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Obama-messiahAs the current furor over supposed Russian “hacking” of the 2016 presidential election rages, David Harsanyi at the Federalist makes an interesting, related, observation:

In politics, proving something isn’t nearly as important as feeling it. So it’s not surprising that last week, Economist/YouGov found that 52 percent of Democrats now believe Russia “tampered with vote tallies” — not that it leaked real-life emails to the public, but that it altered the outcome of the ballots in a presidential election. There is no proof of this happening or that it was even attempted. If we’re to believe YouGov, Democrats are more likely to believe the Russians installed Trump into the presidency than Republicans are to have ever believed Barack Obama was a Muslim.

Harsanyi refers to a Pew poll taken in 2012:

The new survey on religion and politics finds that nearly four years into his presidency the view that Barack Obama is Muslim persists. Currently, 17% of registered voters say that Obama is Muslim; 49% say he is Christian, while 31% say they do not know Obama’s religion.

Progressives tend to believe whatever narrative Democrats are selling at the moment, and one can easily believe that Russians are always working to commit espionage of all kinds against America, but it’s also easy to believe no one, including Russia, actually fiddled with vote tallies or counts because there is no known evidence whatever to indicate such a thing occurred.

As Barack Obama 2.0 is nearly fully uninstalled, it may be worthwhile to note that it is also reasonable to believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, which would help explain a great many things, including the Iranian nuclear assistance deal, and his parting shots at Israel. It is reasonable to believe, because he is a Muslim. This is an issue I’ve addressed several times, most significantly and recently in February of 2015 in Barack Obama: Stealth Muslim? 

Before delving into the facts relating to this issue, it would seem important to ask how one can identify the religious faith of another? Is it visible through deeds? Words? Specific professions? How often one visits a place of worship and which place of worship?

For Americans, this is a difficult question. Something over 90% of Americans profess belief in God, but nowhere near that number regularly attend a church. America’s religiously tolerant traditions tend to keep people from trying to identify the faith of others, judging them rather by the content of their character. Some Christians of a more evangelical bent tend to inquire about such things, believing they have a role in the salvation of others, but Americans can, and do, regularly change faiths, or at least attendance at the churches of various denominations, without consequences of any kind. That faith is a matter of conscience is a matter of, well, faith, for Americans. As Thomas Jefferson put it: 

Thomas Jefferson Credit: Biography,com

Thomas Jefferson
Credit: Biography,com

The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.

Jefferson also had this to say:

Our particular principles of religion are a subject of accountability to our God alone. I inquire after no man’s, and trouble none with mine; nor is it given to us in this life to know whether your or mine, our friends or our foes, are exactly the right.

For those interested in such knowledge, perhaps some of the most reliable indicators are the opinions of one’s co-religionists, informed by their doctrine. In other words, who better to determine a Baptist than other Baptists? Who better to determine a Muslim than other Muslims?

And why would Americans be interested in Mr. Obama’s faith? He made it an issue. It had a very direct bearing on his actions as President. Remember, this is the man who claimed to be a Christian, admitting sitting in Rev. Wright’s racist, anti-American church regularly for 20 years, yet claimed to have no idea what he ever said. Mr. Obama could never throw Rev. Wright under the campaign bus andy more than he could abandon his white grandmother–until he did. Mr. Obama also denied, personally and through his spokesliars, repeatedly, that he is Muslim.

In April of 2013, in Our Muslim/Christian President, I wrote: 

From time to time, earnest pundits suggest that President Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim.  Those unfortunates are uniformly and immediately shouted down and demonized for daring to make such an obviously impolitic assertion, but the issue will simply not go away, in large part because Mr. Obama so often says and does things that cause reasonable people to wonder [skip].

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim?  Mr. Obama has repeatedly claimed that he is Christian by choice.   Americans routinely take people at their word on such matters, but Americans are free to change churches and religions at will. The world’s observant Muslims have quite a different take on this issue.

