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Regular readers know I’ve been reporting on the Erik Scott case since shortly after his death on July 10, 2010 at the hands of three panicky, malicious Las Vegas cops. The case archive is available here. As a part of the aftermath of that unimaginable tragedy and loss for the Scott family, I came to know Bill and Linda Scott and the rest of the family. Better people don’t exist.

As you may also know, Bill and I have assisted best-selling author Stephen Coonts in writing a non-fiction book about Erik’s murder, which we’re seeking to have published.

I write to let you know Bill suffered a heart attack yesterday. Things apparently looked pretty grim then, but he’s improving today, and will certainly be in ICU for awhile. Your thoughts, and more importantly, prayers will be much appreciated.  We all need to keep Bill around to see that book published.

UPDATE, 0316-17 2140, CST:  Bill called me today.  Last week, overnight, he had a 50/50 chance of not being here, today, he’s home and recovering nicely after have 20 restarts and a few new parts installed.  It was mighty good to hear his voice, calm, normal and strong.  Thanks, gentle readers, from Bill and me, for your prayerful assistance.