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screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-11-24-57-amI’ve no doubt that soon, if it hasn’t already happened, Democrats, and the Media (I know: I repeat myself) will be castigating President Trump, claiming he is demanding the Congress investigate Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for meeting with Russians. I know a great many folks are humor-challenged, and the aforementioned Democrats and the Media are equally truth challenged, which, when the understanding of humor is involved, is a serious disability. So, as a public service, I present this very brief lesson in understanding humor.

Satire: noun. A form of humor where one makes fun of individuals or institutions by exaggeration, or by telling the truth about them.


The most effective political satire normally consists of simply telling the truth about what politicians say or do, such as the case of Democrat Representative Hank Johnson, who, during a congressional hearing, expressed the fear that if too many military personnel were on the island of Guam at the same time, the island would tip over and capsize.

This is funny, you see, because Guam is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Islands are just the tops of undersea mountains, so for Guam–or any island–to capsize, the entire mountain, which is much bigger, more massive, and wider at the bottom than at the top, would have to uproot from the sea floor and turn over. This is impossible, and Rep. Johnson honestly didn’t know that. He didn’t know what school children learn in elementary school, and he’s a Congressman. Therefore his lack of knowledge, added to his stating it in public, in a very sincere, though stupid, way, is funny. It’s very ironic that someone like this would be a Congressman, and even more ironic the voters in his district would keep electing him every two years, but that’s another article.

Not Funny: noun. When one has to explain, in detail, something that’s funny.


So. The media and Democrats (you know) have, for some time, been accusing Mr. Trump, members of his administration, his dog, his son, the doorman at Trump Tower, people who wait on him in restaurants, White House tour ushers, and everyone who has ever thought of voting Republican, of “collusion” with the Russians. One confused Democrat actually accused the Russians of colluding with the Russians. That was probably Nancy Pelosi, right after she said we have to repeal Obamacare to find out what’s in it.

Colllusion: noun. Whenever a Republican says “hi, how are you doing,” to a Russian, or anyone else Democrats can use to sic the press on said Republicans.

In that context, Mr. Trump made an absurd charge–

Absurd: noun. Any statement so outrageous and obviously exaggerated or false considering the context, no sentient being could possibly mistake it for the truth, except Democrats and the press, who eat this kind of thing for breakfast.

–because Senator Schumer and Senator Pelosi have been accusing Mr. Trump, et al, of colluding with Russians while claiming they, and other politicians, would never meet with Russians. It took only a few minutes for the photo heading this article of Ms. Pelosi, who has apparently been wearing the same white outfit she wore at Mr. Trump’s recent address to a joint session of Congress, since 2010, to surface, and mirable dictu (wonderful to tell)! there was Ms. Pelosi talking to Russians!

Therefore her statements about Mr. Trump and his dog were “false”–

False: noun. What comes out of Democrat’s mouths when their lips are moving.

–so Mr. Trump satirized Ms. Pelosi false statements by making an equally false, but obviously absurd statement, in effect, calling Ms. Pelosi and Senator Schumer liars, but making fun of their absurd lies through the use of clever satire.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.57.52 PM

This is what is known as “funny.”

Funny: adj. statements that provoke amusement or laughter, particularly when no one has to explain them. 2) Most Democrats lack the humor gene, or often pretend they do, except when they’re ridiculing Republicans–or everyday Americans–on illicit servers and e-mail messages.

Just to make certain it’s clear, Mr. Trump is not actually calling for an investigation of Pelosi and Schumer for speaking to Russians. They’re politicians, and particularly as Democrats, they speak to enemies of America all the time. In fact, they are enemies of America all the time. He’s just pointing out, using satire, how ridiculous they are, not that they don’t do that to themselves merely by opening their mouths, but Mr. Trump is helpful that way. Ha-ha.

Thank you, gentle readers, for your attention to this vital public service message. That’s SMM: explaining what other blogs won’t.