There is no question that Mr. Obama was born to a Muslim father.  It is not only a matter of record, but Mr. Obama has admitted it in writing and in multiple interviews and speeches.  In addition, despite progressives–and some Muslims–crying discrimination and racism when Mr. Obama’s middle name is mentioned, he has often traded on that name–and his self-confessed affinity for Islam–when he has considered it advantageous.  The fact remains that only Muslim children are named “Hussein.”  He was Mohammed’s grandson and is revered in Islam as a holy martyr.  On his school enrollment forms in Indonesia,  the young Obama was recorded as a Muslim.  This is unsurprising as the children of a Muslim father are themselves Muslims; it is not a matter of choice, nor may one choose to leave Islam.  Those who do become apostates and Islam dictates but one fate for apostates: death.  That most Muslims would not try to kill an apostate speaks well of their individual character, but millions would, which speaks to the dictates of their faith and their willingness to follow it to the letter.

Mr. Obama may claim any faith he chooses and many Americans will accept that—as long as there is not convincing evidence to the contrary—but the world’s Muslims are a different story.  This would seem to make Mr. Obama’s belief in his ability to engage and persuade the Muslim world naïve in the extreme.  The leader of the “Great Satan,” who also happens to be a self-proclaimed apostate is unlikely to be well received or convincing, and his open, extended hand will most likely be met only with a clenched fist, as has been the case to date.  His initiatives to the Iranians, Palestinians, Libyans, Syrians and Egyptians, for example, have been abject failures and have arguably made things worse.  In fact, many devout Muslims—and surely all Islamists—would feel a religious obligation to kill Mr. Obama for his apostasy alone.


Now consider this from Barack Obama, Stealth Muslim? 

There is no question that Mr. Obama is a Muslim. To what degree he recognizes the influence of any religion and to what degree that motivates him is the ultimate question. However, F.W. Burleigh, writing in The American Thinkerpoints out what would seem to be indisputable evidence of Mr. Obama’s Muslim belief as illustrated by the photograph that leads this article.

What appears to some to be a mere pointed finger is actually the shahada, the Muslim affirmation of faith. That he was making that very specific sign at a meeting of the US-African Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. in August of 2014 provides the context that makes his gesture unmistakable—and chilling. By all means, read Burleigh’s article for background.

As I suggested in 2015, take the link and read Burleigh’s article. There you will find photographic (note the white-haired gentleman in glasses over Mr. Obama’s left shoulder) and documentary evidence of exactly what Mr. Obama–the supposed non-Muslim–is doing, and the delighted recognition of his gesture by fellow Muslims at the conference. It would also be worthwhile to take the links to my two previous articles, where more evidence awaits you. But before we part, gentle readers, consider this from my 2015 article:

We are left with a number of extraordinarily disturbing and dangerous conclusions, though these are they only possible explanations:

*Barack Obama is a stealth Muslim and has been working against the interests of religious pluralism, the United States and of civilization since the first day of his term in office. In effect, every day he is in office, he commits treason.

*Barack Obama is a Christian steeped in black liberation theology. He is a not-very-stealthy racist and always has been.

*Barack Obama is a Muslim who winks at the world’s Muslims. He believes he is fooling us, but jihadists know his faith and beliefs, and he and they are playing us for fools. They know his profession of Christian faith is a lie, and Muslims are encouraged to lie to infidels.

*Barack Obama recognizes no being greater than himself, therefore he is psychologically incapable of humbling himself before any god. All of his professions of faith, including the shahada, are merely cynical manipulations he deems useful and may be affirmed or rejected at any moment. Barack Obama is whatever serves Barack Obama best at any given moment.

It is horrifying that even these four possibilities are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Even if Mr. Obama is not in the least Muslim, his actions have consistently and unquestionably been beneficial to jihad and harmful to America and her allies.

Consider too, that Mr. Obama is likely not done harming Israel. He has another, perhaps more damaging, opportunity on January 15. Americans, and others, have often scratched their respective heads and asked “why would an American president do _______ (fill in the blank)?” Most, with a few notable exceptions like Jimmy Carter, wouldn’t. A Muslim would.