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Mrs. Manor and I were chatting over supper–our favorite Chinese buffet–this evening about the insanity of the left. Actually, we’re merely seeing, without any attempt at concealment, what they actually are. These are not tolerant, rational, and kindly people, but raving totalitarians. They do not believe in democracy in general, and certainly not in our representative republic.

Oh, as long as they could get their way, they were happy to pretend. After eight years of Barack Obama, they fully expected eight more, after which they would have turned America into Venezuela, a socialist paradise in their own warped image. And then Donald Trump happened.

I have a tentative theory: Susan Rice, and a variety of others, misused intelligence materials to keep an eye on the Trump campaign and transition. Of course they provided at least some information to Hillary Clinton, but did it through multiple cutouts to maintain plausible deniability. Obama’s opening of the spigot, allowing unprecedented distribution of intelligence during the last days of his campaign merely ensured there would be all manner of leaks. We’ll see…

The shock of Hillary’s loss still hasn’t worn off, but it has spurred the left to overt “resistance,” which means doing whatever is necessary to destroy Donald Trump and any attempt to restore the rule of law and faithful adherence to the Constitution. These are not kind, thoughtful, civil people. They are mean, hateful, vicious, and in many ways, stupid.

Perhaps the most recent example of their complete lunacy is provided by the Boston Globe:

So deranged is the Left, the most innocuous actions by Mr. Trump and anyone associated with him are seen as somehow bad, wrong or nefarious. “What’s with the crossed arms?” I’m not sure, but look at that outfit. What’s with the black? Is she a minion of Satan or something? And look at that hair! What’s up with that? I bet she dyes it, and it’s a secret signal to white supremacist fascist cross dressers!

Besides, who besides Melania Trump would ever cross their arms; what kind of deplorable would do such an evil, conservative thing?

Oh. Never mind,