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Often, reading the work of others, such as my colleague and pal, Bookworm,  gives me ideas for articles. Nearly as often, comments by readers do the same, such as this one by nunnyadayambiddness:

Something that I have been noticing for some time now, related to firearms and the general mood and behaviors in the recent past:

The MSM has been faithfully and exhaustively reporting on all the violence and fear that the Trump election has ‘caused.’ These riots, errr, um, peaceful protests, have all occurred in cities that are controlled by Regressive DemonRats and use their FSA (Free Sh*t Army) and paid agitators. No surprise there. I find it interesting to note that none of these shenanigans and efforts are expended in majority White, Conservative, Republican, well armed and prepared, Free areas.

What I take from this observation, is that while there is plenty of drama to go around, it is mostly (or entirely so far) centered in areas of Leftist control and influence.

Therefore, while concerning, as it should not be allowed anywhere in the USA, it is really not as big a deal as the MSM would like the rest of the world to believe it is. Most of America, the producing parts, are ready, willing, and able to handle this childish BS should the time ever come.

It is an article of faith among the forces of the Left, and of course, the media must be included in this, that Donald Trump has unleashed right wing hell on Earth. White supremacists, haters of Jews, racists, misogynists, haters of the LGBTQWERTY community (whatever it might be or demand to be called at the moment), kickers of puppies, and people who help little old ladies across the street—into traffic—are not only the blood kin of Donald Trump and every American who voted for such a loathsome creature, but have been given presidential leave to rampage across America attacking the righteous. Republicans and conservatives– they’re all too often not the same thing as the Republican Obamacare repeal bill that isn’t a repeal bill has demonstrated—must also be included in any list of deplorables. Yet, as nunnyadayambiddness notes, this sort of crime and social breakdown tends to be concentrated in deep blue portions of the nation.

Unfortunately for the left, Mr. Trump is not cooperating. He has done nothing any reasonable person could mistake for prejudice toward anyone. True, he has honored his campaign promises, and very confused men can no longer go pee pee in women’s restroomsi with impunity. This, to the left, is unmistakable evidence that Trump hates all LGBTQWERTY– or whichever pronoun or acronym they prefer today–people. To rational human beings, this engenders (pun) only a sigh of relief, particularly among men, who won’t have to worry about strange (another pun) men showing up in the restrooms frequented by their wives, mothers and daughters. In addition, Mr. Trump’s new immigration executive order creates an honor killing database for the first time in American—probably world—history. That is exclusively a women’s issue, but the Left cares not, because it is Muslims who do the killing, and they apparently can do no wrong to women. The enemy of my enemy and all that.

Oh, but there have been violent and evil attacks on the righteous across the nation! Poop swastikas have been smeared in college bathrooms! Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized! Microaggressions are everywhere! Young college women have been harassed and attacked by evil Trump supporters! They’re everywhere; they’re everywhere! There just aren’t enough safe spaces! Play Doh and fluffy puppies are also in short supply.

It is therefore interesting to note that virtually every one of these incidents, when actually investigated by competent authorities, were almost invariably the lies of leftists, who lamely explain they were trying to “start a conversation” about the evils of people that would do the kinds of things they did to demonstrate the kinds of things the evil right wingers would do if the evil right wingers actually ever did that sort of thing. Some of these crimes are committed by actual leftist thugs and criminals for the purpose of blaming Republicans, who tend to be at work, making a living and raising families when such things occur.

Mylana (the one with the breasts) and Micky

In the field of education, female teachers in some parts of the country abruptly decided, on March 8th—my birthday—to show those evil Trump supporters what America would be like without women, so they decided to hell with their students! They were going to protest, because Trump! Fortunately, most female teachers in most places actually believe in education and the responsibilities they owe their students and communities. Should they be moved to protest, they’ll do it, as they always have done, on weekends. Actually, I’m pretty triggered and microaggressed against by that situation. After all, my birthday is pretty much a sacred day of remembrance and solidarity with the brothers and sisters also born on March 8th, like Micky Dolenz of the Monkees, Milana Vayntrub (the very busty young lady in the AT&T commercials, not that I’d notice a thing like that—I mean the busty part, not the AT&T part; I notice that) and Jurina Matsui, who I don’t know at all, but she’s cute; see what I mean?  March 8th really ought to be a national holiday, don’t you think, gentle readers?

