is prevalent. The complaint also alleges multiple Michigan girls have told authorities Nagarwala had cut their genitals as far back as 2005-2007, before the federal law under which she is charged had taken effect.

According to the complaint, the Minnesota victims’ parents brought them to the Detroit suburbs together, telling the children it was a ‘special girls trip.’ They also are alleged to have told the girls the procedure was to ‘get the germs out.

A “special girls trip,” indeed. Imagine the mindset of parents that would do such a thing. Imagine the mindset of a doctor that would do such a thing. Isn’t there something about a Hippocratic oath—“first, do no harm” or something like that?

credit: beforeitsnews.com

One of the victims described her ordeal to the FBI as ‘getting a shot.’ She claims she screamed in pain as she was cut into, the procedure leaving her barely able to walk. She told authorities her parent told her not to talk of what happened in Dr. Nagarwala’s office.

I’ll bet they did.

Acting U.S. Attorney Daniel Lemisch, whose office will be prosecuting the case, added, ‘The practice has no place in modern society and those who perform FGM on minors will be held accountable under federal law.

An interesting coincidence, is it not, gentle readers, that no such prosecution  took place during the eight years of the Obama Administration. That rather exposes the progressive “War on Women” as something of a fraud, doesn’t it? Feminist publications routinely feature articles about how men deny women orgasms, but the doctors involved apparently decided to eliminate the problem altogether. This appears to be the first federal prosecution for female genital mutilation in America since 2006. About time. But wait, as they say on late night commercials, there’s more, from Fox 2 in Detroit: 

A second doctor has been arrested in connection with a female genital mutilation investigation in Detroit.

Fakhruddin Attar, 53, and his wife, Farida Attar, 50, of Livonia, were both arrested and have been charged with conspiring to perform female genital mutilations on minor girls out of Dr. Attar’s medical clinic in Livonia.

That a second Muslim doctor accused of the same vicious crimes has been arrested should not be in the least surprising. It is, rather, disgusting that such practices were ignored, perhaps even covered up, during the Obama years. Perhaps something for the Congress to look into now that the Trump/Russia narrative seems to have permanently face-planted?

Authorities say Dr. Attar owned Burhani Medical Clinic in Livonia, which is where a Detroit emergency room doctor who was arrested last week is accused of performing FGM on minor girls. Authorities say Dr. Attar’s wife is employed at Burhani Medical Clinic as an office manager. Authorities believe the husband and wife arranged and assisted in the FGM procedures performed by the Detroit doctor, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala.

Authorities say Dr. Nagarwala never worked at Burhani Medical Clinic, therefore the office has no record of her billing for medical procedures there. Nargawala was arrested in Detroit on April 12.

The FGM investigation at Burhani Medical Clinic has identified two young girls from Minnesota who have been operated on by Dr. Nagarwala. Other minor girls in Michigan may have undergone procedures as well.

Ah. Perhaps there’s a connection then? And in the willfully ignorant department:

Members of a particular religious and cultural community are known to practice FGM on young girls as part of their beliefs and cultural practice to suppress sexuality. Dr. Nagarwala’s defense team has denied the accusations against her and calls it ‘religious removal.

And what, pray tell, might that “particular and cultural community” be? It’s a mystery, at least to Fox 2.

The defense argued, claiming no female genital mutilation took place, instead, a religious removal of a mucus membrane from the genitals which was wrapped up and given to the parents to bury — a practice they say is performed by a small sect of Indian-based Islam called Dawoodi Bohra.

Really. It shouldn’t take more than a five minute examination by any competent gynecologist to determine whether the “doctors” involved removed a “mucus membrane” or whether their surgical technique, which apparently involved no anesthesia, removed just a bit more. A girl either has a clitoris or she doesn’t. In fact, one would suspect the FBI has already gathered this rather specific and necessary evidence prior to making the arrests. Unfortunately, one can’t be sure of anything relating to the FBI these days, but it’s hard to imagine they’d be that negligent.

Regarding the media, the New York Times, the self-lauded “Newspaper of Record,” a progressive protector of women and the helpless, has boldly announced its determination to protect women from this scourge by refusing to use the phrase “female genital mutilation.” Heat Street reports:

The New York Times systematically removes the phrase “Female Genital Mutilation” from its coverage of the controversial ritual – because it believes the term is ‘culturally loaded” and unfair.’

Instead it refers to ‘genital cutting”’ – a far softer term which is rejected by campaigners against the barbaric practice.

The Times has been doing this for years – but only made its stance explicit when a reader asked the paper to explain the unusual choice of words in a story last week, headlined Michigan Doctor Is Accused of Genital Cutting of 2 Girls.

The article used ‘genital cutting’ ten times. It used ‘female genital mutilation’ once – and only in a direct quotation from a Department of Justice official.

Third World, NYT protected “Genital Cutting” instruments.
credit: the gospelcoalition.org

But of course! It’s absolutely unfair and “culturally loaded” to tell the truth about people who cut out large portions of the genitals of girls and women, against their will, and without anesthetic, in most places in the world, by means of non-sterilized, and not terribly sharp knives and razor blades.  How dare anyone think American culture superior to such cultures!

While I don’t suspect a great many progressives stop by The Manor on a regular basis, I’d surely appreciate comments from any that maintain, after reading this article, American culture is no better than the cultures that mutilate the genitals of girls and women—without anesthesia. We’re inferior to cultures that do this, and then murder their daughters, sisters, wives and mothers if the men in their family imagine—for any or no reason—they have dishonored the men? Please, gentle Progressives, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.  Those of other than the Progressive persuasion are welcome to comment as well, as always.