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credit: thetimesinplainenglish.com

credit: thetimesinplainenglish.com

The New York Post has an interesting article about a life-long Democrat, a middle class fellow, who actually voted for Donald Trump, and who is encouraged by what he has seen thus far. This is a kind of heresy that must have diehard progressives in red-faced, spitting rages, for the man, Robert James, is not a privileged white man, but a black man who works for Carrier. Donald Trump and Mike Pence saved his career; Democrats ignored him and everyone else whose job was saved.

Robert James stood outside the Carrier plant just before the president-elect addressed workers at the refrigeration and heating assembly factory.

‘I feel a great swing of emotions that go from disbelief to satisfaction that this is happening in our community. An area like this can go from a stable middle-class area to foreclosures and urban blight in the blink of an eye,’ he said.

James would never dream of voting Republican: ‘For all of my life the Democrats have been the party of the working guy, had my back. But if I am being really honest, and this is tough to admit, but I can’t remember the last time they did anything to improve the dignity and value of my job” — a point that didn’t really crystallize for him until it became personal: until his job was saved. By a Republican.

James, wearing a United Steelworkers jacket on a brisk afternoon, was in no way saying he’s found political religion in the Republicans. But the 57-year-old, African-American longtime Carrier employee did share the sentiment of many of his co-workers, Democrats who didn’t vote for Trump but felt their party was disconnected from their lives.

Men like James are more than smart and realistic enough, despite being a denizen of flyover country, to understand why Democrats lost to Donald Trump. Elite Democrats, fortunately for the Republic, are not:

What Democrats, academics and pundits keep refusing to see is that the loss was never about Trump’s candidacy; it was all about how Democrats have increasingly lost touch with their voters outside of coastal America — until those voters finally hit their breaking point.

‘The Democratic Party has become a coastal elitist club and if there is any decision or discussion made to broaden that within the ranks, it is squashed,’ said Dane Strother, a legendary Washington, DC-based Democratic strategist.

‘We have completely lost touch with Middle America,’ he admits. ‘How did we go from the party of the little man to the party of the elite?’ Then he answers: ‘Yes, we rightfully should protect the rights of minorities, African-Americans, Hispanics, the LBGTQ communities and we always should — but we can’t forget the rest of the country along the way.’

But more and more, that’s what they did, starting at the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Al Gore didn’t remember. Nor John Kerry. Barack Obama was likable, charismatic and symbolic and so got a lot of votes. But many two-time Obama supporters went for Trump.


Democrat myopia and denial have been the topic of innumerable articles since Hillary Clinton’s defeat. One topic not much broached is that of minority “rights,” which is odd, because that’s one of the primary reasons Clinton lost. It’s also a potential loser for future Democrats at all electoral levels. It’s a topic I recently addressed in some detail in The Sleeping Giant Awakens.  Here, I’ll add just a few additional insights I hope might be useful.

Strother speaks of protecting “the rights of minorities, African-Americans, Hispanics, the LBGTQ communities,” as though such people suffer constant discrimination and denial of fundamental rights. About half of America strenuously disagrees, and finally had enough. But they do not believe such people should be denied rights, or have fewer rights than others. They merely believe such people should not have, can never have, special rights, more and more important rights than others, “rights” that overwhelm and obliterate the rights of the majority. Equality doesn’t bother them at all. Imbalance does. Government leaving people alone is, to their way of thinking, the natural and proper order. Government forcing others to use their resources and skills to support fanciful “rights” of favored victim groups does bother them, and will never be acceptable again.

This, above all else, is what the progressive/social justice subculture fears.

This is one incredibly important change in the American electorate Democrats would be wise to recognize and internalize, though supporters of the rule of law and equal rights may well hope they remain obtuse.

credit wbay.com

credit wbay.com

The Rights of African-Americans: The Civil Rights movement was, thankfully, successful, and no American of good will regrets it. Not only are black Americans equal in law and fact, they have many preferences established by law, and affirmed by the Supreme Court, in an attempt to make up for past abuses contemporary black Americans never suffered. While prejudices of all kinds still exist and will always exist, genuine racism is rare, and actual racists are rightly social pariahs.

The current version of “rights” demanded by some Blacks is typified by Black Lives Matter, and amounts to immunity from prosecution for all manner of crimes, active suppression, even punishment of the police of any color for doing their jobs, and the unquestioned acceptance of the idea black Americans face deadly danger from the police and white men in public, and any accusation of any kind made by a black person—particularly against white people–must be accepted without question.

This kind of thinking even demands immunity from traffic violations, and forgiveness of all fines imposed. Such fines, you see gentle readers, are white oppression. In effect, black people need not worry about such trifles as driver’s licenses, insurance, or any pretense of obedience to any law.

This amounts to the imposition of social justice and the destruction of the rule of law. Equal justice is not their goal, which is amply demonstrated by their behavior and demands in the Trayvon Martin case, the Michael Brown case, and the Freddie Gray case. Dangerously blocking traffic on highways, racist assault, arson, felony destruction of property and theft, the incitement of murder, and the murder of police officers, and other crimes are to be excused, even thought justified because of the plight of Martin, Brown and Gray. That the drugged Martin murderously attacked an innocent man, that Brown was a drugged thug who committed a strong armed robbery and then assaulted a police officer and tried to take his gun, and Gray was a drugged, petty criminal and drug dealer that accidently killed himself in a crash for cash scam matter not. The social justice narrative, a higher, racist truth, is all that matters.

