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Let us, gentle readers, engage in a brief thought experiment. A criminal, through the good graces of a foolish progressive judge, is given a low bail for a charge of rape, obtains a bail bond, and is quickly back out on the street. Being a serial rapist, within days of his release, he rapes a young girl barely out of puberty. What will be the reactions of conservatives and progressives?

Conservatives will be outraged, not only because of the rape of an innocent, but because it could have been prevented. They will reason, reasonably, that had the serial rapist not been released from jail, the child would never have been raped. They will see a direct cause/effect relationship—rapist in jail/no rape; rapist on the streets/rape–and blame the judge who made a mockery of the law and reason.

Progressives will defend the judge. They will ignore the victim and rail about social justice and criminal justice reform. They will, ignoring cause and effect, claim that the rape had nothing whatever to do with the rapist’s easy and rapid release from jail. If the rapist was black or Hispanic, they will cry “racism!” at anyone angry at the rapist and the judge.

I’ve not yet commented on the Maryland case of two illegal immigrants that allegedly brutally raped a 14 year-old girl in a school bathroom. This rape occurred with the backdrop of that particular Maryland County–Montgomery, a liberal bastion–and the state legislature, trying to turn Maryland into a sanctuary state. This is particularly relevant in this case because the two illegal immigrants were actually caught at the border, and because their detention occurred under the Obama Administration, were given a notice to appear before an immigration judge and released. It will shock no one, I suspect, to learn they did not, in fact, appear before an immigration judge.

In this particular case, conservatives, and other rational Americans, are hopping mad. They too see a direct cause/effect relationship, and are just unappreciative of diversity and inclusion enough to think had the two alleged rapists not been illegally in the country, the innocent child would not have been brutally raped. They blame Barack Obama, they blame the Maryland high school where the rape occurred, and they blame the politically correct moral reprobates in Montgomery County, where there are no republican legislators, and the state legislature, trying to ensure that other young girls will be raped in the future by people that are illegally in America, are vehemently unwilling to assimilate, and whose third world cultures all but ensure the future abuse of innocent American girls and women.

It will also surprise no one to learn various Maryland legislators and other apologists for illegal immigrant criminals have asserted the fact the rapists were illegally in the country had nothing to do with the rape. The attorney for the rapists has announced the sex was consensual, his clients are absolutely innocent, and will be exonerated. He apparently has found a text, or texts, from the victim to one of the alleged rapists that suggests she had already engaged in sex with him and wanted more. Even if this were true, it does not mean she could not be raped, and her text did not, apparently, suggest she wanted to take on all comers in every way possible in the stall of boy’s school bathroom. In any case, such texts would obviously make a successful prosecution more difficult. It is also interesting that the 18 year-old boy’s father, also illegally in the country, was recently arrested pending deportation.

The School superintendent, and other school officials and school board members are upset that anyone would think them the least bit complicit, and are indignantly spouting all the usual progressive absurdities that comprise their continuing narrative.

School Superintendent Jack Smith

I write because the school superintendent, in a display of stunning cluelessness, even for a progressive in the predominantly progressive county, has implied that anyone upset about this situation is a racist. Red Alert Politics reports:

The gruesome rape of a 14-year old by two unauthorized immigrants has raised concerns of America’s broken borders even in the very Democratic county of Montgomery, Maryland. The sudden demands by parents to enforce immigration law is not sitting well with liberal elected officials who are pushing back by calling them “racist” and “xenophobic.”

Parents from all over Rockville, including many Democrats, are looking for answers and some are even demanding the county stop granting benefits to unauthorized immigrants.

Montgomery County Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith [his official biography is available here] responded to the parents’ demands by accusing them of being racist, reported Town Hall.

‘While I know this tragic incident has become part of a national political debate, I want to remind community members that the lives of real students have been forever affected,’ Smith wrote in an email on Thursday morning. ‘While many have chosen to engage civilly in the conversation, far too many have crossed the line with racist, xenophobic calls and emails. MCPS is working with law enforcement to identify those who are making threats toward our students and schools. This behavior will not be tolerated in our community.

