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In two decades of police work, I was fortunate in never having to actually shoot anyone. I came close on many occasions, but was fortunate indeed. Much of my good fortune was good tactics and experience, some just dumb luck. Imagine, however, the situation of a 23 year-old Oklahoma man, alone in his family home, when three masked burglars broke in, armed with deadly weapons.

I suspect most, gentle readers, have heard of the case to which I refer. The young man dispatched all three with single rounds from an AR-15, and will not be facing charges of any kind. At Bearing Arms, where Editor and friend Bob Owens presides, they’ve been kind enough to post Oklahoma: Self-Defense And The Castle Doctrine, which explains why the young man will face no charges, and will not be sued by the survivors of the three juvenile no longer future felons of America.

Andrew Branca, America’s foremost law of self-defense educator, was kind enough to comment (we often make reference to each other). It’s a good basic recitation of the law relating to the use of deadly force, and even for regular readers, perhaps a useful reminder. It may be worth your time.