A growing number of Americans are no longer willing to accept any of this. Equal rights? Absolutely? Racist scams? Unearned white guilt? Social Justice? Forget it.

credit: thefederalistpapers.org

credit: thefederalistpapers.org

The Rights of Hispanics: Put aside the fact that many blacks are hostile toward Hispanics, and that animosity is sometimes reciprocated, the same principles apply. The primary issue, however, is the “rights” of illegal aliens, not “undocumented immigrants,” illegal aliens, people who by their presence in America are criminals. The conflict is simple: Progressives, who see illegal aliens as the future of their party, an unbeatable voting block absolutely beholden to the Democrat party for their survival, establishing a permanent voting majority, versus law-abiding Americans that believe in equal enforcement of the law.

The later hold little or no animosity toward honest people fleeing to America for the welfare of their families. However, they believe in the rule of law. No law should be passed–or remain on the books–that we are not willing or able to enforce, and the laws on the books should be enforced. It’s that simple.

Simple too is the fact that illegal immigrants have no rights. By that, I mean they do not enjoy the rights of citizens. America, by some court decisions and a tradition of altruism, provides food, welfare, equal treatment in our courts, and other social services to anyone, but illegal aliens have no right to a driver’s license, social security card, to vote, and especially no right to illegally enter, and remain in, America.

Law-abiding Americans particularly resent government’s failure to enforce the law when it is done as lawlessly and abusively as President Obama has tried to do it. They resent it when illegal immigrants take jobs Americans do, in fact, want to do. They absolutely resent it when criminal illegal aliens prey on Americans, including naturalized Americans and foreign citizens legally in America. And they absolutely, truly resent those that champion such violations of the law, and call the law-abiding, unselfish and altruistic racist and hateful for thinking it wise to uphold the rule of law.

They’re not fond of Republican politicians spouting “comprehensive immigration reform” rhetoric that amounts to amnesty and the abandonment of the rule of law.

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The Rights Of “LBGTQ Communities”: This is a grotesque overreach by progressives, and they haven’t yet demonstrated they have a clue how badly they damaged themselves and their brand by trying to institutionalize a tyranny of a minority–in some cases, a minority so small it is nearly statistically undetectable. The final intrusion that helped compel law-abiding Americans to action was the idea that the whims of transgender men must trump common decency and the actual safety of female children, and women, but that was at the end of a long path of arrogance and self-imagined moral superiority.

There is an important principle that must be clearly understood. No individual right can force another to act to secure it. My right to keep and bear arms does not compel anyone to buy me a gun. My right to free speech does not force any media outlet to publish my opinions in any form. My right to freedom of religion does not force anyone to accept my beliefs, or to participate in any religious ceremonies I think holy, nor can it prevent others from religious practices in conflict with my own. In a very significant sense, individual rights are not only empowerment of individuals, but restrictions on government. They powerfully demand that government leave us alone to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Some, however, mistake the pursuit of happiness for license to force others to do their bidding.

This was made obvious in the case of gay marriages. Progressives, mostly unable to write gay marriage into law, through the democratic, majority rules process, have taken their usual approach of imposing their will through the courts, and during the Age of Obama, through the willingness of federal bureaucrats to abuse non-progressive Americans for political gain. Most Americans could care less, and are more than willing to leave gay people alone, expecting no more than that they be left alone. Many Americans have religious, moral objections homosexuality in general and to gay marriage in particular, but because they respect the rule of law, do no more than to express their sincere objections, and when such matters are before legislatures, make their opinions known. This is democracy. The successes progressives have won, however, are not enough, for progressives always demand more.

LGBTQ people have no fewer rights than others, but they can have no more based on their sexual orientation. A tyranny of any minority is incompatible with a representative republic. Equality under the law cares nothing for sexual orientation. It is a recognition of one’s innate status as a human being. However, militant gays demand not only that others use their resources and energies to support their choices—the most obvious example being forcing bakers and others involved in the wedding industry to do their bidding—they demand others profess approval of their choices, demand they declare them “normal,” and demand they think the right, socially just thoughts about them.

So emboldened was the entire LGBTQ “community,” and the progressives that use them as a means to political power, they truly believed there was nothing they could not impose on the moralistic squares they despised. This led to the idea that people—mostly men—unsure of their gender, must have the right to impose their gender choices, which do change from day to day, on others, and that balking at such obvious lunacy is prejudicial and bigoted.

As always, some progressive judges sided with people whose gender dysphoria is diagnosed as a mental illness, ordering unisex bathrooms and showers everywhere, even in schools. No rational person insults or endangers the wives, sisters, mothers or daughters of actual men, and most American males remain actual men, despite the best efforts of progressives. The backlash over that bridge too far has only just begun, and would have blown up in progressive faces even without a Trump presidency.

This brings us back to Robert James, and millions of Americans like him. His concerns are a good job, a job that will support his family. His concerns—their concerns—are safe, moral communities, equal justice and the rule of law, and mostly, being left alone to live life as they choose. They’ve been called sexist, bigoted, racist, and every other ist one can imagine, and they’re not playing that game anymore. Anyone, of any race, that wants the same–that wants America–is welcome.

Oh, and they’re absolutely not playing any game that puts sexually confused men in the bath and shower rooms of their wives, sisters, mothers and daughters, and woe to those that obstinately seek to teach them such higher morality. Such morally deficient, pajama boy milquetoasts have no idea of the wrath of the sleeping giant they’re poking.