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The Forum, Rome, Italy credit: wikipedia.en

The Forum, Rome, Italy
credit: wikipedia.en

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s Question: What Will President Barack Obama’s Legacy Be?


Don Surber: President Obama went in as the first black man elected president. That is his only positive accomplishment.He also was a pretty good celebrity.

Domestically, he wasted nearly a trillion dollars on a stimulus that stimulated nothing.

The poverty rate is a two full points higher than when he took office, and we have 95 million people not seeking work. Granted two-thirds are retirees on Social Security, that is an overwhelming number that reflects the lowest participation of males 25-54 since the Depression.

Obamacare failed because he failed to include Republicans in its drafting. A 67 votes to cloister rule would have forced that in the Senate, as it did in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Everett Dirksen got it modified and passed.He spent $30 trillion, one third of it was borrowed. Most of it went to welfare programs, not infrastructure.

Internationally, he armed Iran, and North Korea, and recognized Cuba without seeking one concession. The Middle East is a mess, and its refugees have overrun Europe.

He is an obstinate, ignorant, lazy Narcissist who will spend the rest of his life fomenting a race war and pushing a revisionist history to cover for his failure.

Now what does that tell you about McCain and Romney? They were so incompetent that they could not defeat this cardboard leader. The media was against them? President Trump proved that excuse is as weak as those candidates were. Blaming the media is now shown to be the Republican equivalent of Russian hacking.

I do not hate Obama. He has been my president although I did not vote for him. He failed to exceed my low expectations. But after watching this election, I realize Obama was far superior to anyone else who ran in 2008 or 2012. And Biden was a nice choice as VP as he offset Obama’s instinct to punish. Three decades in the Senate taught Biden the benefits of collegiality. America deserved better in 2008 but Cheney would not run.

Fausta’s Blog: Only time will tell.

I’ve always felt that a legacy is best observed fifty years later. Right now we’re only looking at immediate consequences.

Stately McDaniel Manor: Barack Obama’s legacy is one of destruction. Some suggesting the mere fact that he, a black man, was elected president, is a grand legacy must temper that hasty belief with the reality that he used race as a bludgeon against not only his political enemies, but the American people. It’s difficult to know which of those groups he hates worse.

Mr. Obama set back race relations and progress by decades. His reflexive exaltation of the worst elements in society against societal, civilizational norms will continue to cause damage for years to come, damage that may never be entirely repaired. He will be remembered as our most racist president.

By weaponizing and politicizing most governmental agencies, Mr. Obama has all but destroyed citizen respect for government. Americans now believe, with more than sufficient grounds, the federal government is their enemy. It actively seeks to harm them and destroy the Constitution.

Mr. Obama’s war on the police has born bitter fruit. The primary victims are the poor, black residents of inner cities, but respect for law enforcement is at new lows, as is police officer’s ability to do their jobs.

Mr. Obama has badly crippled the economy and seeded every federal agency, and the federal judiciary, with socialist/communist/Islamist true believers who will do all they can do damage America and Americans far into the future. The unprecedented national debt he incurred still has the very real potential to bankrupt America and take down the world with it.

Mr. Obama’s efforts to damage America’s energy industry has been only partially successful, but not for a lack of trying. America could have been energy independent under his Administration, but he successfully prevented that.

Horrific too is Mr. Obama’s substitution of social justice for the rule of law. The damage he has caused is incalculable.

Mr. Obama is determined to do as much damage as possible post-presidency. With the willing help of the media, he will run a shadow presidency out of D.C. I suspect he will actually try to carry out diplomacy and/or otherwise undermine and damage America, forcing Mr. Trump to have to decide whether to prosecute him.

Until his very last second in office, he will continue to release violent criminals, and psychopathic Islamist terrorists. Every bit of misery they cause, every death, must be laid at his feet.

Benghazi, Yemen, Libya, Syria, untold deaths, torture, rape, suffering on a global scale, all of that too is Mr. Obama’s legacy.

A significant part of his legacy is the destruction of rational foreign policy done for the benefit of America. He, with the help of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, has set fire to the Middle East. He has consistently attacked and damaged our allies and aided our enemies, particularly Islamist enemies. Iran will have nuclear weapons, and sooner rather than later. Some talking heads actually admit the “deal” ensures Iran will have nucs in ten years, but few, if any, admit Iran is working feverishly to build them as soon as possible, thanks to Mr. Obama’s huge cash infusion/ransom.

