Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.57.52 PMHere’s an odd one from a long time reader and occasional commenter. As they note, they often commented in 2012 and 2013 regarding the Erik Scott case and several other related issues, but haven’t commented for awhile. Here’s their note to me:


I apologize for addressing this here, but I could not get your email link to work.  You probably don’t remember me, but a few years back we had some spirited discussions. Oddly, we were on opposing sides of a few issues, but in total agreement on another–the Erik Scott shooting here in Las Vegas.

Despite having not posted on your side in quite some time, you name came up in the strangest way, and I though you might get a chuckle out of it.

I am actually being accused of being you, or maybe you’re being accused of being me, I have no idea how this conclusion was reached, but the accusation appeared in the Las Vegas Sun comment sections.

I hope you got the same chuckle from that as I did.

And here is a screenshot about what they wrote:


While it’s true I have been condemnatory of Barack Obama and Eric Holder, that qualifies me, or anyone, not as a “two-faced liar,” but as a patriot and reasonably perceptive human being. “BChaps63” is entirely unknown to me, as is “CrackHeadSam,” “UnionGoodDemocrat,” and “ButtHeadBurnoutElLobo. Strangely, the 2011 PJ Media article which he cites–Diversity or Safety? Justice Dept. Orders Lower Standards for Police Exam–is about Department of Justice bullying of Dayton, Ohio, wherein I factually chronicle the DOJ’s forcing of Dayton to lower entrance standards to its police force to allow–read: “force”–unqualified black candidates to be hired. The article relied on well-established facts, all of which can, even five years later be easily researched and confirmed. One can, as always, disagree with my analysis or conclusions, but I think those pretty unassailable as well. They’re based on long experience and pretty unremarkable. But BChap63 has my–our?–number, and I can’t weasel out of being me:


It also appears I have been busted–dummy–am one big liar, and have no credibility.  The Internet is one odd place.

From what I can discover, BChap63 is someone, perhaps living in or near Las Vegas, who often comments on articles appearing in the Internet version of The Las Vegas Sun. The comments I’ve read as a result of researching this brief article would seem to suggest he is something of a conservative, but discovering exactly who this is and their political philosophy are not the point.

For the record: Mike McDaniel is my actual name, not a pen name. I have never written, on the Internet or elsewhere, under any other name. Unlike many Democrats, I have never tried to conceal my identity–or misbehaviors–with false names.

Whether I am a weasel, a big liar, a busted dummy, and have no credibility, or perhaps am a poopy face in general, I leave to you, gentle readers, to decide.