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credit: breitbart.com

credit: breitbart.com

Following the recent hour-plus diatribe by Secretary of State John Kerry against Israel, every possible standard of reality and decency and western civilization, I was tempted, sorely tempted, to once again have at the abominable Mr. Kerry. Yes, he’s a life-long Marxist who betrayed America, outrageously slandered far better men with whom he briefly served, committed treason multiple times, and even worked with a group that actively contemplated the assassination of our elected federal representatives. Yes, for many years, his photograph hung in the Hanoi Vietnam war museum honoring his invaluable service to the North Vietnamese Communists. Yes, in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, he manfully struck back by deploying James Taylor to sing “You’ve Got A Friend.” And yes, he has never met a Marxist or terrorist murderer he did not admire and support, but I realized I was suffering from Kerry exhaustion. If you’re interested, visit these representative–not exhaustive–previous articles to see who John Kerry is:

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credit: bloomberg.com

credit: bloomberg.com

Reviewing these articles, it turns out I was fairly prescient. I claim no brilliance in this. Common sense, and an understanding of the Progressive/Marxist/Terrorist mindset dictated every word I wrote, such as this from John Kerry: Bringing Peace And Security:

Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama and the rest of the Obamites doubtless think themselves a great diplomatic success. By progressive measures, they’re reached the pinnacle of diplomatic brilliance: they’ve talked to just about all of our enemies. The only thing they’ve accomplished is to turn the Middle East into an even worse disaster than was once thought possible, and they’ve empowered Iran to commit unlimited conventional, and soon, nuclear destruction. But they’ve done genuinely “smart diplomacy.” They’ve talked!

Mirengoff is correct, but not quite on target. Mr. Kerry’s, and Mr. Obama’s concept of success is the progressive concept of diplomatic success: rhetoric. If a progressive is talking about anything, even if it’s merely talking about possibly talking at some future date, that is an impressive diplomatic accomplishment. If one is talking to one’s most deadly enemy, that’s an unprecedented, amazing accomplishment, regardless of whether they give away the store to that enemy. The point is talking, passing a resolution, putting forward a roadmap, facilitating a transition, perhaps even taking the bold step of—gasp!—telling one’s most vicious enemy that they are on the wrong side of history.

NOTE: Or as Mr. Obama is reported to have told Vladimir Putin recently: “cut it out.”’

One would think Admiral Kirby would know better.

We can look forward to another year of this kind of diplomatic success. Mr. Obama has ‘unfinished business.

And this, from John Kerry, Useful Idiot:

credit: legalinsurrection.com

credit: legalinsurrection.com

It’s tempting to attribute this to Kerry’s long demonstrated tendency to say idiotic things, and I’m sure others will have other views, but allow me please, gentle readers, to suggest a disquieting possibility, perhaps even a probability. This statement directly indicates that Kerry, Barack Obama, and his many followers, have absolutely no fear of the American public. They surely have no fear whatsoever of public opinion.

So what? They’ve been that way for years. Perhaps, but with but a few months left before they lose the power to which they have become accustomed, and to which they believe they deserve due to their moral and intellectual superiority, they may act on their lack of fear. What, after all, would restrain them? The Constitution? They have no respect for that. Patriotism? They sneer at patriots. The rule of law? This is the most lawless administration in history, and they’re not nearly done. All that’s left is fear of us, and there is more than ample reason to believe they–stupidly–have none.


So now we come my definitive statement on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It, coincidently, represents the fundamental understanding any thinking being must have, and which Donald Trump seems to possess:

If the Palestinians lay down their arms: peace.

If the Israelis lay down their arms: genocide.

Not at all like Obama/Kerry/Progressive thinking, is it?