Mr. Obama’s Russian reset has returned Russia to a position of military dominance in the Middle East, as well as throughout the old Soviet bloc. Under his watch, China has militarized the South China Sea, threatened all of its neighbors, and threatens to extend its domination over much of the Pacific. So much for Mr. Obama’s vaunted pivot to that region. Mr. Obama’s supposed concern about Russian hacking of an election is lunacy when compared with the reality of his weakness and negligence in dealing with Russia in any effective manner, ever.

Mushroom clouds rising above America or Israel will be his crowning legacy achievement.

There are a few positive legacy items, however. Unlike no one before him, Mr. Obama has stimulated the gun, ammunition and accessory industries. He remains American history’s premier inadvertent gun salesman, and has directly put more guns in the hands of Americans than at any time in history.

With Mr. Obama out of office, it will be possible, for the first time in eight years, for much about Mr. Obama’s past to become public knowledge. What might that be? I suspect we’ll learn he claimed foreign birth and Muslim faith in college applications and in other documents. I suspect we’ll learn his grades–the grades of the most brilliant man to ever hold the office of the presidency–in college and law school were non-existent and/or abysmal. His intimate relationships with some of the most violent and blood thirsty Islamists in history will be revealed. I also suspect we’ll discover the numbers of his affairs while in the White House–and before–rival, even exceed, those of JFK. Would a man of Obama’s ego deny himself that kind of pleasure? We may discover more than enough to try and convict him–and many others–of treason many times over. But of course, such a trial will never occur regardless of the evidence.

One day, if the truth is known and told, Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered as one of the most sociopathic, destructive figures in world history.

The Glittering Eye: He’s the first black man to have been elected president. That was his primary accomplishment and what he’ll be remembered for.

His presidency demonstrated that we have a considerable ways to go before we reach Peak Sophistry.

JoshuaPundit: At least in the short term, President Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency may very well receive a thorough rose colored glasses treatment, given the primarily Leftist academics whom write history. Personally, I think his presidency was not only significant, but a major blessing for America.

America has experienced a quarter century of decline, and when I say that I am not only referring to economic and military decline but cultural and spiritual decline. Such things usually precede the downfall of nations. Barack Hussein Obama, in his own way, was proof of how far we had fallen.

Sixteen years of the Clintons and Bushes had apparently taught us nothing, Barack Obama’s election signifies the triumph of mediocrity and dysfunction, the failure of our institutions and indeed of our national self-respect. We had fallen so low that we were willing to elect someone who embodied our decline. The majority of the American people chose him in spite of the clear evidence of his total lack of any relevant experience or qualifications, his radical views, his apparent  lack of basic decency,his questionable associations  and his clear contempt for the country he schemed to rule.

Candidate Obama covered this well, aided by his media allies but all of this  was there in plain sight if you looked. He had to be prodded even to don the de riguer American flag pin most American presidential candidates wear as a basic. He embodied what much of American had become or thought they wanted to become, and it was a doubling down in the casino of history, a vote for a national progression of  cultural and spiritual degradation and decline. It was what the American people wanted more of and what  they voted for.

We owe Barack Hussein Obama for that, believe it or not. We needed someone to bring us to the point where our basic freedom, security, economy and national culture were in the balance, where we saw the consequences clearly of falling further unless the established order and the direction they were going was repudiated ad changed. We needed Barack HusseinObama’s arrogance.dishonesty, and malfeasance as a signpost and harbinger, and we needed to see exactly how corrupt and  warped institutions like our media had become.

Just as the Hebrews had to go through the degradation of slavery in Egypt to be prepared for their freedom and redemption, America had to go through its period of decline – and especially, the last 8 dysfunctional years of Obama – to be prepared mentally and spiritually for her own redemption.

This has divided us,but that’s as it should be. The Hebrews were divided as well, even after experiencing the leadership of Moses and the miracles G-d wrought for them with His own hands. Some simply refused to leave and stayed in Egypt, while others followed Moses into freedom and redemption.

None of this, as far as I’m concerned is accidental. G-d rules over the Nations, and He apparently has a place in His Divine Plan for America. No one who has even a basic knowledge of American history, especially of our Founding can doubt that. The defeat of one of the strongest powers on earth by a bunch of tradesmen, farmers, landowners and idealist was  a miracle that astounded even the British, who played ‘The World turned Upside Down’ as they stacked their arms and marched away after their surrender at Yorktown. The Founders themselves knew this,which is why they chose ‘In G-d We Trust ‘ as our national motto.