Ah! So the school district is taking bold and righteous action by trying to sic the police on people upset about the acceptance of some level of crime against, and the rape of, the children in their charge by criminals that should not be in the country in the first place. Why of course such people are racists and xenophobes! What other possible reason could they have for being upset at the two rapists? Surely they would not be the least exercised if the rapists were, say, illegal immigrants from any country other than those south of the border, and were of Caucasian descent? After all, virtually every American thinks the rape of little girls by white people or Asians is just fine, don’t they?

Note too, gentle readers, that school officials apparently have yet to suggest that two male students engaging in oral, vaginal and anal sex–even if entirely consensual–in a boy’s school bathroom during school hours, with a girl 3-4 years younger is a matter of concern.  Even absent rape, is such behavior merely to be expected at Rockville High School?  Or does illegal immigration status excuse such things?

Accused Rapist Henry Sanchez-Milian

And I’m sure it’s completely unreasonable to be upset that essentially adult males from a third world culture who do not speak English are put in the same classes and spaces with 9th grade girls, thereby liberally salting tender sheep among the wolves.

By the way, under Maryland law, such sexual contact, not rape, is within the age of consent as long as the girl is 14-16 and the boy(s) involved are no more than 4 years older.  Nice.

News accounts have suggested the students at that high school speak at least 19 separate languages. I can’t imagine how the faculty can possibly deal with that situation. Actually I can: they can’t. No school possibly could and keep adequate control over the students, to say nothing of effectively educating them, as the rape of the girl directly suggests.

It is a particular irony to note that it is the progressive cities and states in America that are most welcoming to illegal immigrants, and that are hurrying to virtual signal by declaring themselves, in the finest mid 1800s confederate states fashion, sanctuary cities and states, immune from federal immigration law. By throwing wide their arms, and their public treasuries to illegals, who by their very presence in America are criminals, they are not only ensuring a higher rate of problems due to illegal drug trafficking, but a higher rate of all manner of crimes against the law abiding, including, tragically, the rape of innocent girls.

Are all illegal immigrants rapists and other sorts of criminals? Certainly not. It’s likely most are not. All people of good will must feel empathy for those fleeing their native lands to better provide for their families. However, the fact remains they are breaking the law by their very presence in America. Those that are criminals would not be victimizing Americans were they not here. Their presence in America allows their own nations to ignore the difficult reforms that would provide human rights and jobs for their people, while sucking billions out of the American economy. Those that enable people to illegally enter and remain in America are not morally superior and virtuous. Rather, they are contributing to the destruction of the rule of law, and are complicit in every bit of social degradation and crime their misplaced values enable.

To be sure, no one can predict with absolute certainty who will or will not commit a crime, however, when our immigration system does nothing to so much as inquire who might be a criminal, when people illegally entering the country are not captured and deported, when people ordered to appear before an immigration judge are not arrested when they fail to appear, when school officials put men from rape cultures among adolescent girls, it does not take a great deal of intellect to predict bad things will happen. And there remains that one, nagging fact: people not in America can’t commit crimes in America. The 14 year-old girl need never have been raped.

And what of people from south of the border that have legally immigrated, that have learned the language and assimilated, people who contribute to their communities rather than parasitically drain their resources? Such people are also less then thrilled with the rapists and the Maryland progressives, because the gang members, drug dealers and other illegal criminals tend to prey on their neighbors as well. They want their little girls to be safe in America’s schools. Are they racists? Xenophobes?

People like Dr. Smith, who think themselves well-intentioned and particularly virtuous, are instead contributing to the destruction of the social fabric, the rule of law, and are smugly and blithely operating not schools, but day care for people who care nothing for American culture, and less for the safety of the children upon which they prey.  Defending such anti-social actions, to say nothing of illegal immigration and gang vaginal, anal and oral rape, is not virtue but delusion and support for the most vicious crimes.

It is also ironic to note that progressives, particularly feminists, think all men, particularly white men, rapists, and constantly rail against the “rape culture.” Where are they when the alleged rapists are illegally in the country? Are illegals any less male, any less inherent rapists?  Perhaps the accused are innocent of rape–there’s that whole gang sex in a school bathroom stall thing, though–but they are not innocent of violating America’s immigration laws.

If these observations make me a racist and xenophobe, where do I sign up for my membership card? And where do I go to ensure people like Smith and other illegal criminal enablers are prohibited from having anything to do with children?