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Rex Tillerson ignoring and abusing State Department employees
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The Washington Post, The Associated Press, The New York Times, are examples of former news organizations that have, in the last year or so, turned into wholly own propaganda subsidiaries of the Democrat Party, dedicated entirely to doing whatever is necessary to destroy the Trump Administration. Thus far, all they’ve succeeded in doing is destroying the public’s faith in their reporting, and in the truthfulness and usefulness of the media in general. Another excellent example of the truth of this assertion is a story by Ann Gearan, Carol Morello and Julie Tate of the WaPo, breathlessly reporting that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is behaving like Hillary Clinton:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson takes a private elevator to his palatial office on the seventh floor of the State Department building, where sightings of him are rare on the floors below.

On many days, he blocks out several hours on his schedule as “reading time,” when he is cloistered in his office poring over the memos he prefers ahead of in-person meetings.

Most of his interactions are with an insular circle of political aides who are new to the State Department. Many career diplomats say they still have not met him, and some have been instructed not to speak to him directly — or even make eye contact.

“His palatial office.” Hamm. Has Tillerson already completely rebuilt the tiny, Spartan, business-like, functional quarters of his predecessors–Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, turning them into a ostentatiously palatial office? I’m afraid not. Tillerson inherited what the Democrats that came before him built. There have been no reports whatever of lavish rebuilding of that office, or of any facilities used by Tillerson, something the WaPo surely would not have failed to use to attack him.

Tillerson is “cloistered in his office,” reading? Let us, gentle readers, assume this is accurate. Would it be barely possible a new Secretary of State might have a little bit of reading to catch up on? Would it also be possible a significant portion of such reading was sensitive, even highly classified, requiring him to view it in controlled settings, such as his office? This Tillerson is a madman!

People can’t speak directly to Tillerson or make eye contact with him? Hmm. That sounds exactly like Hillary Clinton, not only in the White House, but during her majesty’s runs for office. Reliable sources that have never been debunked revealed that military officers, white house staffers, maintenance staff and others–including the Secret Service–were ordered to hide if they saw her coming, and never to address her directly. During her last presidential run, so abusive and haughty was she, so hated by the Secret Service, assignment to her Secret Service detail was considered punishment.

“Political aides who are new to the State Department?” Well, if one is going to drain one of the worst swamps in DC… Some career diplomats haven’t met Tillerson? Gee, how long has this guy been secretary of State anyway?

Eight weeks into his tenure as President Trump’s top diplomat, the former ExxonMobil chief executive is isolated, walled off from the State Department’s corps of bureaucrats in Washington and around the world. His distant management style has created growing bewilderment among foreign officials who are struggling to understand where the United States stands on key issues. It has sown mistrust among career employees at State, who swap paranoid stories about Tillerson that often turn out to be untrue. And it threatens to undermine the power and reach of the State Department, which has been targeted for a 30 percent funding cut in Trump’s budget.

Many have expressed alarm that Tillerson has not fought harder for the agency he now leads.

Let’s apply a bit of logic to this, shall we gentle readers? Rex Tillerson managed one of the most successful, global companies in history. Is it remotely possible he could have behaved as the WaPo is describing? Even Matt Lee, a reporter at the AP, has confirmed the WaPo’s story is false, and he’s not alone. I have no doubt some State Department employees are swapping false and paranoid stories about Tillerson. It has been reported 99% of State Department employees donate only to Democrats. Golly! Could that have anything to do with the “mistrust” of which the WaPo speaks? Foreign officials always “struggle to understand the policies of every new administration, and cutting 30% of State’s budget and dramatically downsizing it are features, not bugs. However, for statists, any diminishment of the power and size of the Federal Government is always a cause for alarm. “Progress” requires an ever-growing, and ever more powerful federal workforce. Mr. Trump was voted into office on promises of shrinking the size of government. He is keeping his promises, and to that end, he is hiring people that share his ideology. I don’t recall the WaPo whining when Barack Obama appointed Hillary Clinton or John Kerry SecState.

Rep. Eliot L. Engel (N.Y.), the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Tillerson called him after the proposed cuts were announced. Engel said Tillerson seemed to share Engel’s concern that the cuts are ‘draconian’ and counterproductive. But Engel said Tillerson seemed to signal his acquiescence when he called them ‘a glide path to what was about to happen.’

‘I’m chagrined by what’s happening, or not happening,’ Engel said.

‘When you put it all together, it certainly seems they’re trying to downsize the State Department and make it irrelevant. I’m at a loss for words. Why would Tillerson take the job if he was not going to defend his agency?

Well Rep. Engel, perhaps that could be because Tillerson believes one shouldn’t defend unnecessary and wasteful practices and personnel? Perhaps because he is part of an administration working to return power to the people and the states, something I recall from the Tenth Amendment:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

There is nothing in the Constitution mandating the size or power of the Department of State. It is completely legitimate for the President, the head of the executive branch–that is in the Constitution–to make that determination. Engle does, however, cover all the anti-Trump, anti-liberty bases. He’s worried about what the Trump administration is doing, and what it’s not doing. How dare Trump reduce the size of government by doing things and not doing things! Has he no shame?

