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trump-promisesWhat are we to make of the contemporary and apparently near-universal insanity affecting progressives/Democrats/leftists, etc (communists and socialists are permanently insane)? Not only is the minority party in Congress dedicated to opposing functioning democratic federal government because Trump, they’re talking impeachment of former President Bush. Actually, that’s true, but a Freudian slip by a Democrat congress critter for whom all Republicans are, by virtue of being Republicans, fit for impeachment. They’re pretty much interchangeable, don’t you know, just cookie-cutter targets on the Democrat firing range. But many leftists are going far beyond talk of impeachment for a president only a few weeks in office, and who has done nothing other than work within the law (granted, that alone must be a jarring adjustment for people used to defining the law as whatever they say it is). Some are even suggesting they can’t wait until 2018 when Democrats will retake Washington DC, rushing in like a mighty river of leftist social justice self-importance. No, they’re actually talking military coups, as John Hinderaker of Powerline writes:

The Democratic Party has gone off the rails. We are now seeing serious (apparently) contemplation of a military coup as the solution to the Donald Trump ‘crisis.’ And it isn’t just comedians either, although liberals seem to get their news largely from comedians these days. The liberal Foreign Policy features an essay by Georgetown law professor and former ‘senior advisor at the U.S. State Department’ Rosa Brooks, on how to ‘get rid of President Trump before 2020.’

Because a four-year term is too long to wait. [skip]

Well of course! All government is illegitimate that does not exist to serve the interests of progressives. Former President Obama expressed this sentiment often in saying he could not wait for the Congress to act, so he would use his magic progressive pen and phone to do the people’s progressive business. Who can wait for such trifles as debate, careful consideration of major legislation and the separation of powers when progressive principle is involved?


How, exactly, are liberals going to ‘get rid of’ our president without waiting until the next election? To her credit, Brooks doesn’t advocate assassination. She notes the possibility of impeachment, but admits that can’t happen until the Democrats take over Congress, no sooner than 2018. That’s too late! Plan B is the 25th Amendment, which, among other things, provides for a transition in power if the president should become disabled…[skip]

Brooks hypothesizes that Mike Pence and a majority of President Trump’s cabinet might certify that Trump is disabled–by reason of insanity, apparently–and install Pence as Acting President. I guess it truly is morning in America, if liberals are fantasizing about having Mike Pence as president.

This would seem to make no sense, but if one considers the ultimate aim of progressives is ever and always to seize and retain power above all else, it makes perfect sense.

This brings us to the ultimate solution: a military coup!

The fourth possibility is one that until recently I would have said was unthinkable in the United States of America: a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders. …

The prospect of American military leaders responding to a presidential order with open defiance is frightening — but so, too, is the prospect of military obedience to an insane order. After all, military officers swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not the president. For the first time in my life, I can imagine plausible scenarios in which senior military officials might simply tell the president: ‘No, sir. We’re not doing that,’ to thunderous applause from the New York Times editorial board.

As Spock used to say: “fascinating.” The mere suggestion of a military coup demonstrates conclusively how far divorced from reality Democrats are. Our armed services have, as part of their DNA, the holy writ of civilian control of the military. A coup in America would require the repudiation of every oath every member of the military ever took. That issue was handled in Stephen Coonts’ most recent novel, Liberty’s Last Stand, which dealt with a rogue, very familiar sounding, leftist president declaring martial law and establishing a dictatorship. In that world, the military essentially refused to take sides and stood down, letting the issue be resolved by civilians and the political process. Regardless of their political inclinations, they all refused to fire on civilians. If you have not, gentle readers, read that book, and the other of Coonts’ works, you’re missing one of our finest storytellers, and Americans are a story telling people.

Coups are the province of people that wish to suspend the Constitution, not those that revere it and swear to uphold and defend it with their very lives. With few notable exceptions, one of whom Mr. Obama pardoned on the way out the door, our military members take their oath to the Constitution to be a matter of deadly seriousness. This brings us to Donald Trump.

Leftists hate and fear Trump not because he intends to destroy the Constitution—America just survived eight years of that—but because he intends to restore it, and in just his first few weeks in office, he has made impressive—and to leftists, alarming—progress in doing just that.

General Mattis credit: taskandpurpose

General Mattis
credit: taskandpurpose

Mr. Trump also intends to restore our military, and to properly honor and take care of the men and women that comprise it. His cabinet choices, many of who are former, well-respected generals, his rhetoric, and his early actions speak unmistakably to that determination.