Through all of America’s amazing history, whenever we have been faced with challenges that would have destroyed other nations, we have prevailed when it was least expected. And we have found leaders in the most unlikely places.

Well, the world has turned upside down again, and here we are in our Second Revolution, ready to defy America’s enemies within and without, be victorious with G-d’s help, become again the nation we were meant to be and  write another chapter in our beloved Republic’s magnificent story. If our own George III, Barack Hussein Obama  has any legacy it all, it should be that  he was the catalyst for that.

The Razor: I still can’t understand why during the administration of our first African-American president relations between the races deteriorated.

Of course Obama worked very hard from Day 1 to make sure that happened, almost as if he were a closet white-supremacist.

Davis Gerstman:Instead of judging President Barack Obama by our own subjective standards, why not judge him by the standards established by his supporters?

Go back to October 2008, when The Washington Post recommended Obama as being, “a man of supple intelligence, with a nuanced grasp of complex issues and evident skill at conciliation and consensus-building.”

Four years later they endorsed him again, but they admitted, “Mr. Obama alienated Congress and business leaders by isolating himself inside a tight White House circle that manages to be both arrogant and thin-skinned.”

Where’d the “evident skill at conciliation and consensus-building” go? It never existed except in the self-delusions of his promoters in the MSM. In fact if you go over that 2008 editorial, you will find that the Barack Obama the Post endorsed is not the one who mis-governed the country over the past 8 years. (I could go point by point, but I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader.)

The significance of the past eight years, other than the domestic and foreign disasters foisted on the nation by Obama, is that the media has been exposed as a partisan, corrupt enterprise.

They didn’t fear Donald Trump so much because of his authoritarian, populist impulses, but because of their fear of irrelevance. The MSM’s deserved loss of influence is perhaps the biggest historical legacy of the last eight years.

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason:In his last interview on This Week with George Stephanopoulos President Obama commented on his successes and failures and his legacy. Sitting in front of his desk, which had been President Kennedy’s desk, Stephanopoulos said that Claire Booth Luce had asked JFK what one sentence would define his presidency and wanted to know what Obama’s sentence would be. Obama asked him what JFK had said and was told JFK replied “I don’t care what history thinks.”

Obama laughed and said “I’m sure he did (care what history thinks).” What incredible arrogance to make such a statement about our former president.

Obama replied he was successful in getting people involved in politics, even those who were against him and said “I gather I am the father of the Tea Party.” Sorry Obama, the Tea Party started before you became president. The Tea Party grew out of Americans protesting President George W. Bush and the Troubled Assets Relief Program, or TARP, in which our government stole the money of hard working Americans and borrowed on our future earnings to bail out banks considered too big to fail while we experienced more than a $7.7 TRILLION dollar loss of collective wealth overnight.

Stephanopoulos asked Obama why people didn’t come out to vote in this presidential election. Obama reminded Stephanopoulos that “They came out to vote for me.” Take that, Hillary!

Obama was questioned as to why most African Americans believe we have gone backwards on race relations since he became president. Obama denied that and actually believes race relations are better now than ever before.

And of course, Obama stands by his health care law despite the catastrophic effects it has had on our economy, our businesses, and on individual Americans who have seen their costs skyrocket and their coverage diminished.

Obama also commented that people think he is cool. If it wasn’t apparent before, there is no question the man is delusional. He truly believes the country is better off today than when he became president.

In reality, President Obama’s legacy is one of a failed presidency, perhaps the worst America has seen in our entire history. His presidency could have been so different, but those of us who knew who he was before he was elected anticipated he would divide and bring uncertainty and chaos to America. He was raised by communists and Muslims to hate America and all that it stands for. He has subverted the rule of law, targeting those who opposed him using the force of the Justice Department and the IRS. He has reduced our military to numbers not seen in a century and demoralized our men and women in uniform in a perverse social engineering experiment.

President Obama has left our country more divided and uncertain and our world more dangerous than when he assumed the presidency. Our new president has a daunting challenge ahead to unite our people, to restore our position on the world stage as a peace keeping super power, and to regain the peoples trust in our government and elected officials.

In less than two weeks this blot on our history will hopefully be just that and we can work to restore our republic and…dare I say it? #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!

Well, there it is!

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