The WaPo notes the British ambassador doesn’t share its alarmism about the new administration, and in fact, is quite comfy with Tillerson. ‘Still, the secretary of state is visibly uncomfortable with the vast infrastructure and expectations of public diplomacy that come with his new role.

Really. And the WaPo knows this how, exactly? I’m not seeing any direct quotes from Tillerson, nor direct quotes from his speeches or writings. The WaPo was always able to discern George W. Bush’s thoughts and intentions without the annoying intermediate step of actually speaking with him or producing any, you know, evidence. Perhaps they can do the same with President Trump and everyone that works for him.

For weeks, a rumor circulated in Foggy Bottom — an informal name for the department — that Tillerson was ripping up a grand adjacent office on ‘Mahogany Row’ to install a warren of cubicles for White House-approved political aides who could bypass department employees. According to the senior Tillerson aide, the story was untrue. The secretary is merely converting the office into a conference room, the aide said, intended to be a place where he can convene the sort of strategy sessions he found useful when gaming out oil deals and profit plans at Exxon.

So the story is “untrue.” Why would the WaPo be reporting it then? And why would he be building a conference room? Hasn’t he fired, or not hired, just about everybody at the DOS? Isn’t he ignoring them all?

Tillerson charmed employees on his first day on the job with a pledge to listen and learn — ‘Hi, I’m the new guy,’ he said then — but the ensuing weeks suggest that the former executive’s boardroom sensibilities are an awkward fit for the diplomatic salon.

Ah yes. The “diplomatic salon” has served America so well during the last eight years. China’s military buildup is an imminent threat. Itan’s military buildup and its continual sponsorship of world-wide terror is an imminent threat. North Korea–well, there isn’t a second they’re not an imminent threat. We’ve convinced our allies they can’t depend on us, and convinced our enemies they have nothing to fear from us. Perhaps some new “sensibilities” are in order.

Tillerson has opted to scrap at least two senior jobs formerly housed on the seventh floor, including that of department counselor, the Tillerson aide said. Some secretaries have used that job as a kind of in-house truth-teller, someone empowered to tell the boss she or he is making a mistake. Other secretaries of state have used the counselor to act as a surrogate, or like Tillerson, opted not to fill the position at all.

Uh, some SecStates haven’t filled the position at all. So why is the WaPo mentioning it, unless the point is to suggest Tillerson is somehow behaving outrageously, as outrageously as previous secretaries of state?

Rumors that Tillerson does not plan to fill the many vacancies at the assistant-secretary level are not true, the aide said. But a lack of guidance from Tillerson since he arrived Feb. 2 has fostered a sense among career diplomats that they are considered an obstacle to change, one department official said.

‘We’re rooting for our secretary of state to come around, and trying to figure out a way to convince him we do work for administrations of both parties,’ the official said.

Are you now? Considering most of the federal bureaucracy, and the Department of State has been no exception, is doing everything possible to sabotage Mr. Trump and his entire administration, that’s rather a questionable statement. It’s more likely they’re “rooting” for Tillerson to become the kind of anti-liberty, anti-American demagogue to which they have been accustomed, and to which they believe they are entitled. Perhaps the best way to convince Tillerson they do work for administrations of both parties is to actually work for administrations of both parties.

Tillerson has told employees that he will travel less than previous secretaries did and will take a smaller, faster plane that is more like the corporate jets of his former life. The government plane he is using this week in Europe has room for fewer than a dozen staff members, perhaps half the contingent that customarily traveled with recent predecessors.

No official note-taker accompanied him on a recent trip, so senior aides did the job to have a record of his talks with foreign ministers, according to a congressional aide.

What!? Tillerson is using a smaller, more fuel efficient aircraft? He can’t take a multitude of hangers-on? “Senior aides” have been forced to actually work? What kind of madman is this Tillerson? The WaPo’s closing paragraphs provide a glimpse into the depths of insanity and pretention that is Tillerson:

On Thursday, Tillerson held his first visit with State Department employees abroad, at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, where he appeared to acknowledge some dissent in the ranks when he urged ‘honest’ confrontation of differing opinions.

‘That’s how we come to a better decision in all that we do. And only if we do that can we then be honest with all of our partners and allies around the world as well. And still, I mean, we’re going to have our differences, but we’re going to be very honest and open about those, so at least we understand them.

See? See! The WaPo told you! Tillerson is a loose cannon, a lunatic! What kind of radical conservative anti-statist heretic would suggest people should be honest about disagreements? In a properly run Department of State, there would be no disagreements!

Draining the DC swamp will be a long and viciously contested affair. People used to being paid a great deal, having expansive perks, little or no supervision, doing little or no work, and being able to use the powers of government to harass and damage their political enemies, and the little people, will not quietly submit to becoming the servants of the very people they disdain and abhor.

It is articles like this that have all but destroyed the reputation of the press for honesty. Despite the fact that even the AP, among the most blatantly and deceptively anti-Trump media outlets has exposed the WaPo’s reporting as false, it will be referred to and touted as truth from this day forward. Why would anyone, other than, of course, radical leftists, believe anything the progressive media have to say? Why would anyone fail to believe the media are, in fact, enemies of America?