Like dogs, our military members can tell when a president actually cares about them. Mr. Obama constantly lined up unwilling soldiers behind him for his Castro-like speeches, unsmiling camoed props for his greater glory. His minions even routinely handed out cheap digital cameras to soldiers so they could in turn be photographed photographing the great, dear leader.

credit: AP/Scott Applewhite

credit: AP/Scott Applewhite

George W. Bush, however, walked the walk and talked the talk. When he appeared in Iraq on Thanksgiving, unannounced, the troop’s genuine and spontaneous love for him stunned and enraged leftists, who were reduced to accusing him of posing with a fake turkey (it wasn’t). When he was photographed walking the deck of an aircraft carrier with fighter pilots while decked out as a fighter pilot, the left went into a towering rage, provoked by the fact that Mr. Bush, who was an actual military fighter pilot, and among the best in an antiquated and dangerous jet, knew how to wear the gear and looked at ease in it, unlike Michael Dukakis in an M1 Tank. In fact, Mr. Bush even took the controls of the Navy jet that ferried him to the carrier.


Mr. Trump has inherited a military in crisis. The Navy is operating a fleet smaller than any since the end of WWII. Many of its ships are ancient and crumbling, and it struggles to keep even half of its aircraft in the air. The Marines have been reduced to picking over aircraft boneyards to find parts for its front line fighter aircraft, and the Air Force is operating a fleet of outdated aircraft also difficult to keep in the sky. Military morale is poor, and our military is smaller than it has been in decades as the threats they face increase every day. It is only Mr. Trump’s election that has given our military hope and the possibility of restoration to a necessary state of readiness and respect.

And Ms. Brooks imagines the military would stage a coup against Donald Trump? A coup to restore to power the very people they know hate and fear them? A coup to put into power people that hate America and the Constitution? A coup that would empower the very people that embrace America’s enemies and hate and do all they can to harm her democratic allies? Every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine knows America exists only as long as the Constitution exists and is honored. To suggest they would ally themselves with people who seek to destroy the Constitution is lunatic wishful thinking, and a complete lack of understanding of the nature of our military, and of our most patriotic Americans.

To be sure, there are people in the military—and in federal law enforcement–that would side with such anti-American despots, but there would never be a sufficient number to turn the tide against liberty.

These people truly are insane and living in an alternate reality. Hinderaker concludes:

It is easy to laugh at the current hysteria in the Democratic Party, and, perhaps, it is a moral duty to do so. But we are learning something very ugly about liberals. All that talk about democracy? Forget it. Their interest is in power, period. I seriously think they would throw us conservatives in jail if they had the opportunity. The Democratic Party, as currently constituted, must never achieve power again.

The Obama years were a necessary step in the evolution off progressive totalitarianism. Progressives loved the power seized by Mr. Obama on their behalf. They loved it as a psychopathic killer loves his work. They came to see it as a permanent condition, as their birthright. And when Hillary Clinton, who would have maintained that grip on illegitimate power, failed, their worlds collapsed. Power, for them, is a religion, an aphrodisiac. Now, having lost it on a national scale, and to, of all people, Trump!? No wonder they’re going berserk.


This unexpected—to them and the media—development, this disruption in the necessary and rightful evolution of the human species, requires ever more extreme, and inevitably violent, steps to restore the natural balance. Democrats in Congress will work with Mr. Trump only to the extent they believe they must to achieve reelection. Should Democrats fail to regain control of the Senate or House in 2018, they will become even more desperate and violent.

Hinderaker is right. The next iteration of absolute Democrat power could easily see the political opposition imprisoned, martial law declared and the Constitution suspended or abandoned. As much as some Democrats pretend to oppose Russia, they are adopting traditional Russian tactics. It’s the next logical step, and contemporary leftists are working themselves up to it. I say this not because I think the Republican Party possessed of all virtue. Many of our federal representatives are criminals, cowards and opportunists who wouldn’t recognize the Constitution if it fell out of the sky and landed at their feet. Our only choice for national and individual survival, and for the survival of western civilization, is government that holds the Constitution as the highest law of the land, and that does what is necessary, within the law, to uphold the rule of law. That’s not Democrats.

They are stupid and unbalanced enough not to understand—or care—that the American people—they don’t see themselves as American—will not put up with their antics, and eventually, when the provocation is too great, will fight back, will use violence against violence. They won’t wait for law enforcement; they won’t wait for the federal government; they’ll end the protests and take out the criminals one to one, then and there. Only then will progressives come to realize—and for many it will be too late—Americans know how to fight, and never fight with greater ferocity and result then when defending their homes, those they love and liberty.

Ms. Brooks and those like her would be wise to restrain their tongues and to reintegrate themselves into the reality of democratic principles. I won’t be holding my breath, but I, like untold millions of patient Americans, will be preparing.