Jurina Matsui (cutie)

Where was I?  Oh yes: it’s fascinating that many of the groups that are supposedly enlisted in the Trump army of hate and general not-niceness, actually hate each other. It’s equally fascinating to note that virtually no one has ever seen a protest or riot caused by white supremacists, and those few that have, witnessed very small, and quickly fizzled affairs sponsored by lunatics, people scorned in polite society. I don’t believe anyone has ever seen a protest or march of any import against LGBTQWERTY beings, as folks on the right pretty much want to be left alone, and are happy to return the favor to everyone else, including LGBTQWERTY/ (insert acronym or pronoun here) entities. The same is true of all of the other haters supposedly integral to “Trump!” I don’t recall ever seeing men marching with signs reading “women are icky,” or “pussy hats and walking vaginas are stupid,” though I’d probably pay good money to see that one. They could dress up like walking penises, but that would be redundant, as leftist women think that’s what men are anyway.

Another interesting observation is the supposed violence that is in the genes of the not-Obama/left types doesn’t seem to manifest very much in, you know, actual violence. To be sure, there are, upon rare occasions, a few nuts, who may actually be more or less on the right—it’s hard to be sure because they usually wear masks, hoodies, gas masks, etc.–doing a bit of minor violence at leftist marches and protests. I’m sure this is very disconcerting to leftists, who might find themselves momentarily prevented from assaults, looting, general vandalism, arson and the like. I mean, what’s this country coming to if you can’t commit crimes without worrying about being attacked by the law-abiding, and even arrested by the police! I’m sure they’re also upset right wingers are stealing their radical chic fashions. And it’s all because Trump!

Seriously, when, gentle readers, was the last time you saw actual, easily identified Republicans or conservatives looting, assaulting the peaceful, committing arson, blocking freeways, and screaming obscenities at the non-offensive? I’m sure if such things existed, the media would delight in running video on a never-ending loop, but thus far, no joy.

Also conspicuously absent is “gun violence.” Leftists delight in suggesting that the free exercise of the Second Amendment will inevitably result in blood running in the streets. Whenever a state has considered concealed carry by the law abiding, the left has screamed that minor traffic accidents would result in wild west gunplay. The slightest disagreement would result in epic gun battles. The same apocalyptic predictions were made for constitutional carry or open carry. It is no surprise to the law-abiding that the law-abiding are law-abiding, and no such horrors have ever come to pass. No state that adopted a shall-issue concealed carry law has ever revoked it, and honest leftists (I know; it’s a near oxymoron) have been forced to admit they were wrong. Those with concealed carry licenses have been found to be far more law-abiding than the public at large, which is unsurprising. They are, after all, willing to spend time and money to obtain those licenses, even though they might consider such things unconstitutional. Criminals tend not to obey the law, which is why we call them criminals.

All good leftists know law-abiding Americans are dangerous lunatics, armed to the teeth, and just waiting for the chance to shoot somebody. In fact, many believe firearms have magical, evil—no doubt, Trump-inspired—powers, which can impel their owners, or even casual passersby, to take them up and shoot the innocent. Imagine their distress when mass shooters almost invariably turn out to be radical Islamists—who they love—or registered Democrats. At the least, such shooters virtually never have any connection to conservatives, and certainly no connection to Donald Trump.

How is it, then, that people that support Donald Trump, the rule of law, and the Constitution—essentially, equal rights for all—are such white supremacists, haters of Jews, racists, misogynists, haters of the LGBTQWERTY community, etc? Wouldn’t all those haters also hate the rule of law and equal justice for all? Of course they would and do. This tends to cause cognitive dissonance in the minds of the left, so they do what all good leftists do: they ignore it, cry “Trump! and “racist!” and go about their business attacking all the evil people they just know are about to put them in concentration camps and do all other manner of evil to them, though such evil never seems to materialize.

And what about all those guns? How is it the evil Trump supporters never seem to bring their guns to the protests and marches they don’t have, and never seem to use them against the virtuous minions of the Left, who certainly coincidently, seem to be the people present at marches and protests the evil Trumpers don’t seem to have? How is it gunfire only seems to break out at demonstrations by the left? It must be because Trump!

The Left is right about one thing, however: the evil potential violence of the Right, which doesn’t seem to materialize no matter how evil it might someday be, must be stopped, or else Donald Trump might be successful in returning America to the observance of the Constitution, forcing big government within its constitutional limits and restoring the rule of law and equal justice for all.

The horror.